How to Get Motivated

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal:  It is the courage to continue that counts!”

I decided to write today’s post because it is something I dealt with this weekend and it felt fresh to me.  As a wife, mother, friend and business professional I am sure you can imagine how many things need to be accomplished on a daily basis.  I’m not complaining, it’s just busy.

Yesterday in Salt Lake was a gorgeous, hot day, and for some reason after I had made lunch I didn’t feel like doing anything else.  Dishes needed to be done, I had bought some string lights for my patio that needed putting up, I needed to clean my closet to get rid of some clothes that I didn’t wear anymore, and the list goes on.  So here’s what happened, after I had made the lunch I sat down and felt so mentally exhausted that I didn’t even pick up my phone and check social media – I started to wonder if I was coming down with something.  As I talked to Brandon I realized a few things:

  1. I feel guilty if I am not doing something.
  2. I beat myself up for being “lazy” rather than allowing myself to relax.
  3. I sometimes create things to do just so I am busy.
  4. Even when I’m not actually physically doing something I am thinking about or creating a list of the things I can do next.
  5. I don’t allow myself to take time for myself, or even if I do I feel like I have to explain or justify why even to myself!
  6. I want so badly to be the best at so many things that I end up not finishing things and spreading myself too thin.
  7. When I see other people not doing things it makes me think they are lazy because everyone should be moving, right?!
  8. I want so badly to be better every time I do something that I sometimes over-think and don’t end up taking any action.

I know this may seem like a crazy list, definitely not logical AND counter productive, but I wanted to share it with you for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, because I have found that when I put something out there, I can no longer hide from it and I have to face it.  Secondly, because I bet I am not the only one that experiences these things, and perhaps knowing that you’re not crazy and someone else has similar struggles to you can make it easier to work on.

I have found in my life that when I am open, vulnerable and not afraid to let people know about my struggles or weaknesses, I very often find that others can relate and that has helped me overcome many things.

So, when you don’t feel motivated or feel mentally exhausted, how is the best way to handle it?  Here’s what I did…I went on a bike ride to get my energy going (exercise always helps me), and then after a little discussion with my amazing coach of a husband, I realized that it’s OK to sit down and just chill for a little bit.  I allowed myself some time to just sit there with my thoughts, and not the creating a list kind of thoughts, but just appreciations, gratitude and peaceful thoughts…and here’s the most important part – I didn’t let myself feel guilty for not doing something!  I allocated a small amount of time to just be there, and then I resolved to take a small action rather than creating a huge list that was overwhelming and trying to undertake that.

There are definitely going to be days where motivation doesn’t come naturally, even if you are an over-achiever there will be days where you are just not in the right frame of mind or you feel exhausted or sick.  With that being said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still accomplish what you need to do, because motivation can be created.  If you look at athletes, I am sure every one of them has an “off day”, but whether they like it or not, they have to show up and play.  It’s also like that as a mother – you don’t get to take a day off…your kids need you, and quite honestly you need them.

I have found for me the first thing you need to create motivation is a ROUTINE – having a certain way that I do things, or just scheduling the time to do it.  I love sitting in my office because I have created an environment that I love to be in, and work just seems to flow.  My routine has me get up and get dressed – it’s that simple.  I have always admired those that have home offices and work in their PJ’s because I know that wouldn’t do it for me.  I have to be dressed and feeling/looking professional.  Whatever your routine is it just needs to start with something simple, something so easy to do that you can’t talk yourself out of it.  It could be something as simple as sitting grabbing some water before you start any task – that way, the water will lead you to think that productivity is the next natural step.

The next step is to take a physical action or become engaged – mine is leaving the house.  Going to my office and getting moving.  I noticed yesterday when I wasn’t feeling motivated my body language was very lax…I was laying on the couch, I was moving slowly and it most definitely wasn’t an action mindset or engaged mindsetGet motivated

The final step is to use the same pattern every time.  Again, your pattern is your pattern, so create something that is recognizable for you.  Use it every time you take the action…so that when you need the motivation, the actions just flow and the motivation will come because you are doing what you always do!

My routine this morning was definitely different than yesterday and I am already noticing that my motivation is back – mainly because I used my same routine, I took action and I did I like I always do!

