Chunky and Comfy


“The secret to great style is to feel good in what you wear!”


I am always looking for new ways to express my style, so when I see someone wearing something I like, or I see something in a magazine, it immediately makes me think “could I wear that”…


I have found that while I like to explore lots of different styles and outfit combinations, not everything works for ME…and I don’t care who you are, there is always that is just going to look better on someone else.


The boots that I am wearing in this post are a pair that I saw a friend wearing and I fell in love with them – so I tried them and found that I like them too.  I find business or more dressy styles easier for me to express myself, so finding something that is perfect to add to my casual wardrobe, I’m all over it.  I grew up in England in the 80’s and Dr Marten’s were huge with “skin heads” and “mods” but they were never something I had liked myself.  I preferred more feminine styles, and I feel like Dr Marten’s got this style right!  They added a touch of femininity to target a whole different consumer – and I definitely fall into that new category of consumer.  Even though they are still chunky, I feel like the heel makes them more my style, yet they are still practical.


The Black distressed jeans are one of my favorite pair, mainly because the fabric is so soft, and they work with so many different outfit combinations.  The Blue sweater I found at H&M and just fell in love with the color…


I believe that even when I dress casually I like to keep that femininity in my outfits, and there are lots of ways to achieve that.  You can add a soft sweater (similar to this one), you could add a touch of lace, wear a soft brimmed had or cozy beanie, even just wearing feminine colors works too…such as dusky rose, or cream (which I think is more feminine than White even).


This fall and winter one of my goals is to expand my casual wardrobe and create some easy “go to” outfits that I can use when I just need to rip and run.  If you’re a working mum or just a busy professional, you know that sometimes the weekends can seem more busy than during the week and you just need to hurry and grab something quickly to wear…Wearing a hat or beanie can be a great way to save even more time if it’s not the day to wash your hair. During the week when I have appointments or I am dressing more professionally, I tend to style my hair differently than I do at the weekends.  Next week I am going to highlight some current quick and easy “up do’s” that I use when I am in a hurry for weekdays and also how I wear my hair on weekends.


When you are choosing your casual outfits, what is something that you won’t sacrifice?  Femininity is important to me…but I also like to choose styles that can be a little edgy by adding some leather and studs…

Autumn & Winter Bucket List

“Fall is like nature’s Grand Finale for the year – the time when everything bursts it’s last beauty!”

Fall is the time for enjoying the outdoors without having to wear thermals, and sometimes in the afternoon we can enjoy not even wearing a jacket!  I love days where I get enjoy lightweight clothes and just add the extra layer of a jacket or cardigan in the morning.  It gives me the opportunity to really enjoy the beautiful days and not have to worry about not going outside (that’s going to be here all too quickly!)

Now that Halloween is over, the end of the year is drawing closer and our time in 2017 is becoming shorter and shorter!  It always freaks me out when we get to this time of year because it’s kind of a mad dash to planning Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as deciding what things we had resolved to do this year but they are still on the “to do” list!

With that in mind, I thought I would talk about some great things to do in the Autumn and Winter…because once you say them out loud, it means you have to do them, right?!

We don’t all have the same interests, but here are some things high on my bucket list:

  1.  Rake leaves with the kids and join in as they jump into the piles and spread the leaves all over the yard again.  I’m not big on this kind of stuff, but I am working on not being so serious all the time, I think this would shock the boys and make them laugh, which is the ultimate goal!
  2. Purge things I don’t wear anymore from my closet and organize what I am keeping.  I didn’t realize how many pairs of shoes I bought in England and when I went to Arizona recently until I tried to put them away…
  3. As a second piece to number 2, I would like to find someone that could REALLY benefit from my recycled clothes – I know Goodwill is easy to donate to, but I find it means more if you know someone that could really use them 🙂
  4. Plan a service project with my kids so as the holiday season comes around they are not focused 100% on themselves.  We have done this in years past and taking the boys to deliver gifts or do service for those in need certainly helps put things in perspective (even for them).
  5. Working full time it has sometimes been hard for me to plan meals and sometimes, unfortunately, our dinners consist of take out or quick fix meals.  I try to eat as healthy as possible and help my kids to do the same, so planning a weekly meal schedule with dinner ideas and shopping around that has been a goal of mine for a long time (I feel like the cooler weather will be a good time to start because I prefer staying in evenings when it’s cooler).
  6. This is one more for winter, but I have always wanted to take my kids to an outdoor ice skating rink and we’ve never done it.  This year is going to be the year!  Whenever I see a movie on TV and they are skating in Central Park, New York, it always looks so amazing…I’m sure it’s not cold at all, right?!

