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Some Women are lost in the fire, some Women are built from it!

On my social media recently I have talked a little about how I was planning on launching a video podcast series…well, I am excited to let you know that the wait is finally over…My pilot episode is ready. It is all about empowerment, confidence building, a little bit of style and a sprinkle of laughs. Confidence grows as we grow, I have found that the more I share what I know, what I am learning and how I feel, the stronger and more confident I become. Empowered women empower other women – why not subscribe and join this ride?

You can view my very first Video Podcast by clicking the image below…

Click this picture to watch the Podcast 🙂

I will be posting a new one each week, and they will be focused on topics like:

“How to find true confidence”
“Your age or size doesn’t define who you are”
“Know your audience”
“I’m me, you are you – feeling comfortable with who YOU are”
and many more…

My goal with this Video Podcast is to make you feel great about yourself through confidence building, strength empowerment, and some incredible fashion tips that you can use for your everyday life. I want all you amazing women out there to be the best versions of yourselves and the ultimate goal is for you to love yourselves.

Over my years as a successful business woman, mother, wife and so much more, I have searched for and found amazing confidence building styles, fashions, and frames of mind.

Why don’t you join me in my journey and start following my podcast – which is currently available on iTunes by just clicking here or searching Stylequeenie. If you don’t have access to an Apple Device, just click the link above…

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Share Your Color with Others

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“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

I came across this quote and fell in love with it…how often are we given the chance to be that person for someone else that can be an inspiration, an example, a role model or just a friend?  I have always loved the idea of being there for others, in fact when I was younger my Grandparents gave me a book that was a “birthday” book, that had a different quote for each day of the year.  Then meaning was that the quote on your day said something about you…

Mine said “If you need me, call…I will always answer.”  I don’t know if it was at that point that I started taking my relationships seriously or I had already innately known that before, but it was something that certainly rang true for me.  I have always felt that we owe it to others, and ourselves, to give everything to our relationships.  If you ask anyone that knows me they’ll tell you that I am a fiercely loyal friend, and I will do anything for those that I love.

Life is definitely not meant to be spent alone, and the only way we will ever ensure that we have others in our lives is if we make sure that we are working on our relationships every day.  I can tell you that my biggest challenge so far in this life is raising kids (particularly teenagers), in fact I think it’s kind of like a white knuckle rollercoaster, where you know you’re going to survive but somehow your hair is going to be messed up, your head will be rattled around and you’re most definitely going to end up with a killer headache.  So those are probably the relationships that are going to require the most effort.



This Thanksgiving weekend our whole family, along with my parents, came up to our house in Midway (a small town about 45 minutes away from our home), to spend some quality time.  Thanksgiving day went pretty smoothly, which is great because being cooped in a house and not getting along is pretty painful.  Yesterday was a different story however, there was a fight surrounding playing the Xbox that belongs to one of the boys, that ended up in a real fight, lots of shouting and eventually Brandon having to work his coaching magic on the boys to get them to calm down.  Fortunately there was no bloodshed, and we managed to come together again long enough to make it to watch “Creed” as a family last night.

I have never been so emotionally exhausted as when my kids get into a fight with each other, or when I end up in a fight with one of them.  It’s way more draining than any physical exertion, and it feels a lot worse.  What this weekend has taught me a little is that we are not only responsible for our own energy but also the effect that energy has on others.  It’s a big responsibility to know that I can affect other’s feelings, but I can tell you, if I want my house to run smoothly, I have to make sure that I am balanced, not neglecting my own needs which makes me cranky, and I am definitely not pretending to be OK when I’m not.

I know I am not going to be OK all the time, so I have been known to put myself in “time out” to recharge, and make myself feel better.  Energy is such a powerful thing, there is no way to fake it, so when we are feeling negative or frustrated even if we think other people are not aware, chances are that our energy is giving us away regardless of what our words say.

