Don’t lose sight of your Goals

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!”

You may have noticed that I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling recently…I don’t know about you, but I work so I can travel with my family as much as possible.  Ever since I was young and my parents took us on some amazing trips, I have always been a big believer in making memories being the most important things we can do in our lives.  In fact, I don’t even know if I could remember the many of the gifts I was given for birthdays or Christmas but I do remember the good times we had traveling with my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

Traveling is something that is ingrained in my DNA…and my kids will tell you the same.  It definitely does make it challenging to fit in all the work that I need so I can enjoy the vacation and not have to take time away from the family.  Being organized writing my blog posts, planning what I am going to post and all the other elements that go into blogging and promoting it on social media are vital!  Even taking vacation from my full time job is not always vacation because I like to make sure I am available if problems arise with my clients and see if there are things I need to take care of.

You may be asking yourself why I am talking about all the work that I have to do to be organized so I can travel…well, here’s the point – I love to travel and that isn’t going to change, but I also have goals & standards that mean I have to be really organized so I can enjoy my vacations.  My goals aren’t going to go away just because I love to travel, but I definitely have to make sure that I plan ahead!

I have recently been working with my 16 year old who got a little behind with his school work because of our vacation to Hawaii and I told him that he needed to write a list of the things he was behind with and then make a plan for when he was going to complete each task.  After a little push back he agreed to do it and once he had everything down he told me that it had really helped him because then he didn’t have to have all the things jumbled inside his head, giving him more to worry about.  Once he had everything written down, he could check off each thing once completed and see that list become less and less overwhelming.

I follow a very similar style – I know what I need to do, and always write a list about EVERYTHING.  Including whether I need to pack certain things, if I need to go to a store to pick something up etc.  If I miss something when I am writing the list, I guarantee it’s something I will completely miss or even worse, I wake up in the middle of the night almost in a cold sweat with a list in my head again of things that I should have written down.

My goals are very important to me, I am always making new goals, and I never stop working towards them. I have found that every goal, whether big or small, requires consistent effort and nothing (not even a vacation) is going to stop me from putting in that consistent effort!

My goal when I started this blog was to inspire women to express their unique personality through their style, which would in turn grow their confidence.  I have always felt that our biggest challenge as women is the belief in ourselves.  Feeling great about yourself absolutely leads you to become more confident and hopefully that in turn leads to achieving whatever your goals are.  I am not going to give up on my goal…and neither should you!

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(This post contains some affiliate links – which means you at no additional cost to you, I may make a small commission if you buy something)

Bold is Beautiful

“Look in the mirror and embrace what you see!”

As I looked in stores this week, and on my shopping trip to LA last weekend,  I saw that a lot of the new styles and the colors of Easter Dresses for young girls, were more muted, pastel colors.  Not that I don’t love pastels, but I think it’s also really fun to add in some really bright and bold colors along with those pastels.

The weather here in Utah this winter has been so weird, we almost had a spring in February and now it’s March we have seen quite a lot of snow.  It’s hard to plan for the new spring season when we are still in the cold, snowy weather.  For this shoot the outfit that I put together is a bold, Royal Blue skirt with a feminine, lacy White blouse and White pumps.  To add a little “edge’ to the whole look (but also because it was freezing and the sun was starting to go down), I added my Black leather Moto jacket which is one of my favorites.


This Royal Blue is a color that actually works for any season, but for spring I toned down the boldness by adding the feminine White blouse and ankle strap pumps.  Wearing bold colors doesn’t need to be just for bold, sassy personalities, in fact, when you pair a bold color with a more feminine or muted color it makes it much easier to wear, even if you are not one that likes to draw too much attention to yourself.


With the way fashion and styles are now, there really is something for everyone and with all the choices there are so many opportunities for us to express our unique personalities through our clothes.  Sometimes shopping can be overwhelming, not knowing how something might work for you and your body type can be hard when you are just looking at things on hangers.  That’s why I like to see what other styles people are wearing, see how they put together their outfits and then take those ideas to adapt to myself.

Not that I’m biased, but a great way to find some fun, unique ways of putting things together is by looking at blogs.  There are so many bloggers out there and each one has its own fun way of dressing.  I definitely get a lot of ideas from other bloggers and I am sure they do the same.  We are all unique individuals but there are very few unique styles or fashions any more.  It seems the older I get the more styles I see “recycled” from when I was younger – and not all of them are good.  The key is knowing how they work for your body type, personality and most importantly, your age.  While I do believe that most styles work for any age there are some that I would NEVER be found wearing because they are just not appropriate for me at my age.

