Spring Baseball

“Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always make sure you bring a little sunshine with you!”

Traveling this weekend with my son to a baseball tournament down to St George. It’s only about 4 hours drive away from Salt Lake, but the temperatures are always at least 10-15 degrees warmer. After all the rain we’ve been having, it’s a welcome break to be sitting out in the sun doing one of my favorite things – watching my son playing baseball.

Canyon has been playing for about a month now and most games have been really cold, rainy and we’ve even had some snow. I just realized that I have really missed the opportunity to be outside on a sunny day, and of course it doesn’t hurt that I get to watch a little sports!  I love weekends when I get to travel all over the Utah for games, and get to cheer on my kids…

Spring to me is not only a new beginning for the flowers, plants and trees, but it means a new sports season and the opportunity to be a rowdy cheerleader 🙂

I do love the opportunity to dress up for work or a special occasion, but I also love putting together classy, casual outfits.  I love the casual khaki pants in this post, along with the White T-shirt with some bead detail.  The T-shirt is not a typical plain looking top, rather it is unique and adds a little more emphasis to the outfit.  I very often wear casual outfits that are not just plain, but that doesnt mean that those don’t look good as well – in fact, sometimes plain is just what is needed.  If I am wearing a plain outfit, it is easy to change that or add to it by using accessories or a lightweight jacket. Of course, the shoes should never be overlooked either – as you can see from this post, the sandals are by themselves different only add to the outfit even more.

Sexy Modest Dress – linked to shop here
Eileen Fisher Sport Sandals – linked to shop here
Denim jacket – similar linked to shop here
Bauble Bar Earrings – linked to shop here
Aviators with yellow lens – linked to shop here

If you are looking to put together a great casual outfit, a good place to start is by picking out whether you wear jeans, or another kind of pants or if you pick yourself out an amazing stretchy comfortable dress (like the one I am wearing).  Once you have decided if you are wearing pants or jeans, you can then decide the style…with jeans there are so many different styles of jeans:  wide leg, ripped, culottes, skinny, capri, and boyfriend cut to name just a few.  The style of pants you wear very often determines the type of top you wear – boyfriend cut jeans look better with a tighter fitting blouse or T-shirt, while wide leg pants can work with many different styles of top.  I have really been loving the wide legged pant trend this year, and have found some amazing new things that get me excited about warmer days.

The type of shoe you choose is also important – I usually like to wear shoes with at least a little heel, but I do love how flats (especially pointed toe flats) can look amazing with skinny jeans or tight ripped jeans. Espadrille wedges are a great way to get a little height and still be able to wear them all day. I am wearing a pair of my staple sandals for summer (Eileen Fisher sport sandals) and they are like wearing slippers!

I always love a great deal, so I tend to buy the more expensive pairs of jeans from Nordstrom Rack, so that I am not paying full ticket price.  They always carry a wide selection, although you may have to dig around a little, but they have great dressing rooms so you can make sure you are picking the right style for your body type. Of course, whenever I am there I have to check out all the other amazing clothes they have and it would be rude to neglect the the shoe department too 😉

On this beautiful Friday I hope the sun is shining for you, and if not, I hope you have a great day and find the gratitude in what you see around you…

I have linked all the details of my outfit with shoppable links above…

Get ready to Welcome Spring

Be Uniquely you. Stand out. Shine. Be colorful!

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning to add a little color into your life.

There are so many color choices, and so many styles and patterns to choose from, so how do you decide what will work best for you?  Will you stick with your usual choices or favorite colors?  Are you adventurous and eager to try new things?  Are you going to recycle clothes from past seasons? However you answered these questions, there is definitely a way you can freshen up your look…

I have talked in previous posts about how I don’t ever completely refresh my wardrobe, but what I do is add some current trends and styles in bright vibrant colors to mix things up and pair with things I already own. For example, if you own a denim skirt, by adding a bold color you can create a completely new look without having to break the bank.

I am sharing some throwback pictures for you to see some fun colors and patterns that I have worn and love. I am always game to try any color or pattern – but I definitely have my favorites.