Monday has traditionally been a hard day for motivation – I hear lots of people talking about how they hate Mondays and that it sucks to go back to work…so this Monday, why not look at it from another perspective. Why not recognize the amazing things you have in this life and feel grateful for the opportunity to be doing what you’re doing – things can change in an instant!

Happy Monday…


A Good Hair Day can just make a GOOD DAY!

“Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world!”

Have you ever noticed how different you feel when you’re having a good hair day?  I have always loved having hair long enough to be able to put it up and style it differently (even though sometimes I try to style it the same and it just doesn’t work out 😉 )

After the terrible “hair” incident I had last year when my flat iron was turned up too high and fried the front of my hair, so much so that I ended up cutting bangs which I immediately regretted and started to grow out…I have really started to pay more attention to caring for my hair.  Especially now that my hair is longer, it requires more moisturizing, more protection and more care than ever before.



Have you ever done something to your hair that you immediately regretted or just wondered what you were thinking?  About 10 years about I decided I’d had enough of longer hair and decided to cut my hair into a pixie cut…and then to color it platinum blonde.  It was definitely a noticeable, stylish hair cut, and I was in love with it for about a year, but the bleaching burned my head a couple of times and I quickly started to become bored.  It’s a good thing that my hair grows quickly because when you have a style like that it’s really hard to grow it out.

Now I try not to use a flat iron or curling iron too much and I use heat protectants to prevent another “incident” like last year.  I love to pull my hair back and experiment with new styles of wearing my hair up.  My favorite way to find these styles is of course Pinterest.  The tutorials, the pictures and the ideas never disappoint.

In today’s post my hair is in a simple chignon and this is my “go to” style whenever I need to pull my hair back quickly.  I know how to make it look great in a matter of minutes, and this is what I turn to on mornings when I don’t have as much time to get ready.  Do you have a “go to” style for your hair?

I tend to post more about dressier outfits than casual, but this look is one that I pull out quite frequently for running errands, weekend casual dress, baseball games and so on…it’s comfortable, easy and still stylish.  Don’t think that sweatpants and a T shirt can’t still be cute…the camo print and wide legged cut make these sweatpants really cute AND comfortable!

Do you have a favorite way to wear your sweat pants & T shirts?  Comment below…I would love to hear.

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Don’t let your Struggles Get you Down!

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“Feeling healthy and good about yourself is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity!”

Have you ever had one of those days where no matter what you do, for some reason you don’t feel great. There is something in the back of your mind the whole time stopping you from feeling amazing?  Well, I have those days quite often.  I am someone that is very aware of things that are going on around me, and I certainly “feel” energy – whether that energy is good or bad!

If you are in a Sales environment then you can probably relate to the high’s and low’s that come from what we do.  You feel amazing when you are doing well, and not so great when things seem to be moving in the wrong direction.  So, the question is, what can you do about that.  If you have ever been to a Sales training or any other kind of motivational training, you have heard that “The only thing you can control is yourself…” well, that is definitely true.  And it is also true that any negative thought certainly perpetuates and makes things seem worse.  The great news is that positive thoughts also have the same effect.

So what is the key?  I think the key is to figure out those things that can cause you to think positively.  For some people optimism is something that comes naturally, for others it requires a little more effort.  I have found that when I feel down, I try to remove myself from the situation that is making me feel that way – if only very briefly, just so I can recharge my battery.  It can mean something as simple as going for a walk, meeting a friend or loved one, or even exercising…I do this so I can change the way I feel AWAY from what has caused me to feel that way in the first place.

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“Negativity can only affect you if you’re on the same frequency.  Vibrate higher!”

Once you have removed yourself, and really thought about some things that create a positive reaction in your body, then it’s time to implement those to replace those negative energies in your body.  It may sound hokey, but I can attest to this…I am a very emotional person, so when things don’t feel great to me, I tend to introvert and try and figure out what it is that’s causing me to feel this way.  If I can jolt myself out of it by replacing the negative feeling with a positive action, then it’s a great start to changing my mood and overall energy.

I used to go shopping to help me feel better, it’s something that always seems to help, however, it can become expensive if you have too many times you need to do it!  Nowadays, I try to be more aware, and find positivity in other ways.