All the pieces in my outfit (or similar ones) are linked below…



Hair Confidence

“Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered!”

One of the reasons I love to have my hair longer or at least mid length is because I can experiment with different ways of wearing it up and down.  I love to try new things, I love to look different and not have my look “predictable” every day – which may be partly because I couldn’t get it to look the same even if I tried – LOL!

I follow various hair boards on Pinterest, I follow other bloggers and when I am reading magazines or watching TV shows I am always checking out people’s hair to see if it is something I could myself.  Wearing my hair up really makes me feel extra confident and feminine…and who couldn’t use a little of that sometimes?



Because I have such fine hair I like to practice some styles before I wear them out because they don’t all work with my hair type…

The style I have in today’s pictures is a cross between a french pleat and a bun – a french pleat is a hairstyle that reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, very classy, whereas a bun can have so many variations, some of which are messy and others are sleek.  I like to keep mine a little looser with my hair swept behind my ears and some loose tendrils.  I use a strong elastic to put my hair into a ponytail first and then create the bun from there.

If you’re looking for some hair inspiration you can follow my “Hair Style” Board on Pinterest @stylequeenie. I think that tutorials are helpful (some of which are on my board) and pictures most definitely speak a thousand words.

My final tip is that, just like I do, practice will only make you feel more comfortable when you want to use some styles for special occasions or just to feel more feminine. Seeing a picture and being able to recreate a look on yourself is sometimes a little harder than you would think.  I know a lot of people that can braid hair, but yet they can’t seem to master braiding their own hair. There may also be some Women out there that are able to just pull their hair back effortlessly and looking like a Million Dollars…but I can tell you I’m not one of them – which is why practice has always been key for me.

As the weekend draws near, that would be a great time to try some new hair techniques…get crazy and have fun!



Natural Lashes



“Sometimes you have to encourage yourself like…Hello beautiful, stay strong, you can do this, you got this!”


I don’t know what it is but for some reason the older I get, the less makeup I want to wear and the less time I want to spend getting ready each day.

As I was growing up in the 80’s I had a wide variety of eye shadows, liners and foundation that I applied very liberally, in fact the more hard lines in the shadow the better.  I almost cringe to think about what I must have looked like with my lovely permed hair and Red, Blue and Green eyeshadow – LOL!

Nowadays things are much different – I don’t wear foundation and I typically only take about 25-30 minutes to get ready each morning, which includes waking the kids up, showering, getting dressed, drying my hair and makeup. However, I am always looking for ways to create a more natural and sustainable look…

I have tried various things to help me save time while still keeping a natural look, but none have turned out as well as the one want to talk about today.  In fact, I have tried lashes that you apply yourself and home and while they look amazing I could never quite get both sides to look the same and I actually glued my eye shut once – ouch!

Last week I had the opportunity to have lash extensions, and I have to admit I was very nervous.  I wanted to maintain a look of not being over-done, and I have to tell you – as soon as I saw the finish product I was VERY happy!  My lashes looked full, but yet natural.  And want to know the best part…I went for 2 full days wearing no make up at all, and after that all I did was add a slight dusting of a pale eyeshadow to prevent some shine.  It didn’t feel like I was naked, in fact, I am much more in love with my new look.  You can choose to natural like I did, or try one of their other options:  Gorgeous, Sexy or Cute.

I had lashes a few years ago and my biggest concern was that it took too long and I don’t sit still very well! I didn’t feel like that at Amazing Lash Studio because I felt so relaxed being in my own private room – so much so that I have to confess I may have even taken a quick nap!



So, if you’re looking for convenient ways to look beautiful.  If you are busy, on the go, or just don’t want to deal with the morning beauty routine. I’ve got an answer for you…

Go to the Lash Studio that I went to which is conveniently located in Sugarhouse at 1202 Wilmington Avenue.   And even better…it’s their Grand Opening this week and they are offering an awesome Introductory Offer of only $79.99 for a Full set of lashes (that’s less than half price!)  They recommend a fill every 2-4 weeks, but since they are able to apply a full set or a fill in about HALF the time other studios do, I can definitely make the time work for my busy schedule!

