Choose Joy

When you choose joy you feel good, & when you feel good, you do good.  When you do good it reminds others what joy feels like & it just might inspire them to do the same!

I have to admit I am enjoying this Christmas season much more than I have in the past, and I know it is because I don’t have a lot of the work stresses that I used to have before I changed my career!  I have found that I am able to focus so much more on the joy of this time of year rather than feeling so frantic and rushed.

I have had the time this year to be even more thoughtful and creative with the gifts I give (because giving gifts to those I love is one of my favorite things to do).  I think it means so much more to give a well thought out gift.  Because I have experienced so much less hustle and bustle I have been able to feel the spirit of the season and feel amazing gratitude for all that I have.  Do you ever feel so busy that you don’t take the time to appreciate what is right in front of you?  I have definitely been guilty of that throughout my life, but there’s something about getting older that makes you appreciate what you have and who is in your life so much more.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to ponder our blessings and more than that, to show appreciation to those we love for what they do for us.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like my kids don’t get what they want for pretty much the entire year, but at Christmas, there seems to be so much more wonder and love.  

I love that my childhood years were spent in England celebrating Christmas with Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, and that we managed to stretch it out over 2 full days (of course with the added Boxing Day).  I remember one year we played a game with my family that required us to play a cassette tape, listen to the first few notes, the beat or just the lyrics and try to figure out what the name of the song was.  It believe it was called “Name that tune”.  It had us rolling on the floor laughing by the end, because as you can imagine playing with 3 generations of people, the musical tastes are so different.  I don’t remember who won, and it really doesn’t matter, what was fun was that we were connecting, laughing, and loving each others’ company!

As I am much older now I realize that those memories are something that I can draw on when things seem dark and dreary.  In fact, it has made me even more determined to create amazing memories for our kids.  I hope that they will one day feel the same way I do about my childhood, and share great memories with their own kids.

As you can tell by my picture today, I am having fun & feeling joy.  I have found that when I don’t get so caught up in being something for someone else and just have fun being me…that’s when I am the happiest.  Maybe you could try this as a Christmas gift to yourself 😉

I hope that some of my silliness and joy rubs off to you so that you can have a fabulous Christmas and Holiday Season.

Stress Less for the Holidays

“Our greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another!”


Have you ever noticed that the Holidays are not always a time of relaxation?  That sometimes we over-commit ourselves, that we create unrealistic expectations about how things are going to look or just push ourselves too hard?

I used to end up exhausted and almost depressed after a holiday.  All that went into creating the “perfect” meal, planning, cooking & setting up, seemed to drain me to the point of not wanting to do anything the days following other than sit & read or watch TV.  I know what happened to me, and it’s been a process of overcoming and dealing with it over the years, and now I am at the point where I can actually enjoy my time.

Here’s what I did – I created an image in my mind about how I thought the meal was going to look.  Sometimes even going far enough to contemplate the conversations we would have, the games we would play, the movies we would watch and so on.  As you can imagine, especially when you have a large group of people to have something so orchestrated is impossible – which would leave me frustrated and feeling down.  It’s not something that I did consciously but I had some thoughts and memories from my childhood and beyond that I wanted to recreate.  The problem with that is that my brain was making those memories look far more amazing than they probably were, and certainly more amazing than it was going to be possible for me to force people to recreate.

Do you ever find yourself trying to control things to the point of creating such unrealistic expectations that no matter what happens because it doesn’t look exactly right, you feel defeated because it’s not perfect?  Saying this out loud and writing it today makes me even more aware how ridiculous it is to do this, but that doesn’t mean that while it was happening it didn’t feel 100% real.

I have used various techniques to put me in touch with my body and what I am feeling, and some work better than others.  I wanted to share one with you today that I have found works pretty well for me:

Name your feelings

Close your eyes.  Let your mind wander into the different parts of your body and check in to see how it feels right now.  What thoughts are going on in your head?  Observe, don’t analyze.  When you are connected to how your body feels, ask yourself:  what is this feeling called?
Observe the feeling in peace and name it.  You can also ask yourself if there is something causing that feeling.
By recognizing and naming your feelings you will start to feel ease from the lump of stress you might have had in your body.  

