You Were Born to Stand Out

If people were rain – why be drizzle when you can be a hurricane?!

I remember when I started my first sales job, I would be working at my desk (even before I had my own computer and had to just make phone calls), and would need a break every so often…so I would jump up and take a walk around the office. I had quite a few people tell me that they always knew it was me because my walk was so distinctive. I don’t know if I knew exactly what they meant until someone told me that I “walk with purpose” that I got it. What they were telling me was that I knew where I was going, what I wanted and that no matter what I was going to get it!

Since I quit my job last year, I haven’t been quite so sure in my direction, what my ultimate purpose is, but I haven’t changed the fact that I walk with purpose. In fact, I think I actually do it even more now because it just feels right to me.

No matter what are goals are, where we are going or what we are working towards achieving, the absolute only way we will ever get there is if we are decisive and determined to get there. Walking with purpose is only part of the equation, we have to believe with all the fiber in our being that we WILL get there, otherwise we never will.

I thought the quote for this topic was perfect because I believe that if I want to chase my dreams I have to do it in a way that makes those dreams notice that I coming, and what better way than a hurricane to do that? 😉

What if we all believed that we were destined for great things, that there was truly nothing to hold us back, would our goals and dreams change?

Would we focus on bigger things because there was no reason that we weren’t going to get there?

Would we allow ourselves a little grace when we fell down knowing that we will once again get up and still reach the dreams?

When I talk about dreams, I am not talking “pie in the sky” or something that only involves visualization (not that visualization is bad, but without the work it doesn’t mean anything)…I am talking belief in ourselves, trust that we can make something happen, knowing that we are enough to be who we want to be…

So knowing that…what goals would you set knowing that you are enough to achieve them?

Dressing up your Jeans

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

This may not be as big a deal to some of you as it is to me…
For 20 years I have worked for companies that only allowed us to wear jeans as sales people on Fridays (and after a while, not at all!). Since I left last October I’m not going to lie I have actually had fun experimenting with my jeans, and guess what I found out – looking good AND professional and that “put together” doesn’t need to exclude jeans.

I realize that I’m not talking about anything ground breaking here, but it has actually been really freeing for me to be able to dress exactly how I want, because I am mature enough to figure out how to dress appropriately for what I am doing and who I am going to be seeing.

Dressing for your audience is a huge deal – knowing what kind of a person they are, and making the right impression is important. I have always found that it’s better to err on the side of being over-dressed rather than being under-dressed! But jeans aren’t necessarily under-dressed, unless of course the person you will be meeting with is an ultra conservative person that never dresses down 😉

Skinny jeans can be really dressed up with a gorgeous sweater during these winter months and wide legged, high waisted jeans are one of my current favorites. They almost feel like you’re not wearing jeans at all. I added a fur jacket, high boots, big hoop earrings and voila…sass in jeans 😉 .

I have found that when I am happy in what I am wearing, it affects my mood for the whole day. I have learned to notice things that make me feel good, and I steer myself toward those things (whether it is who you hang out with, what you wear, the makeup you put on, you hair etc. they are all equally important if they make you feel good).

I have a challenge for you all…what if you came up with one style or piece of clothing that makes you feel good, and find ways to adapt it to make it UNIQUELY YOUR STYLE!

See how it makes you feel…
See if it affects your mood and ultimately your reaction to the day’s events…
See if it changes the results you get on that day…

I have found that the more conscious I am of myself, my surroundings, my feelings and my behavior the easier it is for me to not react or let things really get me down. When we’re not completely conscious that’s when we are in reaction mode, and I can tell you that’s not where I want to be because it causes me to react hastily and very often with anger.

Are you willing to take on this challenge?
I would love to hear your results…

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Turn Weakness into Strength

Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses!

As I think back to my childhood I realize that there were so many times that people told me negative things which caused me to feel bad or insecure with myself. In fact, one of the things that I was told when I was growing up by “mean girls” was that I had a huge chin and that it made me look like a witch. I’ll admit that there were some times where I wasn’t sure what they were saying was true or not, and it definitely made me self conscious.

It took me a few years to realize that those that told me those things were probably saying it because they felt insecure or less than confident about themselves. I had a choice at that time to either let what they told me become what I believed and repeated to myself, or to not let it get to me. I was a teenager when it happened, and it was one of the must vulnerable times in my life. My choice was to embrace my features, enjoy who I was and not only carry on but to hold my head up and be proud! I looked at my family and realized that my “strong” chin – which is what I choose to call it – came from my Grandad and he was an AMAZING man! How could I possibly feel bad about it?

As I think back to that time in my life I realize that it was a turning point – it was the time that I made a decision to not let others determine how I feel about myself. It was at that time I promised myself that I would always stand up for myself and be bold! If I could see the people that said mean things about me, I would want to thank them – because if they had not said those things, I wouldn’t have become the strong, determined, powerful and fulfilled woman that I am.

There are definitely people in this life that are going to try and make you feel bad about yourself, who you are, what you look like and very often undermine what you are capable of. I can promise you that NO ONE can make you feel anything. It is your choice to believe what people say or think about you or not.