If you’re like me and looking for a way to have your lashes look even better looking than your natural lashes WITH mascara, then you really need to give them a call.  During this Grand Opening week they are also giving away a free lash wand or Maintain the Lash kit (while supplies last)…so don’t wait too long to call them.  You can call to schedule an appointment during the Grand Opening week at 801-456-2500 or click here to schedule online.

I can’t wait to hear if you love them as much as I do!  And just to make things  a little more interesting – head over to my Instagram @stylequeeniee to enter to win your very own full set of lashes – winners will be drawn on Friday 9th March!!

It’s funny, I find myself batting my eyelashes a little more than usual…it’s given me an added confidence, you can have that too! 😉


Adding a Pop of Color

“Boldly be a pop of color in a Black and White world!”

I have spoken extensively with many friends and people I know and one of the topics I wanted to expand upon is how easy it is to add a little spice to an outfit by adding a pop of color.

Not everyone is adventurous when it comes to styles, fabrics or even colors, in fact, I see a lot of people that stick to neutrals or just Black and most of their wardrobe comprises of these colors.  It’s hard to change what you have always done, what you are comfortable with, or what you already own completely…so here’s what I always suggest:  Add a pop of color…

Adding color doesn’t have to be over-thought, it doesn’t need to be expensive but most importantly it should not make you feel uncomfortable!



Here are some simple ways of adding a pop of color – and to make it even more interesting, at the bottom of this post you can shop some of my top picks by clicking the shop direct links:

  1. A pair of shoes/boots…I listed this one first because that is exactly what I am wearing in this post. The outfit is simple denim with a White blouse, and a pale Grey jacket making the outfit very muted so…I added this fabulous pair of satin embroidered booties in kelly Green.  Another amazing sale purchase from Zara, but you can find some similar picks below…
  2. Jewelry – this is by far the simplest and least obtrusive.  In fact, even by just adding a bright pair if earrings you can add a little funk to an ordinary outfit, but to take it even further, add bold necklaces, or bracelets to continue with the bold theme.
  3. Bags – There are so many different styles, colors and brands of bags that it’s easy to see how this could really become hard to figure out what works the best.  It’s also difficult to change purses regularly unless you have an insert in your bag making it easy to switch.  I like to switch my bag at least once a month, anything more than that for me is just a pain because I always end up forgetting something and then needing it only to find it’s in a bag I had used LAST!  With all of that said, having a bold and bright bag is a great way to really take your outfit to another level.
  4. A scarf or hat – I am not really a big hat wearer, but I do love adding a cool scarf in leopard, Red or even Pink just to add some sass to my outfit style.
  5. Sunglasses or glasses – let’s talk about sunglasses first.  Accessorizing with sunglasses is only something that works on a nice day and not so much at night…but adding a really funky pair of cat eye shades or bright, big frames sunnies is going change your whole look.  I have an amazing pair of Alexander McQueen Red shades and I love wearing them because they are so bright and noticeable. Reading glasses or regular glasses are now being made in such funky, bright styles that you can also use these to add some color.  I have a friend that wears their reading glasses around their neck on a chain and they are such a great accessory to their outfit.


Simple ideas to add a pop of color, yet I know there are many, many people that just stick to what they have always done because they are afraid to try something new and bold.  I am in no way saying that if you are happy with everything about your look and your confidence that you need to change it…these suggestions are only to give you ideas that you can incorporate if you are trying to find new looks or try new things.

Finally, don’t mistake wearing a pop of color to mean that you need to become a color explosion…I always say that at least when you are starting out trying new things…LESS IS MORE!!

Happy Monday…here’s to time moving more quickly during the week 😉


Dress up your Jeans

“Successful women have their feet on the ground, they just have better shoes!”

If you have been reading my blog for a while you may notice a common theme – I really love to dress up.  In fact, dressing down is something that is still a style of dressing I am experimenting with, and learning…

Today’s post is really about how even when you dress down or go for a more casual look, you can still look put together and classy.

I found these jeans in the Zara sale – and since Zara is one of my favorite stores, and since the store in Utah isn’t yet open, I am always checking out their app (it’s a dangerous thing) for new styles, and most importantly, for things that you aren’t going to see many people wearing around town.  Embroidered jeans are a really cute way to dress up your jeans, but with the turn up, I liked these ones even more.