I have to admit after the snow we experienced last week, and the snow we have forecast for later this week, I am definitely getting itchy for warmer days. It seems like this time of year I am so ready and just when I think spring is here – it snows again! Which is why when it was snowing last week, I chose to wear my lovely red raincoat because if I ever need something to make me feel better…color (especially Red) does it for me…

What colors make you feel the most vibrant and motivated?

I know you know that each color can evoke certain feelings and emotions, so why not harness that and use it to your own advantage. I always choose red when I want to feel strong and confident, yellow is an emotional and warm color – making me feel sunny even when it’s not sunny outside. Using colors to help us control our emotions and often outcomes is a great way to ensure that we are not just going through the motions of life, but actually embracing what it can have to offer us.

I have linked some of my current favorite colors, patterns and styles that you may want to check out for this upcoming spring (click the links below)

Shop some great colored Spring Styles

A Little Bit of Luxury

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within!

Have you ever noticed that when you wear certain things – textures, styles and colors – that you feel a little different? Today, I wanted to talk a little about how we really are tactile people, and how important touch and feel play a part in how we feel.

Silk has always been known as a fabric that is luxurious, sexy and feminine…but have you ever thought about why? I believe that it’s because of the feelings that you get when you touch and feel silk…the way it changes us physiologically.

The same can be said about other fabrics and textures, such as: velvet and satin (which also make us feel luxurious), leather adds a little sass and edge, metallics make us feel strong and almost regal…whereas lace can make us feel feminine, soft and gentle.

EXperimenting with fabrics is a great way to see which ones evoke the feeling you might need for a specific day or event. I always like to feel strong and confident when I am meeting new people, have an interview or I want to exude strength. By combining strength promoting fabrics and textures with those that promote femininity it allows us to feel confident and strong without intimidating those we come into contact with.

Colors can also have the same effect as certain fabrics – for example red is Such powerful and confident color, which can sometimes intimidate, but when combined with satin or lace, the effect can be toned down a little.

Having fun and trying new combinations to see what works for YOU can really allow you to explore how you really feel about you. The more comfortable you feel in your own skin (and our outfits are an extension of how we feel on the inside), we will be able to feel more confident inour choices and secure in ourselves and what we bring to the table!

Have fun and try some new things….let me know what you find out about yourself!

Establishing Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are not walls. They are the gates and fences that allow you to enjoy the beauty of your own garden!

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to take everything on, to not delegate, to not set boundaries or to not take care of yourself before taking care of others? As a mother that works full time, has 4 boys and many other commitments, I can tell you that every moment of my time is precious so taking extra things on often means neglecting something or doing something poorly.

Working with Brandon and his coaching program has only made it even more clear to me that if we don’t establish boundaries or take care of ourselves as well, then we are not going to be able to do all the things we need let alone the extra things we often take on.

It is more than about self-care, it is really about setting those limits and not compromising them. I have often been in a position when I have had something planned that is important to me, and something else comes up. I find myself in conflict over the thing I “should” do versus the thing I “want” to do. Obviously, there are certain times when something is urgent or an emergency and that’s not what I am talking here, I am talking about just taking on something when you are only doing it out of obligation or because you feel like someone else can’t handle it.

I used to have a hard time letting things go and letting other people help me, or delegating, but that’s definitely not the case anymore. What I realized (it’s easier to think this for work circumstances, but it definitely applies to life in general) is that my time is best spent doing those things that only I can do. – you know, those things that need you to be the one to handle. For example, I can’t delegate doing the sales that I do, but the paperwork, the backend stuff, those are things I can definitely hand off. At home, we have our kids do certain chores, as I am sure you do, which means that not every single thing about the running of the household is left to Brandon or I.

One of the hardest things to recognize is the fact that our wanting to do everything actually takes away from those we love, because we can’t be there for them 100%. It means we are spreading ourselves so thin that we are unable to be present a lot of the time, especially at those times that are the most important. I’ll admit that while my kids were younger I spent a lot of time doing things myself, not asking for help because I believed I had the perfect way of doing things and didn’t want others to do it another way or I didn’t want them to screw it up. What ended up happening is that I didn’t teach my kids some important lessons, and I ended up being really burned out a lot of the time.