I have found at times in my life that some people I thought were my friends chose to root against me, to sabotage my success, and quite often be two-faced and almost a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As I become older and more mature I realize that I have no control over how people act or how they think, but I do have control over how it affects me. When someone points out a weakness of mine or roots against me, I choose to not focus on that but rather on being the best me that I can be!

What I have also found is that for all the negativity out there…there is still so much positivity. I choose to focus on that.

Whatever we focus on we end up with more of – so why not think the best about yourself, your talents, your blessings…see what happens!

Feminine Power

“Womanifest ~
When a Woman uses her innate force of powerful feminine energy to make stuff happen!”


There are certain fabrics and styles that are specifically feminine, just like this faux fur jacket, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t feel feminine or look feminine while you are wearing other things.  Typically when something makes you feel feminine it is because that thing makes you feel a certain way.  Feeling feminine means you feel good about yourself, confident (but not in a take no hostages type of confidence, but rather you know how great you are and you hold your head up high type of confidence), and above all, you aren’t afraid to be open and vulnerable.

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Confidence and femininity go hand in hand  –  consider those Women that you really admire.  A lot of what we know about someone (especially someone famous) is what we see, we may think we know them, but we only know what they let us see.  So, we judge them based on how they look, how they walk, how we seen them interacting with others and what they are seen doing.  For example, seeing a celebrity that is always trying to get noticed by creating drama seems a lot more masculine to me than feminine.  Not that there is anything wrong with feeling or acting masculine, but it’s not something we as Women want to do all the time.  I think we have been given an advantage, and that advantage is for us to be able to pick our current role based on what we want to accomplish.  What I have found (after many years of being the CEO or aggressive Woman a lot of the time, is that I accomplish a lot more in business, at home and other places when I don’t scare people.  Sometimes doing something in a softer, more feminine manner, achieves better results than I ever thought would be possible.

So, what makes you feel feminine?  Is it just a feeling, is it something you wear, or how you act?

I challenge you to really find out how you feel when you act in different ways.  How does it make you feel to act and dress more feminine, and also how does it make you feel to act more masculine?  I don’t think there is anything wrong with either one, but the key is knowing when to pull out one or the other.  We all have different personalities depending on our situations – sometimes I am the CEO at home because things need to get done, whereas when my Husband is around, it is much more attractive for me to not be so bossy (tee hee!)

Leave a comment below if you have had any experience with this, and if you are willing to really check in and give one or other a try to see how they make you feel!


Sundays are for…


“There are seven days in a week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them!”


I absolutely love Sundays for many reasons, but the main one is that I pretty much know that we are all going to be home together spending quality time – for good and for worse!  This time of year we light the fire, watch football and movies, and stay warm and cozy inside.  We were supposed to get snow today and while we did some some flakes, but there was very little and none that is stuck to the ground.


Sitting on the couch watching flurries through the window is definitely my way to enjoy snow…the hard part is when it happens during the week when I have to work 😉  So, because we are not in charge of scheduling the weather or deciding how warm it is, it is better to be prepared for colder days with some classy, stylish outerwear.  I do admit that it’s not only shoes or boots that are overflowing in my closet, but I also have a walk-in closet that is only for my coats and jackets…of which there are many!  It may seem like overkill, but I do like to switch out my jackets often, and make sure that I have a great jacket for just about any occasion.



Now I’m not telling you that you need a different jacket for everywhere you go, because I realize that it’s not always practical, but what I do think is important is having different jackets or coats that will work for different occasions.  For example, have a more dressy coat or jacket, always, always, always have a leather jacket because it can be very versatile, and with all the faux leather jackets that are great quality around right now,you don’t even need to spend a fortune.  A ski jacket or down jacket is great for many more casual occasions, and if you can stretch to this, an faux fur or dressy fleece style jacket (see one I posted the other day here).


I believe in having choices, in everything in my life, and most definitely in my closet.  I have found that if I have choices or options, it tends to stress me less – I know it sounds weird, but the reason is that I don’t like having control taken away from me, and if I have to wear the same things over and over, it feels a little outside of my control and therefore it doesn’t sit well with me.


It’s so funny that my whole life I have fought being controlled and wanted to express myself in a unique way, so much so that it can cause problems for me in many areas of my life.  When I was younger I remember thinking that all adults had everything figured out, and that I couldn’t imagine anything that would stress them out.  Well…was I wrong!  It seems to silly to think that someone might have something figured out because they had reached a certain age in their life…nevertheless that is what I did.  I have also been guilty of looking at other families or people I know and thinking that their life looks so great and almost perfect.  Sometimes it’s easy to sit back and think others have it figured out and think badly about ourselves because we don’t…


I constantly remind myself that NOBODY has EVERYTHING figured out.  In fact, we are all fighting battles, sometimes they are silent, but everybody has something.  Our experiences shape our lives, and they can either break us or make us stronger – it’s all in the choice we make!


I choose freedom and my freedom comes from not being a slave to my experiences or my challenges.  What do you choose?


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