I know not all of these activities fall into a typical “bucket list” category, but I know whenever I accomplish something I have been meaning to do for a long time it always makes me feel less stressed – which is a constant goal of mine!

Being a Mum and Working or even if you’re a stay at home Mum (which is probably the hardest job of all), can be very taxing, so I always believe in taking care of yourself too!  Even if it is something simple like taking a bath, reading a book, watching your favorite movie or TV show, taking that time to recharge is so necessary.  It is easier to feel a sense of accomplishment when you take time to contemplate yourself and how amazing you are.  Give yourselves a virtual pat on the back and make a goal to enjoy this fall and winter – what’s on your bucket list?!

3 Ways of Becoming More Stylish Without Changing Your Outfit


“Style!  All who have it share one thing…originality.”

When it comes to style, almost every bit of advice you’ll ever find has to do with the type of outfit you should wear, or the sort of lipstick or foundation you should buy, or maybe the best accessories to really set off your look. You might even read something about how the right button extender is the key to style in 2017, and how it can make your clothes fit more comfortably!


While all of those things are obviously important, there are also a few things you can do to look more stylish which involve none of the conventional tips.


Intrigued? Check out the following tips…


Improve your posture


Have you ever noticed that catwalk models seem to be effortlessly stylish, almost regardless of what they’re wearing? Watch a runway show, and it’s all but guaranteed that you’ll see at least one outfit that you won’t like the look of, but still think that the model wearing it has a natural aura of style.


A big part of that sense of natural style is simply having good, confident posture. As humans we communicate a lot through our body language, and we naturally associate upright, confident posture with passionate, attractive people.


If you find that you have a tendency to slouch or round your shoulders, make a point of consciously working to improve your posture. Straighten up your back, push your chest out a bit, and meet the world head on.


Yoga and Pilates classes can also work wonders for correcting poor posture and helping you to maintain a stylish stance.


Cultivate a laid back attitude

”Cool” isn’t just a word for fashionable, it’s also a description for someone exceptionally chilled out and easygoing. It’s no accident that we, as a society, have absorbed the idea that laid back people are also fashionable and stylish. A huge part of how we perceive style has to do with the kind of subconscious signals it sends about someone’s personality and place in society.


Do you think that Marilyn Monroe would have become a style and sex symbol if she gave off the impression of being anxious and jittery? A major part of her secret was in the fact that she seemed calm, confident, and collected in every situation.


Have you ever had a dress that was so loud and sexy that you just didn’t feel confident enough to wear out, but that you still loved too much to let go? The simple truth is that the more relaxed and comfortable you seem to be, the better you’ll pull off any outfit.


Anything you can do to relax yourself and take life in your stride will make you seem effortlessly more stylish.


Get more sleep

Sleep is far more important, for far more reasons, than many people give it credit. By getting more sleep you improve your mood, you improve circulation and maintain a more youthful overall appearance — especially in the face. You also benefit from a healthy hormone balance, which keeps you calm, collected, and more likely to feel your best.


It’s almost possible to spot the people who get enough sleep on a regular basis by the glow they seem to give off. As much as possible, you want to be one of those people rather than one of the permanently sleep deprived.


Finding Joy Around You

“The secret to having it all is knowing you already do!”

The world seems to be seeking immediate gratification in everything,  what with all the social media it’s become almost impossible to live in the moment, and most importantly to live a “real” life.

I’m sure you’ve all seen those people that live amazing lives on social media, always seem to be happy and smiling and doing amazing things all the time.  It certainly would appear that their lives are the best ever, when in reality the real lives are not anything to write home about because they are just living to post.  Of course this isn’t true of everyone that you see, but beware to not get sucked into comparing yourself or your lives because you most certainly will fall short.

So how do we find what we see around us and just love our lives?  When I was younger I don’t think I really appreciated the beauty that was around me…I definitely missed out on a lot of things that I don’t allow myself to miss out on now!  Fall is an amazing time to start yourself on a journey of finding beauty all around, because of the colors and often beautiful sunshine.

Even if fall is not your favorite season, or you are  fair-weathered person, just like I am, there is still plenty to appreciate and enjoy.