They say that youth is wasted on the young, and I believe it, because with age definitely comes maturity and letting go of control – yes I can admit that I was a little controlling 😉 . I also learned that empowering others to do things actually gives them the chance to step up and learn themselves – which is one of the best gifts we can give someone!

I am still learning, but I definitely feel like the boundaries that I set are pretty healthy – and I am also open to growing and learning more.

Do you have healthy boundaries or do you try to take it all on? Do you feel like if you hand things off to others to do that they won’t do it as well as you?

If you answer yes to the second question, start small…try letting go of just one thing this week. If you feel like you have healthy boundaries, ask yourself this – are you exhausted a lot or do you feel resentment for anyone? If you answer yes to either of those questions, then maybe a little more soul searching is on order 😉

Remember – establishing boundaries is one of the most unselfish things you can do!

Create Your Own Beauty

Trust yourself.  Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.  Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

I believe that beauty comes from what is inside us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enhance what is on the outside as well.  Taking care of ourselves is one of the most important things we can do…

We owe it to ourselves to enhance our inner beauty by making sure we are wearing the right makeup that suits our personality and our skin tone, that we follow the best beauty regimen for our skin so that we can continue to look and feel as young as we are at heart.  Taking proper care of our hair is equally as important, because having a bad hair day can affect even the most confident of people.  I remember about 15 years ago I decided to cut my hair pretty short and dyed it pretty dark brown.  No sooner had I walked out of the salon I regretted it.  The saddest part is that I was leaving town the next day and couldn’t get back in for 2 weeks 🙁 . I don’t tell you this so you won’t try new things, because there have been plenty of times that I have done funky and fun hair styles,  but the brown, that just wasn’t me, and I felt kind of yucky and self conscious.  

I love natural beauty, I believe in a little is just enough – unless it’s for a special occasion where you really want to make a statement.  I make sure that my makeup suits me, I prefer to wear concealer over foundation, and I typically look pretty natural, with maybe just a light dusting of eyeshadow and liner.  I never go without mascara (my lashes are so fair that I don’t look like I have any unless I wear it) and my favorite makeup item is always the lipstick…

Whether you love to wear more or less than me, it doesn’t matter because we are unique after all…

Staying true to who you are, but not being afraid to make the most of what you have, that’s why I am writing this blog post.  We live in a world where we see what others do and think that it means we have to do that too.  Not so…we should only do things we are comfortable with.  

I have also see many people commenting or posting on social media about procedures, enhancements etc. that they don’t approve of, or that they would never do.  Their opinions are fine – because they are just that…their opinions.  It doesn’t matter what the topic is, there are always going to be people on either side of the fence when it comes to making the most of your beauty.  

Your beauty is your beauty – no one else’s!  If you want to wear some red lipstick, wear some fishnets to feel sexy – you go girl!!  If you prefer to be more understated, that is totally fine too. 

Just make sure whatever you are doing,  you are doing it for YOU and not because someone else thinks you should or you’re worried what others might think.

Now we’ve got that out of the way…you can shop some fun makeup that I found, some things I love, and see if they work with whatever it is that makes you feel the best – especially check out the Stila glitter eyeshadow liquids…they’re so fun and amazing (click the links below).

Trip of a Lifetime

“Travel doesn’t become an adventure until you leave yourself behind!”

You may have been some of the pictures of my recent whirlwind trip, but I wanted to share with you my perspective on Norway, what we did, where we went and how we’re feeling now we’re back!

You may have heard that the trip was a gift that I surprised Brandon with for his birthday.  It wasn’t a milestone birthday, it was just something I know he had been wanting to do for a long time, he is great at planning amazing surprises for me and I felt like it was finally time for me to step up my game 🙂

He knew we were going somewhere, but had no idea where until his birthday on September 3rd.  On that morning I woke him by giving him a raincoat (yes we definitely needed that), a new Patagonia rolling backpack hand luggage, and his detailed itinerary of our trip.  Like I mentioned, it was a whirlwind, so let me take you on our journey…

Day 1 – Arrive in London (definitely jet lagged) but not too tired to do a little shopping and eat some good old fish and chips!  After a brief tour of London, we went to the airport again and departed for Bergen, Norway.