You may ask yourself why dressing up is important to me, so here’s my little secret:

I LOVE to dress up or add a little extra touch because it’s what makes ME feel good.  I like to know that when I walk out the door (unless I am going to workout, planning on just running errands, etc.) I am put together and that when I glance myself in a store window, or in a mirror that I am going to be happy with what I see.  It may sound vain, but the truth is that when I feel good about how I look it’s weird but I definitely act differently.  Because I feel good, I tend to project an air of self-confidence and even charisma that seems to make other people react differently to me.  So the little secret is that I dress for ME and only ME…not that it isn’t great to hear compliments, but for me to love me and how I look is the most important thing.  Obviously, I do like to do things that Brandon will appreciate too…but ultimately if he liked something that I didn’t like to see myself wearing, I couldn’t do it.  In fact, I have found that he likes the things I like because he is reacting to how I feel about myself.

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon?  Have you experimented to see if people react differently to you when you feel good about yourself and how you look?  You should really give it a try, I can promise you will notice a difference!  And let’s put it this way, what have you got to lose?  At the very worst, you will feel good about YOU and that’s the most important love you can nurture…because then you’ll just have so much more love to go around 🙂

It may sound cheesy, and I wouldn’t ever tell you to do something that I haven’t tried myself.

BTW – these jeans were on sale and they are all gone, so I have found some similar ones and linked them below…

Hope you have a great Friday…




Does your Style Match your Personality?

“Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality.”

After watching all the snow in Utah these last few days, it made me start to think about snowflakes and how there is not one that is the same.  It made me realize that the same can be said about everyone on this earth.  Even identical twins have many similarities but they are not absolutely identical.  You might be wondering where this is going, so let me fill you in…

Now we have established that we are all have unique personalities, opinions and more, shouldn’t that also mean that our styles also be unique.  I do realize that it is all too easy to just throw on an outfit without really giving it much thought, just following what you see someone else doing, or even worse, seeing the latest trend and wearing it because a fashion magazine or store tells you its the new “hot” thing.  But, what if, just what if, you had the confidence to wear an outfit or rock a style that fits YOU and YOUR unique personality?  I’m not saying that you can’t copy other cute outfits that you see others wearing, but I have always found it’s better to adapt those styles to your unique personality rather than trying to stick a round peg into a square hole!


Fact:  Balancing in heels on a curb is actually really difficult…


For some this may sound to be a lot of work and even overwhelming…so here are a few tips to get you started thinking about how you can really show your personality just by how you dress:

  1. Colors are a great way of communicating.  I am definitely a Red girl, and I feel like Red says a lot about me and my personality – bold, confident, sassy etc.  What colors best describe your personality?  My guess is that if you know this, those are the colors that are going to make you feel the most at ease and comfortable in what you are wearing.
  2. Fabrics just like colors can say a lot about the person wearing them.  Some fabrics are luxurious, some are sexy, some are durable, versatile, etc…the list goes on.  Think of a way you would describe your personality, and think of a fabric that fits that characteristic…for example, if you’re shy a simple cotton might  work great, if you’re very confident in yourself, you might wear satin or silk to express yourself.
  3. Don’t forget the shoes – wearing an outfit that fits your personality but forgetting about the shoes is almost the same as not considering the outfit.  I am definitely a stiletto heel kind of girl, so when I am really looking to express my personality and let people know who I am, I tend to wear some pumps or heel that make me feel more like myself.
  4. Don’t be afraid of who you are – what I mean is, don’t let the fear of trying something new prevent you from really being yourself.  You haven’t always thought the same way, worn the same things, or had the same opinions, so your style shouldn’t be any different.   In every area of your life growth is necessary and whether we choose to or not, we are always growing one way or another!
  5. There truly are so many styles and even adaptations on styles that there is no reason for you to be wearing something that doesn’t make you feel great about yourself.  I’m talking about dressing the way that makes YOU have those days when you really have a spring in your step because you know you look good.  

Most of the people in our lives are there because there was something about not just our looks but also our personality that attracted them.  What if we could sync both together, what if we could match our style with who we are?  I have found this to be a game changer in my life – it helps me let people know, at least in part, what they can expect from me even before I speak…

I have found that people tend to take others more seriously when they are not afraid of being themselves – whoever that is – because when we are ourselves we are most content and more likely to attract others to want to be around us.  Most people can pick up on whether someone is genuine or not, and when you are as authentic in your style as you are when you act and speak, it definitely makes a difference.

