Choose Joy

When you choose joy you feel good, & when you feel good, you do good.  When you do good it reminds others what joy feels like & it just might inspire them to do the same!

I have to admit I am enjoying this Christmas season much more than I have in the past, and I know it is because I don’t have a lot of the work stresses that I used to have before I changed my career!  I have found that I am able to focus so much more on the joy of this time of year rather than feeling so frantic and rushed.

I have had the time this year to be even more thoughtful and creative with the gifts I give (because giving gifts to those I love is one of my favorite things to do).  I think it means so much more to give a well thought out gift.  Because I have experienced so much less hustle and bustle I have been able to feel the spirit of the season and feel amazing gratitude for all that I have.  Do you ever feel so busy that you don’t take the time to appreciate what is right in front of you?  I have definitely been guilty of that throughout my life, but there’s something about getting older that makes you appreciate what you have and who is in your life so much more.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to ponder our blessings and more than that, to show appreciation to those we love for what they do for us.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like my kids don’t get what they want for pretty much the entire year, but at Christmas, there seems to be so much more wonder and love.  

I love that my childhood years were spent in England celebrating Christmas with Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, and that we managed to stretch it out over 2 full days (of course with the added Boxing Day).  I remember one year we played a game with my family that required us to play a cassette tape, listen to the first few notes, the beat or just the lyrics and try to figure out what the name of the song was.  It believe it was called “Name that tune”.  It had us rolling on the floor laughing by the end, because as you can imagine playing with 3 generations of people, the musical tastes are so different.  I don’t remember who won, and it really doesn’t matter, what was fun was that we were connecting, laughing, and loving each others’ company!

As I am much older now I realize that those memories are something that I can draw on when things seem dark and dreary.  In fact, it has made me even more determined to create amazing memories for our kids.  I hope that they will one day feel the same way I do about my childhood, and share great memories with their own kids.

As you can tell by my picture today, I am having fun & feeling joy.  I have found that when I don’t get so caught up in being something for someone else and just have fun being me…that’s when I am the happiest.  Maybe you could try this as a Christmas gift to yourself 😉

I hope that some of my silliness and joy rubs off to you so that you can have a fabulous Christmas and Holiday Season.

Snow Days

In the depth of winter I found that there was in me an invincible summer!

I had visited Utah many times when I was younger, visiting family and eventually when I came over to go to school here.  Whenever I returned to England I always missed the mountains and their beauty.  It was a strange feeling to miss a place and feel so at home in a place that I had never lived.

It’s been over 20 years since I moved here now and even though I miss England I still consider Utah my home…I love summers especially and I do love the beauty of the snow.  I am not a huge fan of cold weather, there is no denying the beauty of the sunshine against the beautiful white mountains and blue skies.  

This weekend I am spending time with my youngest 2 boys up in Midway (a small town about 45 minutes outside of Salt Lake City), and as you can see the snow is bringing real beauty here. I took a moment to snap a few pictures of me playing with the snow and acting silly and I have to admit, it felt really good.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day lives, and I know that I have a tendency to be a little too serious sometimes.  So I have to admit, when I allow myself to let it go and I am not the “fun sponge” like my kids have been known to call me, I actually have been known to have a little fun (even when I’m cold).

Don’t be surprised if you actually find some posts and pictures of me over the next few months in full winter gear, sledding and skiing.  I promised Brandon and the boys that I would do a little of each.  In fact, between Christmas and New Year we will be going to our family cabin in Star Valley Wyoming and pretty much all we will be doing is hibernating and a few winter activities.

When it’s a beautiful, sunny winter day, it’s the perfect time to add a little fur to your wardrobe and have fun with it.  I am wearing a cute black fur vest, I added a plum colored beanie and my great Sorel winter/rain booties.  Throw on a pair of faux leather leggings, and cozy winter sweater, your favorite sunnies and voila…the perfect winter look!
You can shop my look and some similar looks by clicking the links below…

Boost your Confidence – Wear Fur


“She always stood out from the crowd so she decided to embrace it and just be exactly who she was!”


I don’t own a “real” fur, but I have to admit I have quite a few fur coats, jackets and then some with fur accents like the Leather one in this post.  I love it because no matter what I am wearing, when I add fur it just elevates the whole look and makes me look and feel classy (not to mention the fact that it also keeps me warm).

Wearing fur can be a little intimidating for a lot of people, because it’s definitely one of those things that really makes you stand out.  In today’s post I am showing just a few of the fur coats and a jacket with fur detail so you can see the many ways to wear it.  I do realize that not everyone is going to want to wear things exactly like I like, so as well as posting links to shop the coats I am wearing, I have also included some links that are not quite so bold (see the bottom of the page).



Over this Thanksgiving weekend I was speaking with Dalton, my oldest son, and asking what he wanted for Christmas.  He said that he pretty much just wanted cologne, shoes and clothes.  Right after he had finished telling me, he paused and said “I don’t want all STYLEQUEENIE clothes though!”  When I asked him what he meant he said that he’s OK with some things that are flashy but he didn’t want me to buy everything according to what I like, which apparently he thinks is too “flashy”.  I had a choice, to get offended or just take it for what it is and realize that not everyone is going to like the same things as me, and just move on.  I chose to move on and take it as a compliment – I like being flashy, I like to stand out – there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m just being ME.  It’s also OK that he doesn’t want to do that…it’s OK that he is who he is supposed to be as well.