According to the Mayo clinic, stress is the Number one cause of cancer in the US today – and if we subject ourselves to levels of stress during times when things are meant to be spent appreciating what we’re grateful for, then it kind of defeats the purpose.

I am planning on making a lovely meal for my family, spending time and doing “whatever we feel like” rather than trying to control the entire weekend.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  What do you have planned?




Listen to Your Body


“Improve by just 1% every day, and in just 100 days you are twice as good!”


I feel very fortunate to have always been able to listen to my body when it comes to hunger, and seem to know what I want.  I had a client I used to work with that after a few times of taking him to lunch he nicknamed me “small portions” because I only ever eat what I hear my body telling me what I need.  That way I don’t have to feeling of being bloated and I know I can eat pretty much at least a small amount of whatever I fancy!

I know that isn’t true for everyone, so after having lunch with a friend, Claudia, and she told me about her amazing book “One, Two Punch” I just knew I had to share about it and here’s why…


You can click on this picture to buy the book for yourself…


Claudia Wilson, Author and so much more!


How many of you know the difference between HUNGER and APPETITE?  I don’t know if I consciously knew either, at least until I read this book.  HUNGER is your body’s need to eat, APPETITE is your desire to eat.  It is a simple explanation of something that if unchecked can get even the best eater into trouble.  For example, how many of you eat when it’s TIME to eat, when you’re bored, when you’re watching TV or a movie, rather than when you’re hungry?  If any of those things are something you do all the time, then you definitely need to read this book, if you do it sometimes (and even I do it sometimes), I still don’t think it would hurt for you to read the book either 😉

If we really listen and learn how to hear what our body is telling us, we can actually not just learn to know we are hungry but also learn what our body needs to eat.  The thing about this book that I love the most is that it doesn’t say you have to diet, but it says by choosing to balance your meals and not counting calories, you can actually eat a little bit of whatever you want – remember me saying that I like to eat “a little bit of whatever I fancy”.   So, what you do is look at the amount of carbs that you have with a meal and balance that with protein and fats.  She teaches about how this method works anywhere, when you’re traveling (no need to measure or count calories), all you need to do is look at the portion size.  And here’s the best part – you measure the size of a portion by the size of your fist!  So with this method you’re not depriving yourself of ANYTHING just making better choices (and the key here is that it’s YOUR choice).

I know I have talked to friends and family and they talk about their experience with diets and how they don’t work.  It’s mainly because their choice is taken away, and pretty much everyone in the world doesn’t want to  controlled or have their choice taken away (even if it is by ourselves!)



In today’s social age we can definitely become distracted by going out to dinner with friends, chatting and not being conscious to listen to our bodies and find out if we are full.  I know I am always going to go to dinner with friends and family, so it just means I have to be paying attention a little more.  I have definitely been guilty of filling up on appetizers or bread before my meal comes and before I know it all I have eaten are carbs, and my intake is not balanced.  Obviously that doesn’t work with this method because the One, Two Punch is about balance and portion size… so now I will be more conscious about not snacking before my meal comes.  The same can also be said about eating a meal in front of the TV, especially if you’re watching something that is very intense or has your pinned to your seat.  Ultimately the key is to focus on eating while you’re eating, that way you know to drink as you eat, you can listen to your body to know when you’re full and leave food on the plate if you don’t need it.  I know it can be hard to leave food uneaten, especially if you’re out at a nice restaurant and are paying for the meal, but for you and the wellbeing of your body, knowing when to say when is also necessary!

If you are that person that has a fear of missing out, which can be one of the main reasons many quit their “diets”,  if you’re looking for something that will allow you to be more conscious about your eating – because 90% of how we look comes from what we put into our body!  Then you need to click this link or the picture of the book above, to buy the book!  Use the code STYLE to get 10% off!

I love one of the quotes in the book “There’s no wagon to fall off” – that whole “I screwed up so I’m going to restart on Monday” kind of excuse doesn’t work.

