Leather and Heels


“Instead of thinking how hard your journey is, think of how great your story will be!”

As you already know I love my shoes, and I love all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns…so when new styles, especially those that are unique come out, I have to at least try them, right?!

The good news about some of the latest styles out right now -they work for just about anyone.  Block or chunky heels are great because they are much easier to walk on than stiletto’s, kitten heels are heels that are much smaller than regular pumps, yet the small heel still allows them to look feminine.  The heels in this are some mules that I found on my trip to England, and absolutely fell in love with (mainly because I loved how unique the heels were, but also because I didn’t have a pair of mules like this…


My leather skirt is a Zara purchase – not that I am short of leather skirts, but I didn’t have one this color 😉 The cream blouse is perfect to add a feminine touch to the outfit, and make it work appropriate.  I have talked about wearing leather for work before, and this is another great example of how you can do that and still look classy/business like!

Looking for ideas or ways to wear leather for work…here are a few of my favorite looks:

  1. Leather pants with a velvet tuxedo jacket and button up blouse
  2. Knee high leather skirt, knee high boots and a fitted sweater.
  3. Suit jacket with leather accents, paired with satin pants, and satin blouse.
  4. Midi fitted leather skirt with ankle boots and a loose fitting blouson top.
  5. Leather leggings or tight pants with a long tunic top and animal print shoes.

These are just a few of my favorite ways of wearing leather for work…what is your favorite way?

Shop some of my Top current leather picks below…

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The Full Dress

“Courage is not having the strength to go on, it is going on when you don’t have the strength!”

I posted a glimpse of this dress this week, but I wanted to show the full effect.  I had a few people say they loved the blouse, but as you can see, it is a shift style dress, and very feminine.

It is one of the dresses that I took on the cruise – I always like to dress up a little while I am on vacation, especially if we are going out to dinner, and this dress definitely made me feel like I was dressed up!  I used some simple Silver accents with the small purse and the mule shoes…

A shift dress is one that is perfect for most figures, especially those that have problem areas around the hips or stomach because it is not fitted at all and it hides those areas.  I do like to wear fitted clothes quite often, but there are definitely times when I love wearing this style of dress because I don’t have to worry about how much I eat – and I will have to be honest, on the cruise at dinner I pretty much ate whatever I wanted (which sometimes included trying multiple courses and extra desserts LOL).

The embroidery detail really adds another dimension to an otherwise ordinary and simple style.  If you don’t have any embroidered pieces in your closet, now’s the time to change that.  You can shop the post by clicking the links below…

The Gingham Trend

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns. I’m grateful that thorns have roses!”

What’s not to love about a Black and White outfit, especially when that outfit includes Silver shoes and a Gingham shirt…

From ruffles, the Silver mules and the Grey satchel right down to the islet detail on the White jeans, this outfit is classy and stylish at the same time!

I bought my blouse at, one of my new favorite online shopping stores…they have great styles, good quality and even better they are very inexpensive 🙂

I love White in the summer but I also love how the pale Grey bag is a great contrast to the outfit and the Silver shoes just finish it off perfectly.




“Achieving greatness is impossible without recognizing greatness in another!”

One of the latest trends that I really like, is the trend for Mules. I remember wearing these styles of shoes when I was younger, and I especially loved them back then (you know, before I had trained myself to wear high heels all the time) because they are not too high, they don’t rub your feet and they just look good!

The pair I am wearing is another purchase from my NY shopping trip.  While I was there I visited a store that I loved and if you’ve never been to Century 21 Stores, then you really need to check it out!  I have found so many great designer items, and my absolute favorite part is their shoe department.  The Women’s department takes up two floors and it is completely separate from the Men’s shoes.  They sell the major designers from Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik to Steve Madden and J Slides.  I have never left there with less than 2 pairs of shoes that I love, and this pair of Mules is one of my purchases from this trip.  The leather feels so soft that it molds to your feet completely meaning that nothing rubs and they just feel like they are part of your feet.

Many stores carry this style of shoes, but if you want to explore where I got mine, go to  You can also check out Aldo, Steve Madden and Nine West directly if you don’t find any you like at Century 21.

The White jeans I am wearing are also from NY, but I found those at a boutique.  I loved the detail on the legs, and this week I will reveal the full look, so stay tuned!