Day 2 – Woke up in Bergen, and fell in love with the city.  This quaint little fishing town is so much more than I imagined, mainly because it isn’t as small as I was expecting.  It did have the beauty of being a small town, with the beautiful colored historical shops on the pier, but its boundaries were so much more.  We visited a castle, walked the pier, took a funicular (very slow moving train) to the top of the mountain that overlooked the whole bay and the city.  Later we had time to rent E-bikes and explore old Bergen and cycle through the hills overlooking the bay.


Day 3 – Departed on a boat to take a Fjord cruise up the Sognefjord to our next destination, the tiny village of Leikanger.  The scenery on the cruise was amazing, and the weather wasn’t too cold to be on the back of the boat taking pictures.  Once we arrived in Leikanger, we went on a bike ride to the small village, ate lunch and explored a little.
After returning to the hotel, Brandon and our friend Dan, decided to take a dip in the Fjord glacier water (just so they could say they did).

Day 4 – A short boat ride to the amazing town of Flam (this town was definitely my favorite)…all the waterfalls, the hiking and the amazing rainbows completely made this place magical.  We hiked a mile up to a beautiful waterfall, ate at a viking themed restaurant and took and relaxing bath in a historic themed room with the claw foot tub (perfect after getting wet and cold hiking to the waterfall).  The dinner at the viking restaurant was delicious but we said no to dessert and headed back to the hotel to eat an after dinner treat at the hotel.

Day 5 – Train from Flam via Myrdal to Oslo.  An amazing ride through the mountains, along the river, through more fjords and amongst more waterfalls.  It almost seemed like we were saying “Oh…there’s one more waterfall”.  This train ride was so much fun, sitting relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons.  As we rode to higher elevations, we saw fall leaves on the trees, and even snow at the top of the mountain.  Riding back down the other side, onto Oslo, the scenery was a little more commonplace but still amazing.  We arrived in Oslo, immediately dropped off our bags and headed into the city.  It was a little chilly and rainy, so we took ourselves to the Viking ship museum and didn’t do a lot of walking around but ate dinner in the city center and explored a few of the shops.  Being like most big cities, a lot of stores were big chains, but it was still fun to see.


Day 6 – After spending the night in our hotel, we woke up and headed to go take a look at the amazing opera house – definitely a landmark.  After climbing to the top, we took a trolley to check out the naked statues at Frogland park.  I’ve never seen anything like it, we may have had just a little bit too much fun taking pictures there 😉 . After that we collected our luggage and headed to the airport to take our flight to Edinburgh, Scotland.  I had the chance to brush up on my driving on the left hand side of the road in a stick shift.  😉 .
We met up with some of my English friends in Edinburgh and watched the sunset over the skyline from a park on a hill in the outskirts of town.  Our view from the hotel of Edinburgh castle was amazing.

Day 7 – We booked our tickets online for Edinburgh castle so we could get up early and head over there.  We ate at the Elephant House, there JK Rowling wrote a lot of her Harry Potter books.  I don’t remember ever going to the castle when I was younger, and it was well worth the trip.   After the tour of the castle we loaded up the car and started the drive up to the highlands via St Andrews.  I am not really a golfer, so even though my dad has played there, I had never even been to the town.  It was very quaint and definitely worth a visit, even though when we were walking through the historic old cemetery and castle ruins, the sun was shining but we got stuck in a hailstorm.  Finally after the hail let up, we loaded the car again and started the drive to Inverness (right at the top of Loch Ness).  The even there was beautiful and VERY cold, but it was a really cool little town.

Day 8 – After spending the night in Inverness, we had breakfast in this cute little town and prepared to go see a Scottish/English battleground and then on to Loch Ness.  The little thatched roof house at the battlements was so cute and had been there for centuries.  The Castle ruins and their view of Loch Ness were beautiful and a great place to explore.  I found that driving on the country roads was a little bit of a white knuckle ride, because the roads are so narrow and there were a lot of big tour buses.  We made it without a scratch but I won’t like, it definitely made me a bit nervous.  I guess after being in the US with our wide roads over here it was a little more intimidating than I thought it would be.  We drove alongside a few Lochs back down to Edinburgh to spend the night again.