I have talked about this before, but I don’t think it can ever be said too much – there are things you can do to make you feel better about yourself.  Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.  Regardless of how anyone else sees you, how you see yourself is vital to being the best you can be.

If you are someone like me that likes to dress up, then have fun with it.  Experiment with what you already own, and then just add a few accessories, or new pieces to create your own style outfits.  If you are only trying to find things that you like and not trying to please others, I promise you will be much happier.  But beware, that doesn’t mean just because you like it it’s going to be the best thing for you to wear . You have to be open to listening to an honest friend and adjusting without being offended or sensitive about it.  Just because we can’t all wear the same outfits doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with us, it just means that we are UNIQUE.

I don’t know about you…but I am so OK with being unique 🙂

The best news of all…it’s Friday today so close out the week with some positivity to make the weekend even greater!


Wearing a Bodycon Dress

“Worry about loving yourself instead of worrying about the idea of other people loving you!”

When you think of a Bodycon dress, what does it bring to mind?  It can certainly have a lot of different connotations depending on your figure, how you see yourself and how confident you are.  The thing about a Bodycon dress is that it is designed to be fitted to your body in all the right places, but it can also mean that it can cling to those places you might not want it to.

I do believe that no matter your size, a lot of wearing a dress like this comes from having the confidence to do it.  There are always ways to minimize those areas you don’t want to draw attention to, you can also choose colors that are more flattering and you can wear a kimono or longer jacket over it to make the whole outfit “flow” more.

The dress I am wearing in this post is definitely a traditional styled Bodycon dress, it clings to every curve of my body, the color is definitely going to draw attention, and I’m not wearing a jacket over it.  All of these factors pretty much guarantee that whether you like it or not, when you wear something like this you are going have people looking and very often complimenting you.  The only thing you need to make sure you have before you go out looking like this is confidence…will you be OK having a lot of attention and can you strut your stuff?

I have been in sales for 20 years now and been the top of my industry for over half of that time, so a lot of my confidence and self-esteem can come from knowing that I am good at something.  Over the past few years I have experienced a dramatic change in my career that started with how I was treated.  As a Woman in sales, it is quite often been intimidating to Men to know that I have been better than them (not that I have tried to make them feel that way).  I realized that I have no control over what people think about me, but I do have control over what I feel about myself and nobody can take that away from me.

I think sometimes confidence can be mistaken for being vain or a little too attention seeking.  To me confidence is the ability to be who you are regardless of who is around and what they may think.  How I feel about myself is not dependent on how someone thinks of me…I am good!!  I love to dress up, I love to feel good about myself and I when I know I look good, I always feel great about myself.

What makes you feel great about yourself?  Not all of who we are is dependent on how we look, we are all complex creatures but there is usually something that makes us feel like we are the top of our game…

What’s your secret confidence building weapon?  You know, the thing that no matter what, you feel amazing about yourself no matter what anyone does or whatever situation comes your way, you can handle it?

I wonder if it could be an experiment to give a Bodycon dress a try?  How would that make you feel?  Do you want to find out if you have the confidence to walk down the street and know you look good?  I am wondering if it would be worth it to find out if it could help you have more confidence in yourself…?

What do you think?  Are you up for it?


Dare to be Bold

“It’s time to be bold about who you really are!”

In honor of Jack’s Sluggers baseball team who’s colors are Red and Black, I thought it fitting to post this amazing Red dress that I recently snagged on sale from H&M. As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many Red dresses, especially when they are really comfy, sexy and stylish all rolled into one.  People talk about LBD all the time, well, I think we should start our own LRD trend 😉

I talked last week about not being afraid to look and feel sexy…I think as Women it’s really important for us to feel that good about ourselves, because what we think about ourselves is also what others see.  This style of dress is one that looks better if you have a flatter stomach or if you buy a larger size (it is clingy and you don’t want it accentuating areas you may not want people to notice, because trust me…people do notice when you are wearing a color and style like this one).