Being conscious of our feelings is the first thing we need to do to be able to share the best of ourselves with others. We are definitely never going to be perfect, but by noticing how we are feeling, being in touch with that so we can act consciously, that will allow us to have a greater influence with anyone we interact with.  Knowing what I know now about raising teenagers and adult children, I know that there are definitely times when I have to check myself to make sure I am not influencing their feelings or behavior in a negative way.

My favorite color, the one that defines me the most accurately is Red which means excitement, love, strength, energy and passion.  When I wear Red I feel a lot of those things…

My goal in my life is to share my “color” and help as many people as possible!  Who would you most like to share your color with?




Positive Talk

“Why compare yourself to others?  No one else in the world can do a better job of being you, than you!”

Have you ever had a picture taken of yourself and thought “that isn’t my best angle” or “that wasn’t a good one”?  Well, the pictures that I’m posting today were some that as I was taking them the whole time I was thinking these thoughts…

What it made me do is really think about how much we tell ourselves things in our lives that are not the things we need to hear.  For example, do you ever think to yourself that you don’t look good in something, you can’t do something or do it well, you are not going to be able to make something happen or even worse, that you are not good enough?  I know this is a common theme in today’s age, which is heightened because of social media.  We can very often find ourselves comparing to others and very often competing with others, when really what we should be doing is being focused only on how we can make ourselves better than we were the day before!



I don’t know about you, but I am certainly going to respond much better to hearing something nice rather than something critical, even if it is just from myself.  In fact, hearing praise and confidence come from yourself is probably one of the most motivating and inspiring things you can do for yourself.

There was a study that was done on water, and more specifically in speaking to water.  I know, sounds a little hokey, but there was a scientific study that looked at the response when water was talked to negatively…what it created was cloudy, murky, dark water.  Whereas when the water experienced only positive talk, the most beautiful crystals were formed.  Now you may be thinking what on earth could this have to do with anything to do with not comparing yourself to others, or confidence building?  Well, aren’t we as human beings made up of 60% water?  So what if, when we listen to negativity, surround ourselves with negativity or tell ourselves negative things about ourselves, our abilities our appearance, what do you think will happen to us?

The moral of this story…speak to yourself the words you need to hear.  Only tell yourself things that will lift you up.  Don’t let yourself believe the worst about yourself, replace criticism for gratitude and create an environment where you can grow and become better every day.

On this Sunday what better time to make a commitment to yourself to speak kindly to yourself, to love yourself and to allow yourself some grace for not being perfect.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

What Does The Instagram Age Tell Us About Creating The Image Of Perfection?

“Butterflies come to pretty flowers”   


Physical appearance has always been a crucial part of human life. Nevertheless, the pressure to look good has undoubtedly been cranked up a notch thanks to the social media generation. We’re all accustomed to seeing the image of perfection on our feeds every single day, and we all desire similar results.


Instagram needn’t only be your inspiration. It can become your education too. A lot can be garnered by dissecting social media. Here are just four things that you can learn from social media…



Grin For The Win

Most attractive people on Instagram gain large followings, which underlines the fact that beauty is power. While there are many features that can help a person win the war, a smile is easily the most powerful weapon at any woman’s disposal.


Some people are naturally blessed with perfectly straight teeth while others need a little dental support. Aside from the alignment, though, you may consider professional teeth whitening services. After all, that white glow is a crucial element of a winning smile. Sadly, we can’t stick a filter on real life.


For a friendly and more attractive facial appearance, a smile is the most important element, and Instagram confirms this.


Confidence Is Everything

The Instagram celebrities share many attributes, but confidence is easily the most visible. For most people, this comes from gaining a better body image and physique. As the old phrase suggests: size matters.


Hitting the gym and healthy eating shouldn’t be done simply for physical rewards, but they are the main incentive. There are also other ways that may help you gain confidence, which can include some cosmetic procedures…  Many women find that cohesive gel implants are a great way to enhance self-confidence. Whether that newfound happiness is shared on social media or not isn’t really important, it’s really about how it makes YOU feel – but the most important factor is that there is no shame in looking for ways to help you gain more self-confidence.