Stop beating yourself up and just work on being more conscious moving forward.  And here’s the most important thing – START NOW!!!  Go ahead, order the book and see what happens in your life.  Even if all you want to do is find a routine that helps you balance your weight and health fluctuations, this will work for you!!

And here’s another thought, this is a great Christmas gift – I have a few people in mind that I want to give this to!  At the very least, go and check out her site and read a little more for yourself…




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The Effect of Positivity

“Change your thoughts and you change your world!”

Are you someone that notices the energy of people or picks up on “vibes” in certain situations?

I am a firm believer in positivity and what that can do for you.  Basically, whatever energy you surround yourself with, positive or negative, that is the energy you are going to see more of.  It can also be said about our thoughts and what we are thinking.  Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling good, happy or not worried about something that more good things just seem to happen?  Or conversely that when something doesn’t go the way you want it to, and the more you focus on that bad thing, the more similar things seem to happen?

Even though I believe in attracting good things, I don’t mean in a way that it requires no action.  I just mean it in a way that if you want good or positive things to happen, then it is in your best interest to focus on more positive things.  It’s easy to think that because our thoughts are essentially invisible that nobody knows and they can’t do any harm, but that simply isn’t true.  In fact, I have most definitely learned the hard way that I need to focus on the things that I am grateful for rather than worrying about the things I don’t have.

If any of you out there have kids you will probably know this is true – tell a kid to NOT jump on the furniture, what they more often than not hear is the “jump on the furniture part”…

Positivity attracts more positivity, and so on!


It’s definitely easier to be positive or happy IF or WHEN something happens than it is even when things aren’t going the way you want them to.  I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I absolutely hate rain.  On my recent trip to Norway and Scotland, we definitely experienced some rain, wind, colder temperatures and things that might have totally put a damper on our whole trip.  So you may be thinking “how could I possibly feel anything but amazing being on vacation in this places and seeing the amazing scenery that I did”…well, it is definitely possible.  In fact, at one point in my life, I would have been so focused on how much I hated the rain, how cold it was or that things weren’t going EXACTLY the way I wanted them to…

I constantly battle with triggers & learning to change my response to them.  What I have found is that even though certain things do still trigger me, I am getting better at my response.  I am not letting the negativity or my sometimes unrealistic expectations control me!  I enjoyed every moment of my trip, rain, cold and all.  I traded my expectations for appreciations and let me tell you, I much prefer that kind of experience.

Even returning back to work after being gone for 10 days was not a chore for me…that has to be a WIN all in itself, right?

Happy Thursday – as the weekend approaches focus on positive self talk, and positive thoughts…let me know if you notice a difference 🙂

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Don’t just “make it” to the Weekend

“Joy is a decision, a really brave one about how you are going to respond to life!”

I hear lots of people saying and people posting about “making it to the weekend”, and I know I have been guilty of that too, but recently it has made me pause and think about what means.

We live in a time of immediate gratification, high expectations, social media comparison and so on, and I interpreted that as meaning we are always searching for that “thing”that is going to make us happy, we put expectations on ourselves and our situations so high that it is almost impossible for anything to reach those expectations.  And then when you start looking at what other people are perceived to be or have on social media, it only leads to even more  dissatisfaction and disappointment.  I have definitely been guilty of almost wishing away my time while I have been waiting for an event or a vacation, and the result is I don’t get to fully enjoy the moments that I am in NOW!

So, when we talk about “making it” to the weekend, my goal is from here on out to enjoy what I’m doing, and not be in such a hurry to get through the week.  There are definitely times that are hard and challenging, but if we spend all our time waiting for the next big thing, or just pushing through, we could be missing out on so much.

You probably all know by now that my husband is a coach and he teaches to trade your expectations for appreciations and find gratitude in things where there really doesn’t seem to be anything to appreciate. Finding joy in your life journey is the secret weapon to an amazing life.  Finding the good in the things that don’t seem good, or just being OK with things that you can’t control and working through them are a great way to start!