Just in case you are interested, you can shop items similar to my outfit by shopping below (so if you are a too a Red girl, snag a blouse here) – This post contains affiliate links which means that at no additional cost to you I may earn a small commission if you purchase something in this post using a link.


Your Body Language Introduces You…

“Your ability to project a powerful and confident persona can be leveraged by choosing appropriate body language.”


When you meet someone for the first time what is the first thing you notice about them?  Do you notice what they’re wearing?  Do you notice what they say?  Do you notice how they stand?  It’s a fact that the impression you get from someone the first time you meet them is most likely to stay with you because it’s based on your past experiences and it resonates most clearly with you.

How you see someone the first time you meet them could very much determine whether you want to see them again, want to do business with them, want to get to know them better or would rather just walk away.  Because our first impressions are based on our past experiences, we are not all going to see things the same way.  However, there are some things that you can do that will start you off with a great first impression and then you can allow your personality, style, confidence and your other unique factors shine though at a later date.


Stand Tall!


I thought long and hard before I wrote this post about things that draw me to others to get to know them more, check out some of my ideas of being a magnet below:

  1. Even if you don’t speak, people can very often tell what you are thinking about yourself and about a situation based on your body language.  If you are slouched down, have your head down, are fidgeting or even if you can’t make eye contact, it is going to tell people that you are uncomfortable, uneasy, not wanting to be there or even bored.  If they were to draw the conclusion that you are any one of those things, it could harm your opportunity to develop a personal and start a business relationship with those that you are meeting.
  2. What you wear speaks volumes about how you view yourself.  Now this doesn’t mean there needs to be a certain uniform that we all wear because we all have different personalities so our styles should be different too, but what it means is that whatever you are wearing YOU need to feel comfortable with. Enough so that you are able to stand with your back straight and your head high knowing that you are feeling good and looking good.
  3. A smile is something that can speak a 1000 words.  A gentle smile can let people know you are happy to be there, feeling good and not being afraid to show it.
  4. I am drawn to people that I know feel good about themselves – which I think is easy to tell because they don’t feel the need to be the center of attention.  The person that is the most confident I have found is not the one that is the center of attention but rather secure enough in themselves to be happy to be alone, silently observing and noticing everything that is going on around them.
  5. The strongest, most confident person is the one that spends a lot of their time not focusing on themselves but on uplifting and helping others.  Finding someone that isn’t just in a relationship (personal or business) just focused on them, but they are there to be there for you, those are the ones you want to keep!


Don’t be stiff…relaxed is also an expression of confidence


As human beings we do so much better when we interact with others, so developing relationships whether personally or for business, it is absolutely vital that we are able to do it.  Even the most independent person needs to know there are people in their corner when they need them.

Our bodies tell a story about us before we even speak, so the question is, what story do you want to be told about you?  I know on the inside I have a really big heart, I am sensitive and loving, but based on past experiences I sometimes allow anger and frustration seep in and I build walls around my sensitive heart to protect myself – which can make me look rigid, unapproachable and intimidating.  I know this is not the way to get people to know the REAL me, however, there have been times that I have been hurt, so it is a habit.  If I want people to see me, I have to think before I act, I have to focus on how I present myself in public and in private, otherwise I will push people away, and I definitely don’t want to do that.

Do you have something you do that affects your body language?  Comment below…I would love to hear!


Happiness is NOT in a Place

“Keep choosing happiness daily and happiness will keep choosing you back!”


It may be easy for me to say that happiness isn’t in a place when I just barely returned from Hawaii where I enjoyed the beauty and warmth…but that is exactly why I am writing this blog.

On my trip with my family there were times when one or more of us were not feeling happy, even though we were in paradise…you might ask yourself how is that even possible?

Well, one of the biggest reasons I find is that we let expectations of how we think something is going to look (like how the day we visited the volcano and the rain wasn’t what I wanted on my trip), or not everyone wanted to do the same thing all the time, or even not being able to fit in everything we might want to do, get in the way of us being happy and letting things just be!

Traveling with 6 different personalities can definitely be challenging but it can work out IF we don’t have rigid ideas of how things should look.