There’s no denying the cycle of looking good and feeling good. Seeking a source of increased confidence should be on every woman’s agenda – and it doesn’t need to look the same for all of us!


A Passion For Fashion Is Key

Natural beauty is one thing, but it counts for very little if it isn’t supported by the right outfits. As such, unlocking a love of fashion can make a world of difference to your overall appearance. For both online and offline interactions, getting this step right is key.


First and foremost, it’s vital that your clothes fit. Getting properly measured can save you a lot of future hassle, not to mention wasted money. Meanwhile, social media also underlines that outfits needn’t shout to the heavens about the brand name. Class will grab the attention all by itself.


In fact, many Instagram models make a name for themselves by looking spectacular on a budget. Whether you’re shooting for online fame or not, those sentiments can make a huge impact.


It Matters

Above all else, the popularity of physical attraction on Instagram proves the original idea that beauty matters. We live in a society where we constantly judge each other over image. Given that you cannot edit real life to create a fake reality, taking the positive steps to look your best is pivotal. Even if you don’t need to look your best every single day.

If you put all these things together, the over-arching theme is that we are all different, we are not all going to have the perfect body, the perfect hair, smile or outfits ALL the time…so whatever we can do to help ourselves gain a little confidence is not a bad thing.  It’s easy to look at someone and think “it’s alright for them” when in reality we don’t know the path of self-confidence they have been on.  Focus on yourself and your confidence and I promise you will be much happier.  Once we start down the path of comparison, we are always going to fall short because there is always going to be someone skinnier, more confident, more successful and happier, so why not walk our own path and create the life for us…rather than trying to fit into the mold someone else has created?!


What is Your Style?

“I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me!”

What is something that no matter what, when you see it, you are just drawn to it? If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you may be someone that needs a little help in finding your personal style and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Finding your unique style can sometimes seem a little daunting.  How do you know where to start?  What is “in” and what is not?  What will suit you?  Where are the best places to shop?  The list goes on and on!  Your style can do so much for you…it goes way beyond that first impression, it actually becomes part of your signature.  Even if you are not known for your fashion forward thinking, it is still easy to recognize patterns in what you wear and how you present yourself.  What if there were a formula to help you overcome some of the hurdles, and just figure out what YOUR personal style is?  Here’s the good news, at some point, someone else has had to learn out how to find their personal style, so why not learn from them?  I have done a little research myself, talked to some other people and compiled a short list…So if you want to know more about how you can take current trends, styles and adapt them to fit your style personality, read on…!

  1. Find yourself some inspiration:  There has to be someone, somewhere that is wearing things that you like, so why not follow a few bloggers, Pinterest boards, read magazines or even google some different styles.  It could also be that some celebrities, friends or colleagues may have similar tastes to you, so check in with them regularly and see what they’ve been wearing.  A great way to compile a complete look is to create a board on Pinterest and pin some things that attract your eye.  Name it “My Style Inspiration” , and see if you can create a whole look that you can shop for online or just to give you ideas when you go to the mall.
  2. Save Yourself some Money:  I have always liked to shop for bargains & sales so I feel like I am “saving money”, so when I’m looking for fashion trends I shop at stores like Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx.  I don’t mind spending a little more on staples or things that I know are timeless and will last for a while.
  3. Clean out your closet:  something I do a least every couple of months is clean out some things from my closet that I haven’t worn for a while…that way I make room for some new styles that fit where I am currently in my life and business.  If you aren’t sure what you should keep, throw or donate, a great rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in at least a year, then chances are you aren’t going to…
  4. Confidence is Key:  No matter what you’re wearing, if you are confident, people are going to recognize that.  Confidence doesn’t come in one shape or size, but have you ever not bought something because when you tried it on the size you normally wear didn’t fit you?  I know that sounds superficial but we all have an expectation of what we think we look like, the size we are and that can be directly correlated to the amount of confidence we have.  I absolutely love it when I meet someone that is a little bigger, but they are rocking their size.  Beauty and confidence comes from knowing you are worthy…not your dress size! 
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:  My kids can solve any problem by watching a Youtube video, we follow recipes to make meals, so why don’t we seek help when we are finding our style?  It is not instinctual for everyone to know what is always the best style for them, so why not ask someone who you know will be honest?


