Small Things Make a Difference

“The beauty of life is in the small details not in big events!”


We all have our own unique way of handling things in life, we do things differently, we place varying degrees of importance on some things over others, and as a result, we are all unique individuals.

Paying attention to the small things can be hard when we have goals, ambitions and life’s distractions – who knows what I’m talking about (especially if you have kids!~) . So how do we stay focused and remember the small things?

The small details in our lives may not seem significant until we start adding them up – then the accumulation is actually HUGE!

This method can be equally true when putting together an outfit – all the combined detail of an outfit are what make the outfit great.

I always try and make sure that I have at least one conversation starter, or one thing that may seem like a small detail but it is significant to me.   I typically choose shoes, but there are lots of other ways to do it as well…



In this outfit I am wearing there are a couple of things – the ribbon detail on the pants definitely got me some attention, the boots (especially for those of you that love Dr Marten’s either more recently or from the good old days) and the nail polish.  A detail like your nails is something that can definitely be a small detail that can make you feel sassy and fabulous.

Whether you’re someone that likes to be noticed or not, ask yourself this question “Do I like to feel good about myself” – if you answer yes, and I am guessing that most people will answer “yes”.  The next step is to figure out what it is that makes you feel good.  Are you a girl that absolutely loves makeup?  Do you enjoy the process of making yourself up and putting on some fabulous lipstick?  Do you find your hair to be your favorite feature?  Does it make you feel good to know that you are working out regularly?  Do you like to get your finger or toenails done regularly?  Do you like wearing a pair of shoes that is unique? Are you a bargain shopper that loves the thrill of finding a deal so that you can wear something knowing that it didn’t cost you a fortune?

Whatever it is that makes you feel good, that is something you should make sure you nurture.  Paying attention to all details in your life and appreciating those details is something that will make you feel great.

I have found that while it’s important for me to think “big picture” I definitely realize the steps that it takes me to get to my goals, and I appreciate and every single one of those steps.  And while I’m at it – I think it’s important (at least for me) to feel good as I am on the road to my goals…



Pay Attention to the Details

“The difference between mediocrity and excellence is the attention to detail!”

After just returning from a vacation staying in a cabin in Montana, river rafting, hiking and horseback riding in Glacier National Park, mountain biking and fishing at the lake, I was seriously craving dressing up and getting ready this morning.  I don’t know why but I always seem to focus so much better when I am dressed and ready to go.  I kind of have a hard time focusing on doing anything work related when I am vacationing (I guess that’s a good thing), unless something needs to be done.

I try to set aside some time to post, write, and even take pictures, but honestly, I get so busy making the memories that I forget to capture them on camera.  Anyone else have this happen to them?  Sometimes Brandon will say “let me take a picture of you, or the whole family” and that’s the first time that it occurred to me that I might actually want to be IN some of the pictures I take 😉

As I think about dressing up and dressing the part, the biggest challenge that I see people have is the lack of attention to the details.  It’s easily done, and it’s also easily forgotten.  I may be a little crazy because I notice everything about what someone else wears, I notice ALL the details, so when I am building my outfits, the jewelry, the bag, the shoes, and even the jacket or coat carry equal weight to the outfit I am wearing.  Sometimes wearing a plain dress is perfect, but it can lack a little “oomph” if you don’t add some great accessories or shoes.  One of the easiest outfits to take when you travel is a plain, versatile, wrinkle-resistant, dress or jumpsuit, then add a funky pair of shoes, a scarf, a belt, some chunky jewelry or a bright bag.



In today’s post I wanted to show the baby blue bag that I posted about a few weeks ago, because the color, the strap and the style make it completely unique and noticeable.  I didn’t try to match the shoes but picked a neutral White pump, and wore this with some versatile, comfortable and cool chambray pants.

I may or may not be a little bit of a shopper (I will deny it if you ask me), but I do know that I am always looking for some great statement pieces that I can use with multiple outfits.  I have quite a few pairs of shoes (I know, hard to believe), I have quite a few handbags (again, hard to believe) and as for my jewelry I sometimes can’t even find or remember some of the things I have.  I don’t recommend getting yourself into this situation, however, I do think it’s fun to have plenty of things to choose from when putting together an outfit.


I have always been someone that doesn’t aspire to be mediocre, but wants to strive for excellence, and that goes for my style as well as everything else in my life – so I always pay attention to the details, in every area of my life!

If you’re looking to find a great statement bag like mine, some great neutral White pumps, or some fabulous chambray pants like mine….you can click the shoppable links below!



An Edited Work Wardrobe: The Perfect Capsule Collection

“Elegance never goes out of style!”

It can be a challenge to know what to put on every weekday when you’re heading to the office for work. Keeping up with trends, while still feeling like yourself is no easy feat; which is why so many women are creating their own capsule collection and editing their work wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe will provide you with several garments, items, and accessories that can be worn together and easily incorporated with other key pieces in your closet. Therefore, finding a smart, chic, and stylish outfit for work becomes less of a chore in the morning, and you can concentrate on grabbing a coffee before your first meeting. The following are some ideas and tips for those who want a carefully curated wardrobe space when they’re getting ready for work.



Color & Patterns

A great place to start is with a neutral palette for your work wardrobe; monochrome, nudes and light shades will lend themselves to a wider variety of clothes and go together successfully. Go into store sales and see what shades suit your skin tone, so you can have a better understanding of what will not only look good paired with a black skirt or navy trousers but what will make you look as fresh as possible during your working week. If you have some staple items like skirts, trousers, a jacket, and a dress in plain, easy-to-match tones; you’ll be able to incorporate some brighter hues and lively patterned fabrics with an array of shirts, blouses, and tops.


Details & Accessories

You still want to reflect your character and style through your workwear, however formal the office dress code might be. Therefore, you could consider investing in some classic accessories that will last you throughout each season. Have a look online a see what’s available; you could buy pearl earrings for a feminine and decorative touch, or invest in a necklace that will add some subtle charm to your neckline and liven-up a plain dress. A large bag, that’s comfortable to carry is another vital addition to your work wardrobe; you’ll want something to hold your phone, files, tablet, and all your other work-related items, and something that will suit your style and blend with the rest of your wardrobe.


Shape & Silhouette

Clean lines and simple silhouettes rarely date, and they will flatter a variety of shapes and sizes. Remember that you want to feel confident and comfortable throughout each day; so save the fashion experiments for the weekend and ensure that your capsule work-wardrobe is only full of items you can grab and wear with ease. Classic shapes will also ensure that you look smart and put-together for every occasion at work and you’ll find it easier to add color and texture with your fabric choices. You’ll have enough stress to deal with during your working day, so take the pressure out of getting ready, and curate your ideal edited wardrobe; you’ll ensure that your mornings run smoothly and you look and feel great on your way to work.

Happy Wednesday, I hope your week is going well…