I am an extremely driven and motivated woman, and I am my own worst enemy.  I complete ruthlessly with myself trying to be so much better than I have been in the past, so much so that I sometimes lose focus on the things that are the most important things in this life – which are love, family, friendships, and heath.  I think at this point I am not going to remove that competitive drive from within me, but what I can do is learn that there are times when I need to pause and just appreciate!



This weekend is one that I am spending with my family at our home away from home in Midway, and our day is starting with a hike and appreciating the beauty of this world, and spending time with my boys (grumbling and all), because that’s what life is about.


I hope as next week starts you think about learning to enjoy the week so that you are no longer just counting down the days to the next weekend – you may even find that you start to enjoy what you’re doing 😉

Happy Saturday beautiful people!!

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Beauty starts on the Inside


“It all begins with you. If you don’t care for yourself you won’t be strong enough to take care of anything in your life!”


As you probably know by now I am someone that believes beauty needs to start from the inside. It comes from how we think, how we act, what we do, how much we love ourselves and then that translates to people seeing our real true beauty.


Anyone can dress up and look nice, but to be truly beautiful it takes good habits, time for yourself and an absolute unwavering love for who you are. I recently met someone that I feel is the missing piece for my “beauty” so I wanted to share with you.



There is no greater love you can have for yourself than to respect yourself enough to want to take care of all your needs so that you can be a whole person for the other people you love in your life. That respect starts primarily with our thoughts but a second major piece to that equation is how we take care of ourselves…what we eat and whether we are active and exercise or not.


Anne Dorsey from has been voted the Best Nutritionist in Utah and when I met her I found out why. She believes in helping you create a new way of life by tuning into what your body is telling you to help you create a lifestyle that nourishes rather than depleting you. I have such a busy lifestyle and I sometimes find myself not having time to eat and then grabbing some junk food at one of my kid’s games. I am excited about working with Anne because she’s going to help me makeover my pantry so I can become better prepared and organized to navigate through my busy days.



Her Spring Revivify REBOOT is starting on April 16th and it is the perfect time for a “spring clean”. I don’t believe in diets, I don’t like plans that tell me that I have to do certain things and can’t do others. What I really want is someone that will coach me through those times when I am tempted to make bad eating decisions that I always regret later. I have always had a weakness for English chips, but I have noticed (and I am sure it’s because I am getting older) that when I eat fried foods my stomach feels like a lead weight. Now I know that they aren’t good for me but every once in a while I eat them anyway and spend the rest of the day feeling crappy. What I need is that someone who will remind me that my body is telling me not to eat them – that’s what Anne does!


The REBOOT is a 14 day Whole Body Reboot, and she is offering a special deal for TODAY ONLY…if you sign up for the RebootPLUS when you use the code FREEVIP you will be upgraded to the VIP package which is a $100 VALUE and will get you (3) 30 minute one-on-one coaching calls and a personalized pantry makeover. Just click this link to sign up RIGHT NOW!


If you are serious about wanting to be beautiful from the inside out, you’ll want to do this today before the special offer expires.



I’m excited about becoming more healthy, happy and beautiful…what about you?




Happiness is NOT in a Place

“Keep choosing happiness daily and happiness will keep choosing you back!”


It may be easy for me to say that happiness isn’t in a place when I just barely returned from Hawaii where I enjoyed the beauty and warmth…but that is exactly why I am writing this blog.

On my trip with my family there were times when one or more of us were not feeling happy, even though we were in paradise…you might ask yourself how is that even possible?

Well, one of the biggest reasons I find is that we let expectations of how we think something is going to look (like how the day we visited the volcano and the rain wasn’t what I wanted on my trip), or not everyone wanted to do the same thing all the time, or even not being able to fit in everything we might want to do, get in the way of us being happy and letting things just be!

Traveling with 6 different personalities can definitely be challenging but it can work out IF we don’t have rigid ideas of how things should look.



I love my family and I work really hard at trying to accommodate everyone and what they want to do, but this doesn’t work all the time!