I have always encouraged my kids to be themselves and express themselves how they want to in their style – but this also means that I sometimes have to take them out wherever we are going looking a little less put together than I would like.  The good news is that now they are all a little older, there are very few times that they are not presentable, and they feel validated.  They feel like they are free to be themselves! This was a lesson I was taught by my dad.  I have always enjoyed dressing differently than others, and as I was growing up, my dad always told me “if you look good, feel good and it makes you happy, then you shouldn’t worry about how others view you.”  I 100% agree with that statement and it has definitely guided me many times in my life – especially the part about not worrying what others think.  I have found that when I like the way I look and I don’t judge myself, then that also is how others see me and there is no way that their view can negatively impact me.

So does fur make you flashy?  Well, it can, it just depends on how you wear it, and how much confidence you have in yourself.  There is one thing for sure though, it is definitely going to get cold and fur can keep you warm.

Why not add a little fur into your life – and increase your wow factor?

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I’ve got that Luxurious Feeling


“If you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be!”


Have you ever noticed that there are certain fabrics that make you feel that you are wearing luxury, emanating class and they just make you feel a little more confident.  It may sound weird but I have definitely noticed when I wear certain things I seem to walk with a little more pep in my step!

In today’s post I am wearing one of my favorite fall/winter cardigans with a fur overlay that can be removed.  It is one that I bought last year when I was back in England from French Connection, but don’t fear there are plenty of other fur options out there to buy (I’ve linked some of my top picks below).

I did a little research because I wanted to find out if I was overthinking this whole fabric thing, and here’s what I found:

Throughout history there have been certain fabrics that have long been worn by royalty and by only those with money.  Times have definitely changed now with the introduction of faux fur, silk being used not only by designers now, and wool which was traditionally a very expensive fabric is now mass produced so that it can be made available to everyone.



These luxurious fabrics were worn because it made the rich and royals feel confident, unique and very often superior.  Not that I think we should ever want to dress to be superior to another human being, I do think that anything that can give you a little confidence and feel unique is a good thing.

I absolutely love wearing faux fur because in all of it’s many forms, mainly because of the sass it can add to any outfit, but there are definitely other fabrics that can add that air of uniqueness to your wardrobe, such as:

Velvet – perfect to wear for fall and winter.  It works well by itself or with a contrasting fabric such as denim or leather.

Satin – definitely one of the more sexy types of fabrics.  Looking to add a little glamour to your look, satin is your friend.

Chiffon – a very delicate and feminine fabric.  It’s elegance can create the most amazing ballgowns that you will see on the red carpet.  If you’re looking to really pull no punches, this is a fabric you won’t want to overlook.

Tulle – who wouldn’t love to add a tutu to their wardrobe.  Seriously though, there are so many fun things you can create with tulle- I have a  long length skirt that is so fun and I wore for an award banquet.  It definitely stood out from the crowd (which is always what you want when you’re amongst hundreds of people 😉 )

What is the one fabric that you have worn that makes you feel amazing?  Comment below…

Whatever your personal taste and personality don’t feel that because something is popular that you have to wear it.  If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something it really doesn’t matter whether that fabric is known to make you feel sassy, confident or luxurious – ultimately it’s all about how it makes YOU feel.

As we head into the weekend, I hope you have a wonderful one.

Thanks for checking in with with  me 🙂


Styling with Fur…


“If you’re bored, you’re probably being boring!”


So as you know this is not what I’m wearing right now because I’m in Hawaii but I am running out of time to post this Fur jacket that I wore for a business appointment, because it’s been prematurely spring here in Utah.  I bought the jacket back in August and seriously counted down the days until I could wear it, and then before you know it, it’s too warm again already.

Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely OK with it being warm because I have never been a fan of Winter cold, but I do LOVE the opportunity to wear different styles, and they layering…what’s not to love!

I think this jacket really transforms a traditional business style, and adds some sophistication and class (although I have heard that if you have to say you’re classy then you probably aren’t – LOL!)  I have worn it with jeans for a more casual look, and also with a dress for a more formal event.  How would you style it?



Do you have something in your closet that you know if you add it or layer with it, makes your outfit really fun, funky and classic?  I am always on the lookout for pieces like this because they are really versatile but they also make an outfit really unique.  Finding something that you don’t see many people wearing is always a goal of mine…because, just like I talked about the other day, I really like to stand out.

The accessories are Silver to match the studs on the jacket, and I added a pop of color in the Maroon Kate Spade bag, because adding a little color is a good thing!


Time to Pull out the Fur…

“Wear your confidence like a badge of honor”


Thanksgiving is officially over, and as the end of the year draws closer, we know that colder weather is sure to follow.  One of the things I love so much about Utah is how amazing the valley and mountains look in the winter, it really is a winter wonderland (or at least I love it when I’m looking outside from a warm, cozy, fire-filled room).  Knowing that I don’t love to be cold, I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to face it no matter what, and I have bought myself some amazing coats that keep me cozy and look great!