I love my family and I work really hard at trying to accommodate everyone and what they want to do, but this doesn’t work all the time!

So, back to the original statement – Happiness is not in a place!  Happiness is a choice, granted probably an easier choice when you are in paradise, but there are still going to be disappointments and challenges no matter where you are.

As I get older, I notice I have more wrinkles and laughter lines, but as I regard myself in the mirror the laughter lines don’t age me like wrinkles on my forehead by furrowing my brow (which come from pulling faces that are not happy faces!)  Not only that, happiness is something that draws people to you rather than pushing away.  I like to spend time with people that are real, but they are also focused on what is good rather than the bad.  Over the past few years I have gone through some things that made me feel negative, dark and almost depressed…I got to the point where even I didn’t even want to be around me, so I knew I had to make a change.

Here’s what I did:  (I am lucky enough to have a coach for a husband that has taught me a few tricks)  – in any situation that was bad and I felt negative about it, I looked for something I could also appreciate about it.  For example, I was being dealt with unfairly and having income taken away from me – so, I focused on what I could learn from it and how it was making me a stronger person, smarter with money and more appreciative of the lifestyle I have.  It wasn’t until I let go of trying to control the outcome and did this that I started to feel happy AND things started to change!

I truly believe that by choosing to feel happy everything else will work itself out!!  I definitely don’t have it all figured out, and there are days when no matter how hard I try I just don’t feel happy…and that’s OK.  If your unhappy days are the exception rather than the norm, you’ll know you’re on the right track!!

Stay Happy my friends 🙂



Look for the Good


“Maybe the best thing to do is to stop trying to figure out where you’re going and just enjoy where you are!”


For those of you that know me, you will know that I absolutely HATE rain!  I think it must be the fact that I grew up with so many rainy days in England that I truly would be OK if I never saw rain again.

For my birthday this year we planned a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii (the only island I haven’t already been to – at least of the most popular ones), and we brought the kids.  We have had a wonderful few days here already, and today we planned a trip to the Volcano to go and see everything there.  We have heard stories of lava flows, views of the crater making the sky glow and walking on the lava to see the lava underneath glowing.  We had heard that there might be a storm coming in later in the day, so we set off early.

As we drove to the wet side of the island, all was great until we hit the town of Hilo (which by the way is the rainiest city in the United States with an average of 22 days a month of rain).  As we approached the National park, the rain became harder and stronger, and by the time we made it to the visitor center we pulled out our raincoats just to make it across the parking lot without drowning.  We found out some information about things that we MIGHT be able to see without all the rain and cloud coverage getting in the way.  We explored the inside of a lava tube, got really soggy and ran back to the car.  We then drove down below the clouds and actually found a place to walk out onto the lava without rain and had fun looking at petroglyphs.

All in all we had some fun times, with lots of driving in a wet dog smelling car because of the all the soggy clothes!  We then decided to go to the famous Black sand beach to hang out for a little…well, that didn’t happen.  As soon as we got out of the car, the skies opened up again and we got soaked.

Now, with all this rain coming down, things not looking how I might at one time have imagined they should look, this is the time I might have started to lose my cool.  Instead, I decided to take a different tactic.  I actually didn’t let the weather and my inability to control it, stop me from having a fun day with all my boys. A miraculous thing happened…I actually enjoyed myself.  I found myself not worrying about my hair looking crazy, I didn’t get worked up about being wet, I didn’t try to hurry the kids back into the car so we could hurry and get out of there.  I actually just let it be what it was!


Brandon and I talk all the time about “fighting with the weather” and how I get worked up or disappointed because I have expectations about how the weather should be!  I realize this is probably a crazy notion, but it is still something I fight all the time.  Have you ever been so excited about a vacation, an outing or an occasion, so much so that if the weather when you get there is not what you imagined it would be, you start to become frustrated or disappointed?

Brandon and I were in Hawaii last year for my birthday and every day was amazing EXCEPT for on my actual birthday.  I woke up happy until I saw the rain pouring and I actually felt a little depressed.  I found myself thinking “why did it have to rain today”?  For those of you that have never thought any of these things, I promise I’m not crazy, it’s just an example of something I like to try to control but I absolutely can’t.

The idea of managing expectations and letting go of control works for so many other things that I thought I would share with you my experience and how I am still only learning, but I am definitely working on it – which is the first step, right?