Day 9 – Our last day in Edinburgh, Scotland was spent exploring a little more of the city – including a little scarf and kilt shopping.  Our friends found a pair of mini bagpipes that sounded more like a dying cat than musical, but it was definitely entertaining.  We walked along a park with a fabulous view of the castle, and came across and ice cream van so I had to have a 99 Ice cream cone.  Definitely worth the calories 🙂  We walked down to see the castle that the Queen comes and stays in when she visits Edinburgh, and came across a restaurant over in Stockbridge that definitely warranted us taking a picture.  After spending the day exploring, we headed back to the airport to take our flight back to London so we could depart the following day.

One thing I realized is that when I am planning things, I tend to move a little too quickly.  There were so many moving parts to this trip – all the modes of transportation and hotels in each place.  I had booked the flight to London Gatwick instead of Heathrow where our flight back to Salt Lake City was departing the following day…After beating myself up just a little for screwing that up, we hopped aboard our flight.  Everyone’s bags came off the carousel except mine (which is even more frustrating when you consider that I only ever take hand luggage, but had decided on this flight to let my bag be checked! 🙁 ) .

The airport told me that British Airways who we flew with actually doesn’t track their luggage UNLESS they lose it and then they start looking for it.  We did hang around the airport for about an hour thinking they may find it, but decided to take an Uber back to the hotel around 10pm.  Right when we were almost at our Hotel near Heathrow airport they called and told me that they had located the bag but that they couldn’t get it to me in time for our flight but would send it back to Salt Lake for me.  Moral of this story – always carry some spare underwear in your hand luggage just in case they lose your bag….


All in all, I have to say, this trip is going to be hard to top.  Norway and Flam in particular were definitely a highlight, and we would love to spend more time up in the small Fjord villages.  I did love Edinburgh though, especially all the nostalgia from my childhood and the quaint buildings, all the history and castles.

If you are ever looking for an amazing trip to take, there is a tour called “Norway in a Nutshell” that covers a lot of the ground that we covered, and they plan it all for you.

Now comes the hard part – how do I plan a trip for next year that will surpass this one?  😉


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Top 10 Things you need in your Closet this Holiday Season


“Life is short, wear your party pants!”

Before I start, I wanted to let you know that it’s definitely not to late to start planning your holiday styles, party wear, and recovery wear (yes, after all the chaos we are going to need a little recovery time!)


There are a lot of things to plan, so does this seem like one more thing that you just don’t want to have to deal with?  I know there have been times when I have gone in my closet and just walked right out again because I haven’t known where to start…so here are some tips, ideas and styles that are really easy to duplicate to take some of the stress out of the holidays for you:

  1. Make sure you plan ahead…this doesn’t necessarily mean going shopping to get new things, but what it does mean is that sometimes if you lay out a few things on your bed to see how they look together, it’s going to help you decide what combinations you like the best.  I never try to plan an outfit for a special occasion when I am in a rush – even if I haven’t pulled out my clothes to look at, I have at least put them together in my mind (I know, I may or may not love thinking about clothes 😉 )
  2. Don’t try to wear something that is not comfortable for you to wear.  For example, if you are not comfortable wearing high heels, then don’t try to do it.  All that will happen is that you will feel awkward all night and want to take off your shoes.  Instead, find a pair of kitten heels (still feminine) or block heels that are easier to wear for longer periods of time.
  3. Make sure that what you are wearing expresses YOUR personality NOT someone you know or someone else you have seen wearing something that’s “really cute”…as you know, we are all unique, so when you are trying to be someone else not only will you feel like a fraud, but when people see you they are not going to know who you are.


With all of that being said, there are a few things that you are going to want to add to your closet this holiday season.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not necessarily encouraging you to go out shopping for yourself when you are still Christmas shopping (although sometimes it’s necessary to do that), but maybe you can put some things on your Christmas list or drop hints.  Even after Christmas there are lots of get-togethers and parties for the New Year, so even if you don’t have them in time for a Christmas party, it won’t be a bust!