This Fall break we are spending time with the boys up in Midway, Utah, and there aren’t many better places for enjoying the scenery and peace and quiet.  Even just driving up the Canyon on the way here, we have seen so many amazing colors, we played golf on Thursday, went on a Sleepy Hollow Haunted Wagon ride, and then Friday morning the wind blew so much that it brought snow in…
Now, I’m not a huge fan of really cold weather, but the boys and I went out for lunch, did a little shopping to buy some movies, and then came back to our house and made dinner in front of the fire so we could watch the movies.

Appreciation of what is around is the ONLY way we will get through this life as happy, fulfilled people. Enjoying the snow and the beauty it brings is a little harder for me, but it did give me the chance to sit by the fire with the boys and spend some great family time.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to see beauty around you when you have hard things going on in your life, but I have noticed that whenever I can change my focus to those things that cause me to feel gratitude, or to help me to enjoy my life more, I definitely feel better about things.  Nature and the beauty of the world is a great place to start, but I always like to find beauty in people too…not always an easy feat, because I have found that as I get older there are some people that are just not nice, but I notice that if I try to find at least ONE thing that someone does that is nice, a talent they have, or that they dress nice, it helps me to not focus on negative thoughts or feelings.

This weekend didn’t start off as good as I would have liked, I got up really early to watch Manchester United play soccer, and they lost…but, here’s where I know I am learning to find joy in the journey, I realize that it’s just one game and that it means they will re-evaluate and come out better than ever (ok, so I have no control over what they do, but I can think good thoughts because it makes me feel better 🙂 )

I hope you find beauty around you this weekend…

Pick the Shoes First

“The strongest people are not those that show strength around us, but those that win battles none of us know anything about!”

How many of you out there build your outfit around a pair of shoes?  If you’re anything like me approx. 75% of the time the outfit I wear starts with me deciding which of my shoes or boots I want to wear…

As you can imagine, building an outfit around a pair of shoes kind of requires that the shoes are very often unique or at least make a statement (just like the ones in this post). I have always enjoyed finding shoes that are different, funky, unique and most importantly, when I travel I like to buy shoes because very often I won’t see other people wearing them.

So how do you build an outfit around a pair of shoes or boots?  A lot of what I do is based on my personal preferences, so it definitely could be different for you, but here are 5 guidelines I follow:

  1. The shoes or boots that I pick is always dependent on what I will be doing that day.  I don’t wear stiletto pumps if I know I will be doing a lot of walking, especially if that walking will be on uneven ground.  Conversely, I don’t wear clumpy boots if I know I will be meeting with clients or I want to look a little more polished.
  2. Once I have picked out the style of type of shoes or boots I want to wear, I decide the entire “look” I’m going for.  For example, do I want casual, formal or just every day wear…because a lot of shoes or boots are versatile enough that they can cross function.
  3. I check the weather, and determine if I need tights, a sweater or pants and build from there.  A pair of shoes and boots that is not really bold can be made that way by adding a pair of funky tights or by wearing boots over a pair of bright and colorful leggings or skinny jeans.
  4. I make sure that the clothes I pick out match the “style” of the shoes.  It really stands out, and not in a good way, if you wear a pair of shoes or boots that are not feminine or they are clumpy, but you are wearing a lace or silky dress.
  5. I finish off the whole look by adding a jacket, cardigan, or accessory that will tie in the whole look.  In the summer the cherry on top of my outfit very often comes from jewelry, or even hair accessories, whereas in cooler months I use jackets, coats, layers, or scarves to achieve the look I am going for.



If you are not someone that loves shoes as much as I do, that’s fine, you definitely don’t have to build your whole outfit around a pair of shoes, but it is definitely important to make sure that you are wearing the “right” shoes.  One of my pet peeves is when I see an amazing outfit on someone, and they have not paid close enough attention to finishing off the outfit with the shoes.  They may be the wrong style, scuffed, or even worse, just dirty.  If you take the time to put together an amazing outfit, the shoes should be part of that, not an afterthought as you walk out the door.

I have to admit, all my boys have been trained from a very young age that shoes are very important, and I would hate to have to go and count how many pairs of shoes they each have, because then I would have to confess that I may have created a family of shoe-a-holics LOL!

Fall is a great time to add some amazing boots, booties and casual sneakers to your closet, so enjoy the cooler weather and find your own unique way to express your style!

Here are some of my top Fall shoe picks (click the links below)…


The Key to Wearing a Leather Skirt

“The enemy is fear.  We think it’s hate, but it’s fear!”