So, back to the original statement – Happiness is not in a place!  Happiness is a choice, granted probably an easier choice when you are in paradise, but there are still going to be disappointments and challenges no matter where you are.

As I get older, I notice I have more wrinkles and laughter lines, but as I regard myself in the mirror the laughter lines don’t age me like wrinkles on my forehead by furrowing my brow (which come from pulling faces that are not happy faces!)  Not only that, happiness is something that draws people to you rather than pushing away.  I like to spend time with people that are real, but they are also focused on what is good rather than the bad.  Over the past few years I have gone through some things that made me feel negative, dark and almost depressed…I got to the point where even I didn’t even want to be around me, so I knew I had to make a change.

Here’s what I did:  (I am lucky enough to have a coach for a husband that has taught me a few tricks)  – in any situation that was bad and I felt negative about it, I looked for something I could also appreciate about it.  For example, I was being dealt with unfairly and having income taken away from me – so, I focused on what I could learn from it and how it was making me a stronger person, smarter with money and more appreciative of the lifestyle I have.  It wasn’t until I let go of trying to control the outcome and did this that I started to feel happy AND things started to change!

I truly believe that by choosing to feel happy everything else will work itself out!!  I definitely don’t have it all figured out, and there are days when no matter how hard I try I just don’t feel happy…and that’s OK.  If your unhappy days are the exception rather than the norm, you’ll know you’re on the right track!!

Stay Happy my friends 🙂



Take Care of your Body

“Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live!”


Does this sound like you…

Made a resolution or plan at the beginning of the year where you would work out more, eat healthier, stick to a beauty regimen, stress less…anything along the lines of taking care of yourself?

I know I did!  I started out the year choosing to exercise more, eat healthier, etc.  Not to lose weight or anything like that, but because let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger and I want to be around for a long time.  I am a very determined person, and I usually stick to plans that I make, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard.  For example, this week so far I have had something to do every night, so I haven’t had a chance to work out at all!  I only have so many days left in the week and I am traveling with Brandon this weekend to an event…so my time is VERY limited.  Here are my choices…I could beat myself up about it, quit this week and say I’ll start out strong next week, I could say “well as long as I’m not working out, I may as well not worry about eating healthy either”.  In the past I would have really beaten myself up and essentially made myself feel so guilty about it that I would almost kill myself to make sure I accomplished what I had said I would do at the beginning of the year.

So, I have decided that I can’t change the fact that I haven’t had time so far this week, I will do what I can with the rest of my time, and stick to eating healthy meals and not snacking on chocolate (because I still have some sitting on my desk left over from Christmas).  I have also found that a great way to get your body feeling balanced again is by drinking a healthy, natural juice or smoothie drink.  There are some brands that are sold in grocery stores like Naked and Odwalla, but there is nothing better than one that they make for you as you are waiting.  Vive Juicery in Salt Lake is my absolute favorite.  They of course have the juices, but they also have shots of things like ginger, immunity and turmeric. They also have cleanses, and I can say for sure that doing a cleanse is something that is good for everyone at least once a year – just to clean out the cobwebs 🙂  In fact, right now they have 10% off cleanses booked through January 31st online – just click here

Whatever your goals for 2018 are, try incorporating some natural juices with fruits and veggies.  It is just as important to take care of our insides as it is the outside!  Being healthy is something we CAN influence, so why not take control of something in your life 🙂

If you haven’t been to Vive Juicery, you should really check it out!  Even better, if you live in Utah along the Wasatch Front – they will actually deliver to your doorstep.

Stay Healthy my friends!!

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Over Indulgence during the Holidays


“What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while!”


The holidays are filled with cheer but they are also filled with rich foods, chocolate, candy, treats, and very often some cocktails or alcohol.  So how do you make sure that all the hard work you put into keeping your body trim and healthy this year isn’t lost in just a few weeks.


Long walks and runs outside are kind of hard in the winter here in Utah, the cold is bitter and the inversion makes it unhealthy to breath too much of that air.  Exercise requires a lot of commitment and with the “to do” lists that seem to get longer every day, it is so hard that sometimes it gets put off or just missed. 