Don’t Give in to Shopping Phobia

“Happiness is when there’s one left, it’s on sale, and it’s in your size!”

Are you one of those people that loves to look great, but absolutely hates shopping to get new clothes or shoes?  I have quite a few friends that dislike shopping so much that it causes them anxiety…

I thought it might be useful to post some shopping tips to help even the most intolerant shopper (you know who you are ;):

1. Don’t go to stores that have so many clothes crammed onto the racks that you can’t really see what they are selling.

2. Make sure that you choose times to shop when it is not busy (for example, stay away from Saturday afternoons, and definitely avoid shopping when it is “Back to School” time).

3. Take a friend with you that is an “efficient” shopper rather than someone that likes to browse. This can certainly limit the time you have to be in a store

4. Don’t try and take your kids if you are wanting to pick something out for yourself – you will just end up not getting what you want and think you were right about hating shopping.

5. Before you go shopping, look on a store website to have an idea if they may have something that you are looking for, so that when you get there all you really need to do is find the items and try them on.

6. Ask for help…don’t be afraid to befriend a stylist that you can talk to and ask questions. This could a friend or acquaintance or something more formal like a personal shopper.

7. Don’t try and follow fashion trends, remember your own style. A great way to do that is by using Pinterest…create a board that you can pin things that are appealing to you and then when you go shopping you can pull it up to remind yourself what you like. Its easy to get overwhelmed in a store, so looking as what you know you like should help you refocus.

8. Recognize shopping as something that you don’t like but that you have to do…so just surrender to it. That doesn’t mean do it all the time, but don’t fight it when you have to do it!  Very often putting something off until the very last minute creates even more pressure and stress.

To minimize the angst, make sure you wear comfortable shoes (when i’m in big cities for a shopping trip, I don’t wear heels – I choose not to set myself up to be miserable~)

Now, if you are someone that just doesn’t have time…that’s a whole other problem. First thing to do is plan in advance for any event or special occasion that you have coming up and decide if you have something appropriate to wear or if you need to shop to buy something. – if you don’t have something already, then here are a few options:

a. Talk to a friend that is a similar size and see if they have something you could “borrow”.

b. Decide the look you are going for…if you want formal, then search some store websites and see which stores have things that you like so you don’t have to shop around when you do venture out – you can go directly to the stores that have what you like.

c. Schedule yourself some time to visit the stores that you have explored online, and take a friend to be “honest” with you about which item looks best.

d. If you just don’t have time to shop for yourself in general and it isn’t for anything specific, then the best solution is again decide what you need EXACTLY and go directly to the stores that have the things that you want – but schedule yourself some time. If it means that you have to have takeout for dinner one night instead of making a meal, then do that. You deserve to be able to take care of yourself as well as everyone else.

I have never had the problem about not liking to shop, but I do understand the feeling of pressure or stress surrounding something that you feel “obliged” to do.  There have been times in my life that I haven’t had much money to spend on clothes and believe me, that has certainly caused me stress.  So whatever the reason you don’t want to shop, it is not a pleasant experience.  What I used to do was not tell myself that I couldn’t shop (you know, kind of like if you tell yourself you want to eat chocolate, the first thing you want to do is eat chocolate), but what I did was allow myself a certain amount of money each month to make myself feel good.  Whether that was for shopping, a pedicure, etc.  I found that knowing I could actually do it if I wanted was liberating for me…I do admit I have a little control issue, and don’t like to be told what to do (hehe!)

I hope you found some useful suggestions here, and if you are looking for some fashion inspiration ideas, I will post them periodically on my blog posts, and you can also sign up for my weekly newsletter which will include links to fashion sites.