What immediately comes to mind when you think about wearing Leather?  I think it always used to be associated with bikers, and perhaps an outfit for wearing to a club at night.  I’ve never really liked being pigeon-holed, or told what I should and shouldn’t do when it comes to fashion…so I say, gone are the days when wearing Leather is no longer versatile.  In fact, I think Leather (or faux Leather) can be worn and look professional in a business environment, look classy with a nice blouse or lace top, and it can even be used to add a little “edge” to a normally conservative outfit.

Today, the focus is on the versatility of wearing a Leather skirt.  I fell in love with this skirt while I was shopping on my recent trip to England.  I was in Manchester and exploring what was in the Zara store and I came across this Olive Green skirt.  With Zara being one of my favorite stores, it stands to reason that I would love just about everything they had in there, but this skirt definitely caught my eye.

Leather skirts can cost a little more, but now with the quality of faux Leather as it is, you really can get away with looking as good (if not better) when you’re wearing faux Leather – let me explain.  While Leather is absolutely one of the most durable and long-lasting materials you can buy, there are definitely some drawbacks and the main one that I see is the lack of “give”.  Leather is not known for it’s stretch, and that is where faux Leather comes in.  Buying a faux Leather skirt is better if you’re looking for a more fitted look, and one that will move with you.  The skirt in this post is faux Leather and I love how it fits me really well, it allows me to walk and sit freely, and finally it also costs a lot less.  Not that I am opposed to buying Leather clothing (I definitely own some skirts, and jackets), but sometimes, especially with new trends and colors, it is safer to go the faux Leather way.

The outfit I put together is one that could be worn in a professional environment, for a date, as casual wear, or pretty much any reason you could find – and that is what I love about it.  The blouse brings a certain level of femininity and the chignon in my hair accentuates that look too, while the mules with their unique heel bring a little “funk” to the whole look.

Fall and winter are the perfect time to wear Leather – It can be a very hot fabric so it’s a little harder to wear on hot summer days, so the cooler months are just right.

Here are a few other ways you could wear a Leather skirt, because let’s face it, we don’t all want to dress the same way 😉

  1. Wear a mid length skirt with a loose sweater and booties
  2. Wear a knee length skirt with some funky tights and a blazer.
  3. Wear a skater skirt with some over the knee boots, a fitted sweater and a velvet jacket.
  4. Try a pleated skirt to mix things up a little, and wear it with a blouse or fitted sweater.
  5. Wear an A-line midi skirt with some stiletto pumps and a fitted top.


If you are looking to add a Leather skirt to your fall or winter wardrobe, you can shop some of my top picks below…




Confessions of a Styleaholic


“The ultimate definition of bravery is not being afraid to be yourself!”

Have you ever noticed that one person who is so consumed with how they look that they never dress down?  Someone that could take hours and hours to get ready in the morning…or someone who has to make sure they are wearing makeup and their hair is done even if they are going to workout?

Here’s my confession…I have always been concerned about how I look that no matter what I am doing I always make sure I am dressed appropriately – even down to making sure I had the “cutest” golf outfit for our Annual work golf tournament even though I probably only make it to play golf once or twice a year…

Now, I don’t consider this as a problem unless it interferes with your wellbeing, or of those around you! It has never really taken me a long time to get ready – in fact I had a flight to catch last week and set my alarm for 6:30PM instead of AM – for some reason I woke up at 6:55AM and managed to make it out my front door ready to go by 7:08AM and I was through security by 7:30AM – but, there have been times when I have caused myself undue stress by over-thinking what I would wear for certain events or on certain days, so much so that I have not enjoyed things like I might had this not happened.


So, without changing who I am (because I am ALWAYS going to take care in dressing nicely), I have rethought how much pressure I put on myself.  Before I moved over the the US I hardly ever wore jeans, and I typically wore dress pants, skirt or a dress most days.  I have learned over the years to incorporate some more casual, non high maintenance outfits into my style repertoire.  In fact, I’ll admit that there are some days where wearing jeans is something I crave to do.  I love weekends where I can dress up a pair of jeans or dress them down depending on what I am doing.  I allow myself some days where I don’t have to plan ahead the night before what I am wearing, and I reserve this for days when I know I have more time in the morning or those days when I don’t have to be somewhere special.  Weekends are perfect for not over-thinking what I am wearing, and I take those days to relax more and not put pressure on myself.

