Listen to Your Body


“Improve by just 1% every day, and in just 100 days you are twice as good!”


I feel very fortunate to have always been able to listen to my body when it comes to hunger, and seem to know what I want.  I had a client I used to work with that after a few times of taking him to lunch he nicknamed me “small portions” because I only ever eat what I hear my body telling me what I need.  That way I don’t have to feeling of being bloated and I know I can eat pretty much at least a small amount of whatever I fancy!

I know that isn’t true for everyone, so after having lunch with a friend, Claudia, and she told me about her amazing book “One, Two Punch” I just knew I had to share about it and here’s why…


You can click on this picture to buy the book for yourself…


Claudia Wilson, Author and so much more!


How many of you know the difference between HUNGER and APPETITE?  I don’t know if I consciously knew either, at least until I read this book.  HUNGER is your body’s need to eat, APPETITE is your desire to eat.  It is a simple explanation of something that if unchecked can get even the best eater into trouble.  For example, how many of you eat when it’s TIME to eat, when you’re bored, when you’re watching TV or a movie, rather than when you’re hungry?  If any of those things are something you do all the time, then you definitely need to read this book, if you do it sometimes (and even I do it sometimes), I still don’t think it would hurt for you to read the book either 😉

If we really listen and learn how to hear what our body is telling us, we can actually not just learn to know we are hungry but also learn what our body needs to eat.  The thing about this book that I love the most is that it doesn’t say you have to diet, but it says by choosing to balance your meals and not counting calories, you can actually eat a little bit of whatever you want – remember me saying that I like to eat “a little bit of whatever I fancy”.   So, what you do is look at the amount of carbs that you have with a meal and balance that with protein and fats.  She teaches about how this method works anywhere, when you’re traveling (no need to measure or count calories), all you need to do is look at the portion size.  And here’s the best part – you measure the size of a portion by the size of your fist!  So with this method you’re not depriving yourself of ANYTHING just making better choices (and the key here is that it’s YOUR choice).

I know I have talked to friends and family and they talk about their experience with diets and how they don’t work.  It’s mainly because their choice is taken away, and pretty much everyone in the world doesn’t want to  controlled or have their choice taken away (even if it is by ourselves!)



In today’s social age we can definitely become distracted by going out to dinner with friends, chatting and not being conscious to listen to our bodies and find out if we are full.  I know I am always going to go to dinner with friends and family, so it just means I have to be paying attention a little more.  I have definitely been guilty of filling up on appetizers or bread before my meal comes and before I know it all I have eaten are carbs, and my intake is not balanced.  Obviously that doesn’t work with this method because the One, Two Punch is about balance and portion size… so now I will be more conscious about not snacking before my meal comes.  The same can also be said about eating a meal in front of the TV, especially if you’re watching something that is very intense or has your pinned to your seat.  Ultimately the key is to focus on eating while you’re eating, that way you know to drink as you eat, you can listen to your body to know when you’re full and leave food on the plate if you don’t need it.  I know it can be hard to leave food uneaten, especially if you’re out at a nice restaurant and are paying for the meal, but for you and the wellbeing of your body, knowing when to say when is also necessary!

If you are that person that has a fear of missing out, which can be one of the main reasons many quit their “diets”,  if you’re looking for something that will allow you to be more conscious about your eating – because 90% of how we look comes from what we put into our body!  Then you need to click this link or the picture of the book above, to buy the book!  Use the code STYLE to get 10% off!

I love one of the quotes in the book “There’s no wagon to fall off” – that whole “I screwed up so I’m going to restart on Monday” kind of excuse doesn’t work.

Stop beating yourself up and just work on being more conscious moving forward.  And here’s the most important thing – START NOW!!!  Go ahead, order the book and see what happens in your life.  Even if all you want to do is find a routine that helps you balance your weight and health fluctuations, this will work for you!!

And here’s another thought, this is a great Christmas gift – I have a few people in mind that I want to give this to!  At the very least, go and check out her site and read a little more for yourself…




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Aging Gracefully

“Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength!”

I know I am not the only one that wishes I would have been more proactive in planning for the future when it comes to taking care of myself.  Working out was more about how I looked rather than how healthy it was making my body, skincare was more about “if I had time” rather than routine, I took for granted my muscle tone, being able to eat a lot of what I wanted and the whole digestive thing, you know where eating an abundance of fried foods wasn’t an issue (OK, so I admit I have a thing for good old fashioned English chips).

As I am skating very close to turning 50 I now pay way more attention to what I see when I look in the mirror, I workout for health as well as looking good, my food choices are a conscious thing and finding products to reverse skin damage or hair damage are a must.

Since I have been blogging I have been fortunate to try out new products and I definitely pay attention to how I look more.  I don’t think aging is a bad thing, in fact, I love who I am today, how I look and what I have accomplished, but I have realized that I want age at my pace, take back a little control and enjoy it rather than fight it.

With all of this being said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing things that slow down the aging process, whether permanent or more temporary, I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of how their body ages, because just like everything else in this life, how our body reacts to climate and different environments is going to be different.  I live in a very dry climate, and when I moved here from England it was a huge adjustment.  My skin felt shriveled and I hated how it felt, so I took action and completely changed how I took care of it.  We are all unique and so are our bodies and how they will age.  We can’t control everything but we can certainly slow it down and in some cases reverse it.

Obviously as you look in the mirror your face is the first thing you will notice, and that is where I have spent most of my time taking care of.  The second place I notice are my hands…if you think about it, your hands are doing dishes, washed after going to the bathroom, etc., and both of these things along with other factors really dry out our skin and cause the hands to age.  If I really want to have an idea of how old someone is the first thing I look at are their hands.  It’s so hard to hide aging hands, but the good news is that I have found a company that has some products manufactured specifically to work on your hands.