The jacket I’m wearing in this post is one that I actually bought in August and have had it sitting, waiting to wear since then.  I have a few fur type coats and jackets but none are as unique as this one with the bead details.  You may or may not have figured this out about me by now that I love to wear at least one statement piece for each outfit, so wearing this, nothing else is really needed to make the outfit pop!  I love to find unique things and the reason I love them is because they make me stand out.  I have never been one to be OK to be part of the crowd, I have never been a shrinking violet, I kind of love the attention that wearing something bold and unique gets me!  (I’m not too proud to admit it 🙂 )


We all have ways that we like to dress, even if you feel like you don’t dress well, you have certain things that you buy, you very often put them together the same way, and what you wear will say a lot about what you think about yourself.  I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but you should always ask yourself before you dress “what do I want people to see when they look at me”?  Of course, once people know you they are going to decide what they do and don’t like about you based on your behavior and personality and not just how you look.  The question is, are you going to get that far before someone decides?


If you are looking for ways to show people your personality without having to speak, what you wear will absolutely do that.  If you are someone that likes to blend in and not be noticed, people are going to know that just as they are going to know if you are cocky or arrogant.  While I do like to stand out and be noticed, I have to be careful that I don’t overwhelm people by being too bold (at least not all the time, and certainly not for important occasions such as business appointments, interviews, church, etc).


Whoever you are, someone is going to want to know you, so even if you don’t want to be too bold, do you want to hideaway.  I have seen people that are truly beautiful both on the inside and outside, but they are too afraid to show people how amazing they really are, and I think that is such a waste.  Obviously, how you express your style is your choice, but before you make that decision, why not consider this…those people you meet are missing out by not knowing or SEEING the real you!  Something to think about!



If you are as much in love with this jacket as I am – you can shop it by clicking the link here from Mirina Collections.


May your 2017 Sparkle!


“A journey of a Thousand miles must begin with a single step!”

When I got up this morning I made a decision to make my 2017 SPARKLE!! As I was getting ready for church and choosing my outfit, I found the perfect skirt that definitely helped me make that statement.

Believing you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, be whoever you want and create the life you deserve is the first step to making 2017 outstanding.  My decision to make 2017 My Year came after much work and soul searching and it isn’t something that is just a resolution, for me it is a change in my life that is going to create the peace and happiness that my family and I deserve.

Making a choice to be happy and live an amazing life, no matter what is going on around you is not an easy one.  However, I promise that if you make that choice and do the necessary work to ensure that you are moving forward in your progression (whatever that looks like for you), you will most definitely reap the rewards.

I have always believed that I can shine, but this year, I wanted more than to shine, I really wanted to sparkle…so that is why I chose this outfit today.  It is a really cold day in Salt Lake, as you can see from the snow, so I had to wear tights and a warm coat, but you get the idea…

If you want to sparkle too, and perhaps you like these styles, you can find these and similar ones on the links below!

What would it mean to you if you could sparkle?  Would it mean that you would get the new job you want?  Would you find a new relationship?  Would you just find more success in what you are currently doing?  Whatever your 2017 holds, I hope that you will have the opportunity to sparkle too!

Happy New Year


Layering in Style

1 2


“Talking about our problems is our addiction.  Break the habit.  Talk about your joys!”

If you are not already signed up for the exclusive Newsletter you really need to do that…some of the jackets shown above were sent out earlier this week, along with some others that are exclusive to this post.

I have a lot of friends that don’t like to shop, so if you fall into that category, this should be something that is a no brainer for you.  I will pick certain categories, trends and styles and post links for where you can shop for yourself.  It is a great way to get recommendations, ideas and for you to explore some of my favorite shopping sites.  Stay tuned because there will be much more to come!

This week for me has started off really well, I have felt positive and confident, which I know has affected the outcome of a lot of business that I have done already this week.  I am a firm believer in that whatever we focus on, that is what we get.  That can be a positive outcome or sometimes, if we are focused on things we don’t want – those things can truly come to fruition.  Here’s a challenge for you (who couldn’t use some better results in their life?)  As you find yourself thinking that something is too hard, you don’t have the energy or you are afraid of something happening so you focus on thinking about it, get up, put on your favorite music, dance for about 10 minutes and then see if you still feel the same way!  My guess, and I am not just saying this because I have actually done it, you will either have forgotten your negative thoughts, feel a new found focus or will somehow manage to problem solve the “big” challenge you had.

You may or may not believe in things like this – but let me ask you this “what do you have to lose?”  – are you already so successful, happy and confident that it isn’t worth even trying?

I don’t know about you but I am going to sing and dance my butt off because it’s much better than failing or quitting.

Have a great rest of your week…

Michelle ♥

  1. White Down Jacket
  2. Camo Casual Coat
  3. Grey Faux Suede Jacket
  4. Houndstooth Down Jacket
  5. Tan Faux Fur Jacket
  6. Sequin Embellished Bomber Jacket
  7. Wine Leather Moto Jacket
  8. Pink Boucle Coat