I am a styleaholic – and I am kind of proud of it.  I love fashion, always have and always will.  I love taking
something to wear and making it my own by adding some unique accessories, pairing it with something unexpected (like mixing colors that not everyone is doing) or adding a funky pair of shoes.  I have realized that not everyone enjoys style and fashion as much as I do, and that’s OK.  We are all unique individuals and we don’t ever want to change that, so how can someone that is not interested in style or fashion change up their look?

Here are a few easy to follow steps to help you in your own fashion story:

  1. Identify your body type – figure out if you are pear shaped, round, apple shaped etc.  Once you know this, you can then determine the styles that will work for you:  Pear shapes look better when they wear things that aren’t fitted around the legs and butt.  In short – don’t accentuate areas where you are largest, find styles that balance your body.
  2. It seems like the easiest thing to do would be copy what someone else is wearing – but that is not always going to work.  You can certainly use someone else’s style and outfit as a guideline, but don’t try to duplicate it identically.  Everyone’s body type is different, so stick to styles that work for your body type.
  3. Pick out one thing in each outfit that is a statement piece – it can be a necklace, scarf, pair of shoes, skirt, dress, pants, blouse, jacket etc.  Whatever that item is, you can build around it – if you have a statement necklace or scarf, wearing a plain dress is a really simple way to put together an outfit that can work for any body type.  It could be a fitted dress, A-line, shift dress, or empire waist dress it doesn’t matter – the key is you have added something that will make your outfit stand out and be noticed.
  4. Make sure that your shoes are looking nice – they don’t have to be fancy, but always make sure that they are polished and well taken care of, otherwise you are going to draw attention to that and people will notice the wrong thing about you.
  5. Casual looks are just as important – wearing jeans doesn’t have to mean that you are not caring about how you look.  Even distressed jeans can look amazing and classy – especially if you wear them with the right things!  This amazing cross body bag with the tribal strap is a statement all in itself, but by adding a funky jacket and some awesome booties…the whole look is exactly what I was going for!
  6. Finally, make sure that your hair and makeup match your style…don’t wear too heavy makeup during the day if you are going for a more business like look!  While smoky eyes look amazing, there is a time and a place for that kind of look!

The final, most important piece of looking like you know style is having the confidence to rock your own style…wear it with pride, own it, flaunt it and feel good about yourself.  Remember – behind every strong woman is an amazing story!

For those of you who have been waiting…here are the shopping links to this outfit (for the cross body bag with the tribal strap – click here)


Styling your Booties



“Be the energy you want to attract!”


One of my favorite things about Fall and cooler weather is the fact that I have the opportunity to wear boots and booties because I don’t want to expose my toes to the cooler temperatures.  There are many, many styles – some that are more appropriate for a casual outfit, but I am in love with finding styles of boots that I am able to wear with dresses or skirts, and even more specifically, ones that can be really dressed them up so I can wear them for business.

One of the easiest outfits to put together is one that is just a simple shift dress with a pair of booties or boots.  You can really funk up the look by choosing a pair of statement boots, or adding a really colorful or contrasting pair of tights. The look in today’s post features a dress I bought while I was in England at an outlet Mall called Cheshire Oaks and it is made by Warehouse.  The booties are also a purchase from England that were truly a bargain (and who doesn’t love to find a bargain)?

This dress with the pleated ruffles is definitely unique, and the long sleeves were perfect for the cloudy, cooler day when I had this shoot.  I am someone that is cold a lot of the time, so I have to make sure that when I am choosing an outfit I have thought of every eventuality.  I have to make sure that it is going to keep me warm most of the day, or I bring along a sweater or jacket as added insurance.


I have picked out some similar styles to those I am wearing in this post below, and some of them are top of my “must have” list for Fall 2017.

What is your favorite thing about Fall?  I drove through the Canyon up to Park City this weekend and the amazing color explosion that I saw was truly amazing.  Fall is such a great time to really appreciate this amazing world we live in and enjoy what art nature shows us…

As I am looking at the weather for this upcoming week and seeing that it is on the cold side, I am contemplating more ways I can wear some of my new favorite clothes and boots…stay tuned for more Fall looks as the week goes on!


What Works for You?

“You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind!”

There are always going to be colors that we are drawn to, and that draw can come from our past experiences, what we liked as a kid, or because they remind you of something.  We hear a lot about what colors mean, what effect they can create and how some are more “power” colors for those days when you need a little boost.

