• Michelle Barber

    Yep – thats me…

Who I Am

First and foremost, I am a Wife and a Mother of 4 boys.  I have a very successful career where I have been a Top Sales performer in my organization for over 13 years. As such, my appearance has been very important in making sure that Clients and Management take me seriously.

I also hold several callings in my church where my family and I attend.

What I Do

My goal here is not to have anyone copy what I do…but rather to have you listen to a little advice, think for yourself  and experiment so you can find your inner confidence…which will then help you to find YOUR OWN style.

In sharing what has helped make me successful in finding my unique style, the hope is that you can use some tips and suggestions to create your own personal style.

Why I Do It

Ever since I was young I have been interested in style…whether it was as a young girl wanting to look different and assert myself in the world, or even as I am now older, making choices that others have said “only you could pull that off”…

Now does that mean I am weird or even a trendsetter, I don’t think so, but what I found is that I have an eye for things and seem to know how to maximize my style-potential.

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