Being Adaptable for Spring

Adaptation is a profound process. It means you figure out how to thrive in the world!

OK – so we are back to it being winter weather here in Salt Lake, & I thought it would be a great time to talk about how Spring is sometimes that unpredictable time of year where you can’t quite put away your jackets because you have hot days, freezing and snowy days and everything in between – so how do you stop that messing with your style mojo?

I was sitting out on the patio of a local restaurant for lunch on Monday and today I am huddled in my office with my heater blasting watching the snow/rain come down. Here’s the thing, and this has probably been one of the hardest things I have ever done, I am learning to surrender to the fact that I have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over whether spring looks like it does today or its warm and sunny…

Last night I sat at my son’s High School baseball game with my winter coat, a beanie, gloves and a blanket as the snow came down. For spring baseball weather in Utah things like this have happened before but I hear that this is the worst or hardest baseball season they have had in over 20 years in regard to cancelling/postponing games, bad weather and the field condition…crazy, but NO control over it, right?!

So how do we adapt to not being able to fully transition from one season to the next, because my guess is that in a lot of places in the world, it is very unlikely that as soon as the first day of spring or a new season hits that the weather doesn’t come with it. March 20th was the first day of spring, and we are far removed from that now but still experiencing winter days…

By this time of year I am so ready to start wearing the cute new styles that spring has to offer, but I always keep a few colder weather favorites that allow me to transition into spring gracefully. I don’t think our style needs to have an EITHER / OR mentality. What I mean by that is that wearing some of your favorite colder weather/winter styles WITH some cute new spring looks is actually fabulous.

Yesterday for the baseball game I worse some great chino’s, some low cut booties, a T shirt and leather jacket. I took with me my almost full length winter coat for the baseball game along with the beanie and gloves…so all I did was pop those on when I got to the field. Meaning that I could still be stylish, feel good about my look during the rest of the day and yet still be prepared for that crazy snow! Sometimes having a coat or warmer jacket in your car to throw on if cold weather hits, and I ALWAYS carry an umbrella in my car just in case (I think that’s English Woman in me needing to be prepared for rain at all times 😉 ).

I see a light at the end of the tunnel, the sun is peeking through the clouds and I am ready to take on whatever weather gets thrown my way today!

What transition style could you create for yourself?

Have a fabulous Friday…

Sweater Weather


“Don’t miss out on something that could be great just because it could also be difficult!”

Wherever you live, there is probably going to be more of a chance to wear sweaters or layers in the Fall, so how do you find the ones that are the most flattering and fun for you to wear?  Since in Utah we haven’t had the time to really get into this trend yet (it’s definitely coming just not here yet), so here are some throwbacks to some of my favorites…

I have always loved Fall more than Winter, mainly because Winter is just a little too cold for me, and in Fall I get the chance to layer and get really creative with my outfits while at the same time not freezing to death 😉

I am a very visual person, so colors and patterns really appeal to me, but I am also tactile, which means that I really care about how something feels.  There’s nothing worse than finding a cool sweater and it itching you all day because it’s not soft.  My youngest is definitely like this – we have bought him clothes over the years and if he doesn’t like how it feels, he will NEVER wear it, and I don’t blame him.  Honestly the only time I ever sacrifice comfort for style is with my shoes – LOL!

So, to answer my first question, here are some great ideas for wearing layers and sweaters for the Fall and Winter months:

Wear a large oversized sweater with some skinny pants.  Wearing oversized pieces means they can tend to make you look larger than you are, but when you wear slimming or skinny pants or a skirt you can offset that appearance.



Wear a fitted turtle neck with a cute casual skirt and pumps or boots.  As the weather gets colder adding a pair of funky tights is a great way to add that extra pop to the outfit as well.



Wear a fitted sweater with an accent belt, and then add another layer of a long cardigan for a unique take on sweater weather attire.  The ruffle skirt and boots are the perfect compliment too!