With all the variations of colors in the stores, there are so many for us to choose from.  We can use our natural skin tone, our hair, our style and our confidence to determine which colors are the most in tune with our personality and style.  I have always believed that we should never be afraid to try new things, colors and styles, but we also have to be aware that not all of them are going to work for us all the time. For example, Red is my absolute favorite color.  It’s a power color, it makes me feel confident, classy, sexy, sophisticated, feminine and the list goes on…but there are some shades of Red that work better with my complexion and my hair – and this can change when I have a tan or if I am wearing tights on a cold winter day.

I know it sounds like a lot to think about, but I promise if you follow some simple rules of thumb it will help you out on those days where you’re not sure what you feel like wearing or you don’t have the energy to think about how you want to present yourself (yes, we all have those days!)

Here are some simple things you can use to help you be guided toward using current trends, colors and styles and adapt them into creating your own unique style:

  1. You don’t need to know everything about fashion to look your best – some styles are just not going to work for you…pay attention to colors you see people wearing, colors in stores and in magazines.  Most colors have hues that can be adapted to suit your complexion and hair color, so if you are drawn to a color and it’s not typically “your color” it doesn’t mean that you can’t find something similar that would work for you!
  2. Fall and Winter are great times to add color by using accessories such as scarves, tights, shoes/boots and hats…I love to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit – it still attracts attention but it does it in such a way that it’s not screaming for attention.  If you are not someone that likes to wear bright or bold colors, then don’t try to move away from what is comfortable for you too quickly, just try using accessories and see if it makes you more comfortable.
  3. The key is finding YOUR STYLE…it is really important to remember that just because you see someone else wearing something, or you know it’s the “in” color or style, doesn’t mean you should do the same.  We are all unique individuals on the inside, we all look different, so why should what we wear be the same as anyone else?

There really is no reason why you should feel like you have to conform or “fit in”…even in business, where styles typically tend to be a little more conservative, you can still find styles and colors that will express who you are.

Wearing leather for work has not traditionally been something people do, but I love leather and by wearing it with a nice blouse, and some stiletto pumps, I have created many outfits that are unique and yet still appropriate.  I have always liked to walk to the beat of my own drum, I don’t like to be predictable, I like to stand out and I like to be different…because of this, I am always looking for ways to adapt current styles to fit my personality because that is what makes me feel the most confident and happy.

Have a happy weekend, and if you are out shopping for some new Fall trends and colors, have fun!

Adding A Little Mystery To Your Look



“She loved mysteries so much that she became one!”

As a woman it’s easy to get tired of wearing yourself on your sleeve. Nobody wants to look simple, easy, or boring. The mysterious look can make you feel a lot more sexy, confident, and fun. Perfect for attracting a little curiosity and inviting some new encounters. Here are a few ways you can instantly mystify those you encounter and look like the interesting lady you are.


Keep it classy

A little class is underrated in a big way. So many women are intent on making a statement in what they wear, that sometimes it’s important to realize that fashion can conceal as well as reveal. You don’t have to be exuberant, and following the French model of ladies’ fashion can be a great way to see that in full effect. There’s no need for high-heels, push-up bras, ostentatious logo displays, or heavy makeup.


The right do

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little flourish. You can avoid all the usual signs of screaming for attention, which will actually attract people to want to find out more about you  The expression “less is more” immediately comes to mind.  Your hair can be one of the best tools to do that. Curly hair extensions can be a great way to immediately change your profile. Whether it’s providing just the right of cover for your features, which actually invites curiosity or adds a dazzling change to your silhouette from behind. Well maintained curls look sexy and powerful, and people can’t help but have their eye drawn to them.



Inviting curiosity

The same can be done with the right pair of shades. The appeal of the unknown is very real. Even if you’re dressing casually, a good pair of shades can add that. Dressing to your body shape is very good at highlighting what you like best about yourself.  Don’t feel like you have to show everything.


The piece that tells the story

A lot of women rely on logos, graphics, and blatant signs to tell a story. But the truth is that accessories, just like sunglasses, can do it just as well if not better. Find your trademark accessory piece, something that sticks out just enough from the outfit to catch the eye.



Confidence, not cockiness

This is something that many women get wrong when trying to go for the mysterious look. You can be collected, confident, and charming without being aloof or rude. The latter doesn’t make people curious, it makes people not want to be around you. The difference is all in the smile. Take care of your smile, show it often, and draw a little attention to it by adding a little color to your cheeks exfoliating your lips.

An air of mystery can ooze just the right mix of class and appeal the next time you go out or help you better present the person you feel like you are. If anything, it can be fun to enjoy a little more attention and intrigue from time to time.

And remember…Classy is when a Woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it!