Here are my Top 10 MUST HAVES for 2017:

  1. Something leopard print – whatever you choose (because not everyone is comfortable with a coat, a dress or shoes), make sure you that you rock it.  I have seen so many leopard tights, scarves, blouses, sweaters and purses plus many, many more things.  Pick one and have fun with it.
  2. Something sparkly – I love all the metallics, and they can be used in many different ways.  For example, I just bought some metallic liquid eyeshadow by Stila (from Sephora)…it is amazing and lasts all day.  It’s a great way to add sparkle without having to go over the top.  A great silver or gold top, pants, or shoes are great ways to add metallic into your wardrobe.
  3. Sock booties are my new favorite thing – I love how they fit to your legs and work with a skirt/dress, with jeans, or even under pants.  Versatility is key here, and they come in a variety of different styles and patterns.
  4. A great faux fur or fluffy coat – the reason why is that even if you are wearing something plain, by adding a really funky coat, you are going to make your whole outfit stand out.  Who doesn’t love the idea of being simple and still finding a way to be stylish?
  5. Sequins – what more needs to be said here?  Sequin earrings, sequin hair accessories, sequin leggings, or even sequin boots.  Find something again that expresses your personality, don’t wear the boots if you are more of an understated earrings kind of girl 😉
  6. A long kimono or thin cardigan -I love using these over pants, dresses or skirts.  They can just pull a whole outfit together and make it really funky.
  7. Velvet is still so huge.  It is such a comfortable and warm fabric, not to mention chic, so why not incorporate it into some of your outfits?
  8. Funky tights or fishnets.  Wearing a pair of unique tights with a dress or skirt this winter is not only necessary (at least here in Utah), but it is also a great way to make a statement.  I am always on the lookout for unique styles of tights, and love to incorporate them into my business and party style!
  9. A pair of chunky boots – there are definitely going to be those days that you are going to want to be able to walk and not have to worry about slipping, falling or just hating life because of your stiletto boots.  At the weekends or evenings, I love to wear a pair of comfy boots, but also look stylish, so find a pair that can be both for you.
  10. A great beanie or winter hat – I have never been a big hat person, but I am definitely learning to love beanies especially during the winter months.  I love how feminine some of the styles are now, and if you wear one with some accent jewels, patterns or even a pom pom it is going to look a little dressier!


So there you have it…my Top 10 of things everyone should have.  I have always been one of those practice what you preach kind of girls, so I wouldn’t tell you to do something that I didn’t do, so just know that all of these things I have tried and tested, and they work for me!

I don’t by any means expect anyone to be something they are not, so if don’t like or want to try any of these things, then you need to follow your gut.

Happy Holidays and more importantly – Happy Shopping!

I picked a few things I think are really hot below and you can shop the links below…

Traveling in Style


“The journey not the arrival matters.”

Do you have a “go to” style when you’re traveling? When you’re flying there are few things that I like to make sure I consider when I’m planning what to pack and what to wear for the trip itself. I am en route to Cooperstown NY to Jack’s baseball tournament and unfortunately we couldn’t get a direct flight. I have become quite efficient at only packing carry on when I travel so I don’t have to wait at baggage carousel and most importantly so I don’t have to worry about lost bags.

About a year ago Brandon bought me my own personalized luggage from Tumi and I absolutely love it. I have a carry on suitcase and then a smaller bag that I usually reserve for my iPad, laptop and other things I need when I’m on the plane. My outfit is always casual (unless I’m going on a business trip), and I try to stick with relatively flat shoes (or at least ones I don’t mind walking in for miles in airports).

I have a trip back to England coming up and for that red eye trip I will wear sweats (which are as comfortable as wearing pajamas). I know on that trip I’m going to have lots of fun pictures to post and shopping to do 🙂

This weeks trip is pretty much going to be baseball, baseball and then more baseball…it’s a good thing I can’t get enough of watching Jack play!