Good chocolate is one of my weaknesses, and it seems like “just one” always leads to another!  Salads don’t seem as appealing and seem to be replaced with more warm dishes like soups, chilli, and baked potatoes, all of which are much more substantial and have a higher caloric value.



So how do you make sure that by the time the holidays are over, you are not going to roll into the New Year?  Here are some tactics that I use, and they have always worked for me…

  1. Don’t tell yourself you can’t have a treat, but rather ration how many you have.  If you tell yourself you can’t or that you can only have carrots, or some alternative that isn’t anywhere near as good, you will rebel against yourself and end up eating more than if you let yourself have one or two!
  2. Want a dessert?  Go for it, but again ration how much you have.  Portion control has always been something that I have exercised.  I like to try lots of different things, and always make sure that I balance my meals with the right amount of vegetables, protein, fats and carbs (I don’t ever avoid carbs because I need them for energy).
  3. Allow yourself one or two “cheat days” each week, that way you don’t have to feel guilty or bad about anything you are eating.
  4. Dedicate 20 minutes every other day even if it is just at home to do a few exercises like lunges, squats, crunches, and curls.  I even do a few each night while I am waiting for my bath or while I am watching my latest DVR TV show.
  5. Drink a fresh squeezed veggie drink at least once a week, to balance out the not so good stuff you may have eaten or drunk all week.


The holidays should be a fun time and beating yourself up or telling yourself NO is not going to make it enjoyable!  If you are not creating long term bad habits it’s really not going to hurt you just for a few weeks, but it is definitely still better to be in control.  Enjoy your holidays and remember, moderation is key!


Happy Holidays…


Keep your Youthful Appearance as long as possible

Style Queenie will help you find your own personal style through style consultation and women empowerment. Check out our three different packages.

“Aging is a fact of life, looking your age is not!”


There are so many things I wish I would have thought about when I was younger, and taking really good care of my skin is just one of them!  When I moved over to the Utah from England I started to notice how the drier air was sucking every last ounce of moisture out of my skin…

I didn’t realize the long term effects until I started noticing smile lines, crows feet and just a general thinning of my face.  I hurriedly started researching different products to use to help me restore the youthful natural appearance of my skin, but it took me a long time to do it!  I guess I didn’t realize soon enough, or maybe it’s just because I am getting older, because I seem to notice some new line or wrinkle every single day.  I used to pride myself on being able to manage with very little or no makeup and I could wake up and not have to worry about checking the mirror before I left the house.  Those days are definitely not still here, because I have to pay more attention to my appearance and definitely have to make sure that I am taking care of my skin.

It is important to moisturize all your body, but the one place where you will notice the lack of moisture the soonest is definitely your face.  As very often happens when you write a blog, I was recently approached b Amala Beauty to try their “Advanced Firming Concentrate”.  As a part of my constant quest for healthy, youthful looking skin, I of course had to give it a try.  What I found out is that it has been one of the luxury spa industry’s best kept secrets.   It contains all natural products like cocoa bean, wild-crafted blue lotus and amyris…which is very important to me when I consider what products I am going to use.

With the colder weather just around the corner, now is the time to start planning ahead and making sure that your skin is prepared for the harsh elements.  As I have been using this product for the past 3 weeks I have noticed that my skin has been more firm, not as dry and I have also noticed that a wrinkle that I am very conscious about has not been as deep as it has been in the past.  Because not only does Amala moisturize but it also boosts production of collagen (meaning that your body is naturally producing the chemical that makes your skin appear more springy and reduces the number of wrinkles).

My overall review, this is a product I would definitely recommend, and that I will absolutely continue using. The results are amazing, but not only that, it smells amazing, and it is something that is very light and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy or heavy – which is one of my pet peeves and one reason why I have already removed some products from my current regimen.

My number one goal for winter is that I can make it through relatively unscathed and not have any adverse effects caused by the extreme weather conditions – which definitely includes the health of my skin and my body.

If you are interested in checking out the products from Amala, and I would highly recommend that you do…just click here