I love finding steals and this one for sure was one of them.  I found it for $15 at H&M which is practically free, so I think I also bought it in Navy.  H&M is one of the best stores on the high street for sales – they are always rotating through their styles so you don’t have to worry about seeing everyone else in the same styles.  I also love checking out the stores in other cities when I travel because they buy different styles there too.  I am still waiting for Zara to make it to Utah, although the app will work for now 🙂

I am sure you have all heard the quote from Robert Frost, the poet:  “Freedom lies in being bold”…I absolutely believe that.  I believe that mediocrity in anything is what prevents greatness.  I think it’s important for us to not be afraid to be bold, whether that is in trying new things & venturing out of our comfort zones, or just becoming more confident in ourselves & our abilities.  Whatever that looks like to you, even if it means that you take baby steps…be a little bit bolder every day.  It’s been my mantra ever since I started this blog because I am learning to do things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.  And guess what, I do feel more free.  I feel more confident, more satisfied, and definitely more fulfilled.  We don’t know what we’re capable of until we try…

Where are your favorite places to shop?  Do you prefer store or online shopping?  I will give a review of some of my favorite online shopping stores as well as my “go to” high street stores, but I would love to hear what yours are too.

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Different Hair Styles


“Your hair is the ball gown that you never take off!”

I have had my hair many different ways, but most recently it is a little longer, and I have to admit that I am loving it, mainly because of the versatility.  Somedays I wear it down and straight, other days in a chignon or bun, then the next I add a few waves, and so on…

I have found so many different styles for up do’s that I want to try on Pinterest and I sometimes experiment with them when I have a little time in the evening before my bath 🙂

The great thing about mid length or longer hair is the ability to be able to wear it up or down depending on your mood, and especially so you don’t have to damage your hair by washing it every day.  In fact, the best way to make your hair stay up when you style it that way is when it is a little “dirty” or on it’s second day after washing.  Hairspray can damage your hair and dry it out so I have learned to use it very sparingly and I love to use some of the Argan oils that moisturize my hair when I wash it, or even in between washes.  I have one that I use prior to blowdrying and one that I put on after I have styled it.

If you have lonbger hair already or are planning on it, you probably already know that heat from dryers, curling irons and flat irons can seriously damage your hair causing it to break.  Using the moisturizing oils I mentioned above is a great way to combat that, but there are also products that are made specifically to protect against heat damage.  You can shop these products at many stores, but if you don’t want to go hunting in stores, you can also click the links that I have below.

As you head into the weekend try some new styles and get creative with your hair.  It is one asset you have that can significantly change your appearance and perception.  Wearing your hair in a bun or french pleat is a great way to look professional and polished…but then there are definitely times that you may want to show your wilder side and wear it down…

I am also a fan of shorter hair styles, the key is the find one that suits your face.  I also believe in trying new things – I have had my hair in pixie cuts bleached white, in a bob, I even tried to color it brown once (I wasn’t a fan of that)…but I can say that I tried it 🙂  I always say don’t be afraid to try a new style, because the worst that can happen is that you have to grow your hair again…

Thank goodness it’s Friday…have a great weekend!



It’s Definitely Spring

“You can complain that roses have thorns, or rejoice that thorns have roses!”

As I was growing up Spring always reminded me of the Disney song from Bambi “Drip, drip, drop little April showers”…because it always seemed to be raining.  Of course a lot of that was because of where I lived, but it was also because Spring is a time when as the seasons change, rain passes through to make sure that the tulips and other spring flowers are watered enough.

It’s hard sometimes to see that rain is not just there to inconvenience us, but more that every thing that happens, happens for us not to us!  I love this phrase that I learned from the amazing Tony Robbins because I have been known to get a little down when things are not going my way…which if I were to be completely honest could be a lot of the time.  One that thing I really work on is to focus on the things I am grateful for, rather than noticing the things that drive me crazy or frustrate me.  I figure if there is ever a time to put that to the test, it is Spring, because this season that holds such great hope also brings with it frustration.  Just when you think that the sunshine is here to stay, the next day is freezing and you are back to wearing winter coats or raincoats.

Today’s post shows that being cold is not something to be frustrated about.  You can put a smile on your face, and realize that if its cold or rainy, there is a greater purpose for that and you can still find joy in the journey!

The coat in this post is one that I picked up on a trip to Venice, but you can find a similar one along with the pants and pumps by clicking a link below…


Satin and Lace

“I am not a difficult Woman at all, I am simply a strong Woman and know my worth!”

Sundays mean something different for everyone, but for me it means a variety of things!

