Denim on Denim

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail!

I have to admit wearing denim on denim like I am in this post is not something I have done a lot of, but I wanted to experiment, so I wanted to share.

I always had some preconceived notions that it had to look a certain way, that only certain people could pull it off, and that it always had to be a contrasting denim…what I found is that I actually loved it and I will more than likely do a lot more of it!

As we all know there are so many rules when it comes to fashion (at least how fashion used to be), but I am here to remind you that those rules are really just GUIDELINES and you can adapt them to yourself.

Before I moved over to the U.S. from England I didn’t wear a lot of denim, I considered it a lot more casual than I liked so I shied away from it. Since I have been over here, I have found that I love it for all occasions. The best thing is that it can be dressed up or down and I can create any look I want. When I used to work in Corporate America there were rules for dress, and at one point we used to be “allowed” to wear jeans on Fridays until Casual Friday’s were taken away because they started to become a little too casual. I couldn’t understand it for a while because the jeans I was wearing actually cost more than a lot of my business clothes, and I always dressed them appropriately, but nevertheless it perpetuated that thought process in me that caused me to believe that jeans were TOO casual.

I honestly do believe that jeans or denim of any time can look just as professional, if not more when done correctly, than any business wear. It is also a fabric that is highly adaptable, versatile and fun…so experimenting is always fun! So, here are some quick and easy steps to styling your denim that will work for anyone:

  1. Add a statement piece – this is exactly what I did with my super funky jacket that my mum customized for me. The Black sleeves really break up the look and make it much more eye catching. Adding really cool accessories can work too.
  2. Steer clear of adding a denim handbag, scarf or shoes…it can be just a little too much for a denim on denim outfit.
  3. Make sure that the shade of denim you choose flatters your body type – the darker the denim the more flattering it is. If you are really craving a lighter shade, then make sure that the cut is only hitting you where you want it to.
  4. Adding a loose, flouncy denim like chambray is a great way to create a more feminine vibe.
  5. Try not to look too “matchy” – wearing the exact same shade on the top or bottom, with nothing to break it up, can just look like you’re trying to hard to get that perfect match.

You can shop some of my top denim picks by clicking the links below…

A Dress for Business…

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“A successful Woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her!”

I love days when I find the perfect dress for my mood, and that fits perfectly for what I have to do that day…

The dress in this post is just that dress. I love the collar and belted waist along with the pinstripes make it look perfect for a professional setting. By adding the sandals I show that you can still be playful and fun and not take yourself too seriously.

Finding a great dress that can be worn for business but also dressed down a little is easier than you would think, shirt dresses are very often a go-to for me, I just love how easy they are!

Pinstripes are a pattern that is very often associated with conservative business attire. Many designers are now using it more and more in their fashions because it is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays it is not only shirts or men’s suits that are pinstriped – which is great news for Women!

I like any style that allows me to cross over from business to funky/casual.

If you are looking for a great business style, wearing something with pinstripes is a great way to go. Whether that be a blouse, pants, skirt, dress or even full suit, you will look amazing and most importantly convey a message of professionalism and confidence.


Dress: Calvin Klein     Sandals: Steve Madden       Shades: Kate Spade     Bangles: Kate Spade