Wear a chunky cardigan with some booties.  Because I paired this cardigan with the fitted skirt, just like the oversized sweater, it prevents the perception of being larger than you are!~



Embracing each season can be as easy as finding a style that makes you feel at home in that season.  The key is not to let the weather (the thing you can’t control) decide how you feel about what you wear and how you feel.  It can be all too tempting to wear comfy, warm, cozy things in the Fall and Winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look amazing.  Sweats can be cute – especially the leopard print or camo ones I have seen recently.  Enjoy experimenting with styles that could work for you, and don’t be afraid to try something a little funkier than usual.  Add a scarf here or there, wear a hat, layer like crazy and have fun!

Have a great day 🙂



Beauty Essentials For Fall Chic


“My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from!”

Say goodbye to bright lights of summer and hello to fall! Fall trends move away from glowing bronzed skin and colorful lips and sees the return of more muted tones and shades. Fall is also great for helping you to repair your skin after a harsh summer in front of the sun. Rather than mourning the end of summer, embrace the new fall trends and make sure you add these essentials to your beauty shopping list.

A beauty balm

Summer is a bad time for skin. Not only is it exposed to more sunshine but it gets sweaty and dirty far quicker during hot weather, which is bad news for pores. Fall is the perfect time to give your skin a beauty detox, with a focus on products which nourish and hydrate the skin and keep it protected from the colder weather. A beauty balm that acts as a cleanser and moisturizer will help your skin come back to life for a natural, glowing complexion during the fall months.

Good brushes


A good set of makeup brushes is a worthwhile investment for your collection at any time of year. During the fall, however, you’re likely to pick up a bargain on brush sets as brands gear up to launch their holiday collections. Use your brushes to blend colors for more natural fall looks and don’t forget to clean them regularly to keep them looking their best.

An eyebrow kit

Daytime looks in the fall feature natural makeup that focuses on playing up key features like brows as opposed to a fully made-up face. Focusing on your brows will give definition to your face without being overpowering and will give you some added confidence if you don’t usually dare to be bare. You can create the perfect eyebrows in five easy steps for a gorgeous look that will enhance your natural beauty.

A nude eyeshadow palette

A nude eyeshadow palette should be in your collection all year round, but it’s especially important in the fall. Fall looks use natural, simple colors that when blended will create a beautiful look. The Lorac Unzipped Palette contains some stunning shades suitable for all skin tones that will help you create easy, everyday looks for fall. Use a base product to help keep your shadow in place and to intensify the lighter shades.

Bold lips

While skincare and eyeshadow should be kept minimal for fall, you can make a statement with your lips. Think burgundies and maroons to create a striking lip, or opt for a timeless red lipstick to bring warmth to your face. When it comes to bold lips, a soft and flake-free base is important so invest in a lip scrub and a hydrating balm to keep lips in top condition for embracing the season’s bold lip looks.

Summer may be nearly over, but there’s plenty to look forward to this fall. With some exciting new beauty trends on the horizon, fall is a great time to experiment and lets you rediscover some old favorites as well as bring some new essentials into your collection.

I love the changing of the seasons, it gives me the opportunity to keep my look “fresh” and to try new things.  I love finding new styles, colors and patterns and seeing what I can create with them…What are you looking forward to this Fall?

Looking for a Fall sweater of your own, you can shop some similar to mine using the links below…


Sweater Weather

img_9710 img_9709 img_9708 img_9707

“She realized that she is too pretty to act ugly, and too blessed to be stressed!”

Whether you are experiencing sweater weather yet or not where you live…we all know it’s coming!

The mornings here have been chilly but the afternoons are glorious.  The cardigan in this post is one of my favorites, I actually forgot that I had it (I had packed it away in my Winter closet).  I love a great surprise when I find something I wasn’t expecting to find.

Under the cardigan is a simple, fitted Black dress, so to add a little spice I chose my Wine colored booties.  This outfit is perfect for Work, a Meeting, or just for fun.  It’s simple yet eye-catching, and warm enough for those chilly mornings.  There are so many different choices of cardigans, some of which are more casual and some are more professional looking – here are some links for some similar cardigans that you can check out for yourself…

Get ready for the cold weather before it gets here and go check out the link before for some choices and many others that you can find if you just search Chunky Cardigans!


My Cardigan:  Michael Kors      Shades:  Stylequeenie (My Shop)       Booties:  Carlos
Dress:  H&M