Here are some of my packing tips for carry on size luggage:
1. Choose daily outfits – I used to just pack random things and then figure out when I was on vacation what I wanted to wear together. If you pack outfits your don’t over pack and you don’t have to worry about using up all your matching clothes and being left with some random, crazy outfit.
2. I buy travel size products or use empty 3oz bottles from Target to store my larger toiletries. Even though I have TSA Pre-check you don’t want to be mistakenly caught with larger things in your bags that are confiscated. On our way back from the cruise Jack was caught with 3 bottles of water and a can of Ginger Ale (funny thing is he had been complaining how heavy his bag was – he didn’t even know they were in there because we had used it for an excursion 🙂
3. Save underwear and smaller items to fill in gaps or put them inside your shoes. There are always random spaces that you can fill with small things if you pa k everything else first and see what space is left.
4. Don’t pack too many shoes – admittedly this is the hardest one for me. I try to limit myself to the most versatile pairs, but I do always have to take at least one pair that is a little more dressy.
5. I always take a sweater, jacket or cardigan that is bulky and the easiest way to fit that in is either wear it, tie it around your waist or carry it over your arm. I get cold on planes, it gets used as a blanket for my kids and I have a little extra room in my case (maybe for another pair of shoes 😉


How to be Fashionable

Confidence is in knowing that your fashion story is YOURS alone!

Fashion makes a statement about us…

“Be a Flamingo in a flock of pigeons!”

My Fashion Story

I always thought that being fashionable meant that you had to follow all the latest trends, and just basically blend in with what everyone else is doing…

What I have realized is that I can decide what is fashionable.  No matter the season, I don’t like every new trend that comes out (especially since as I am getting older I see more and more of the old trends that I used to see coming out again and again!)  It’s crazy that the styles I hated, the ones that I would never be caught dead wearing, and the ones that seemed to be the least flattering still seem to circle back around.  I remember looking at a picture of myself after having Dalton (my oldest), he was only 6 weeks old and we were in Disney World, I was wearing high waisted short-shorts, and a striped tank top that REALLY didn’t flatter me in any way!  So crazy to think that just because a style is IN that you should have to wear it.  As I have matured, I can tell you that I decide what is fashion for me, and I interpret it my own unique way.

I love seeing a new style and trying to figure out ways that I can adapt it to be my own.  I like to be classy/chic and everything in between.  The one thing that is always consistent is that I like to be feminine and always, always I avoid things that make me look trashy.  I don’t dress up every day, but when I have an important meeting or I know that a first impression is important, I definitely dress accordingly.  Even when I dress down I make sure that I am no sloppy.  If I am wearing sweats they are not creased and I wear with them a t shirt that is flattering.  Jeans are something I love to wear but I don’t wear them for work if they have holes or are distressed.  If I do wear jeans for work, I make sure that the blouse or top I wear is feminine and classy and more than likely the first thing that people notice.  I make my outfits memorable – but in a good way 🙂

Shoes are my staple – I don’t believe you can ever have too many, and they can really make a statement about you, so choose them wisely.  Sometimes heels can get damaged and start to look worn out, so take care of your shoes…if you take care of them, they will take care of you!

I read fashion magazines, I check out blogs, I look online at some of my favorite stores, I like to go on shopping expeditions whenever I travel somewhere to see what is available in other places, and most importantly, when I see things, I think about how they will work for my body type, coloring, age, and if they would be appropriate for me to wear for business, casual or more formal events.  Sometimes I try new things and get it wrong, and sometimes it works out, but the key is I TRY…Having the confidence to try something new and see if it works for you is half the battle, with the final piece being that if you get it wrong, don’t worry about what other people might say and think.  I have found that not everyone is going to like my style and what I wear all the time, and you know what, I am so great with that…I wear what I wear and do what I do for me only!  Because I feel that way, I have an air of confidence and it shows – and that is what people are drawn to!

What is your Fashion Story?

We all have our own fashion story, even if that story is that fashion or style is not your focus, or you don’t want to or can’t afford to go shopping all the time!  Whatever your story, I would love to hear all about it.  You can either comment or email me directly by clicking the CONTACT link on the left toolbar if you don’t want to share with everyone.  I am always looking for ways to improve my style game, and would love to help you with yours too…

I look forward to hearing your fashion story to see if I can help you be fashionable with the clothes you have and up your style game!