  • Firstly, it means I can fill my soul with peace at church
  • Secondly, I get to spend time with my family (even though sometimes that can be challenging by itself because I have a house full of all boys and if you thought only girls brought drama, you would be completely wrong 😉
  • Finally it gives me the opportunity to spend some time relaxing and getting prepared for what lies ahead this week!

Putting together the Sunday best outfit for today’s post I combined different textures to add dimension, and the combination of satin, velvet and lace adds an air of sophistication and class.

I always feel so confident and attractive when I embrace my feminine side and this outfit certainly helped me to feel that!  I love any day that I am wearing something that makes me feel amazing about myself…it can be as simple as having a good hair day, picking out an outfit that I feel makes me look great, or even just doing your makeup in a natural way that enhances your inner beauty.

In England they are celebrating Mother’s Day today, so I write this post in honor of all the amazing mothers and friends I have still over there!  As Women we need to remember to embrace our inner feminine power and lift each other up…it takes a strong Woman to know a strong Woman!

Shop today’s outfit by the app – if you haven’t already downloaded it, you should really do that.  Simply go to the App store, and either like or screenshot picures with a tag and you will be notified of where to the buy the outfit in the post.  If that isn’s shopping made easy, I don’t know what is 🙂

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Layering can be Fun!



“Being different isn’t a bad thing.  It means you’re brave enough to be yourself!”

As the seasons change it is a perfect time to experiment with layering your clothes.  I always find it fun add cardigans, sweaters, waistcoats/vests and I especially love cooler evenings and mornings because I get to add an extra dimension to the outfits I wear.

Today’s post shows me wearing a great Lularoe Vest that is obviously designed more for style than it is to keep you warm.  The outfit was simple and Black but as you can see, the addition of the waistcoat/vest really made it pop.  There is never a bad time to wear Black, but it is sometimes really nice to mix things up a little add and little depth and dimension to what you are wearing by adding something like this!

If you don’t already own some Lularoe pieces of your own, you really need to contact my friend Jamey by clicking here and grab some of their unique, comfortable pieces.  The great thing about Lularoe is that they have such a wide variety of styles that anyone can find something that will work for them.  You definitely can’t go wrong with a vest because they can be styled in so many different ways…so use it the way that works for you!

This shoot was so much fun – sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong because I love what I am doing…

If you can think of something that would help you please let me know and I will craft a post just for you!!


Break through the Clouds

“Dress like you’ve made something of your life, even if you haven’t.”

Ever have one of those days where everything feels Grey and gloomy?  I think as Women we experience ups and downs in our lives and that is completely normal.  So, when you do feel a little down do what makes you feel great…it could be working out, it could be shopping, it could be spending time with your family, it could even be working, but the point is – whatever you love to do is what is going to get you through the rough times.  You know we create our habits, so why not create habits that are good for us as well as making us feel good?  I believe that this philosophy goes hand in hand with having confidence to be who you are, and express that through your appearance and how you walk into a room!


So, whatever your style, take a bit of it wherever you go. For example, if you are drawn to bright colors (such as red, or pink) wear an accessory, pair of shoes or handbag that is your favorite color along with your business wear to make a statement. Even working women can still stand out!  Don’t ever let what you’re doing dull your personality…if you are in the medical profession or have to wear a uniform, that doesnt mean you can’t find yourself a pair of funky yet practical shoes to express yourself.



Fashion and style may not be as important to you as it is to me, but one thing I want you to consider is that whether we like it or not, when people see us and especially when someone meets us for the first time, they are going to immediately make an assumption about what our story is based on what they SEE.  I have heard a quote that said “Always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy” – it sounds a little depressing but what if we took the time to pay attention to that extra little detail, what could that do for us?



I work in a sales environment and I can tell you that how I present myself has absolutely made a huge impression on how successful I have been.  It doesn’t mean that my job is done when I have dressed nicely, but what it does mean is that I am able to take my business to the next level because people are willing to work with me because they like what they see.  It may sound shallow, but it is a reality…so why not embrace it and use it to your advantage?

When someone compliments you that is a good indication that you have done something right. Your friends/peers tend to be more objective than you can when you are just looking at yourself in the mirror. Of course, unsolicited compliments and those from strangers mean a lot as well, so pay attention to those.

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