I started using Daily Dual Repair from Hand MD, and I absolutely love it. It’s a 2-step hand serum & moisturizer that helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles on your hands, and make them really soft. I’ve got to say I’m a big fan so far and I think you will be too, so go check them out! Stay tuned for my results!
Even better news, they’re actually having a 15% off flash sale on right now, so click here to take advantage before it ends.
Aging is not something to be afraid or ashamed of, especially if you can make it on your terms.  I know that’s what I’m going to do!

Making the World a Better Place

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent!”

I posted a little while ago about Pearls with purpose and I can’t help myself, I have to do it again.  I was so moved by their cause, by the Women they have helped and how their philosophy totally puts life into perspective.  It makes me want to be a better me and help as many people as possible, it made me realize that it’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives, live in our little bubble and not realize what is really happening in other parts of the world.  The great thing about Pearls with Purpose is that it’s easy to help, you can volunteer, you can become involved by donating, or even better, you can buy some of their jewelry so these amazing Women are empowered to make more to provide for their families.  It gives them purpose, because learning how to provide is so much more important that just receiving donations or handouts.



Here’s just one more story about one of the Women that Pearls with Purpose has helped…



A young mother walked into the co-op one fall afternoon. She was pregnant with her 7th child. She had heard of the co-op through various friends and sources in the squatter area.

“Please”, she spoke with pleading eyes, “will you please take my baby and feed her? I will adopt to you, just feed her.”

We quickly assured her that rather than adopting her child, we could teach her to make jewelry so she could earn her own money. She seemed intrigued with this idea, and thus Nanette became one of our new Pearlologists.

She worked through the pregnancy, and delivered a beautiful baby girl. Her husband, Juan, was a trash collector. He pedaled around on a bicycle with a basket attached and collected usable pieces of trash. Some days his earnings amounted to the equivalent of a dollar, others it was a mere few cents. Every day was a struggle for food for seven hungry mouths.

The older children frequently stayed home from school in order to beg for food, fetch wood to make a fire to boil water for drinking, or to walk the two miles to the water supply to get daily drinking water. Every day was a battle for survival.

A few months after beginning to work at the Pearl Co-op, we had a trip to Philippines and went to Nanettes house to visit her and her family. We wove our way around the dirt paths circulating ever inward through a maze of huts and lean-to’s. We came to a squatter house that had a rickety homemade wooden ladder going up to its rooftop. We quickly learned that that was their dwelling. Up the wooden boards we climbed. We entered a 10×10 wooden slated floor area filled with 6 rambunctious children and a hip-straddled infant that was wailing. The translator quickly explained that there was not enough nutrition for mom to effectively nurse, not enough money for formula or milk, and that one of the older children had run down to the river to fetch water and wood. They would then make a fire, boil the water, and mix it with rice powder to feed the baby. A process that would take close to an hour. My heart melted. We stayed for 30 minutes, playing games with the children, watching as they did somersaults, hand stands and entertained us with their child-like good natures. Ever smiling and laughing as we clapped and cheered them on. Meanwhile the infant shrieked on and on while mom patiently rocked her against her hip. We departed before the oldest had yet returned with the desperately needed water. We quickly went to a market and purchased formulas, powdered milk and a water purification system for their tiny family.

The entire time we were in Nanettes home, she had a smile on her face as she brokenly repeated “my thanks to you I work, my thanks to you we eat, my thanks to you keep my baby”.

Though still in humble circumstances, she was able to begin her path of self reliance because of the work offered through the pearl co-op.

If this story doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know how yet will…thoughts of having to give up your child because you can’t afford to feed it – that’s not even something we have to think about!



If you’re looking for a way to help AND get some amazing jewelery to go with it – click here to help their cause – PEARLS WITH PURPOSE

Finding Joy in your Journey

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to it’s old dimensions!”

I believe that in life it is easy to be focused on an achievement or a goal rather than actually enjoying the journey of experience and beauty that it takes for you to get there…

That may sound a little cliche, so bear with me.  I understand the whole focused, driven, determined, passionate side of things, and I am definitely all of those things, but one thing that I am a little more focused on now more than ever is that I can actually ENJOY my days as I am striving to achieve my goals.  It used to be that I was so focused on the outcome that I was pretty much miserable on my way there.  Meaning that I missed out on so many experiences and most importantly time – especially with my family. I used to be so focused on my career that I wouldn’t want to take vacations in fear that I might not be as good or as successful.  I made a decision about 7 years ago that I would enjoy taking vacations, spending time with my family and let the rest of the stuff just work itself out…the crazy thing is that I found that I was actually MORE successful, AND happy!  I realized that in anything in life you attract good things to you when you’re happy, positive and loving life…and let me tell you, I am definitely loving life.

Don’t get me wrong there are definitely times when I cry because things are hard or things aren’t going my way, and sometimes I just cry (no, I’m not crazy, I’m just OK letting myself be vulnerable letting things go so I can move through them).



That’s another thing that I discovered – of course the hard way – that I beat myself up for not having everything together all the time…and that is self defeating because the more I fight it, the worse it gets!  So, I get in my car, or just take a “time out” at home, and spend time letting myself feel what I’m feeling, and not telling myself I am weak, I shouldn’t be doing it or even worse that I am stupid for feeling a certain way.  We are all emotional beings, and we all have feelings…the difference is that some of us bottle it up, some let it all out where everyone can see it (sometimes to have others help us solve our problems for us), and some just know how to “ride the wave”.  I am learning to ride that wave, but not only that, I am actually enjoying riding it!

This is one of things that we talk to our kids about all the time – you can either learn how to handle things when they are smaller and easier to deal with when you’re younger, or become an adult that doesn’t know how to problem solve.  I see it all the time and I am guessing you do too…people that are great until they come across a sticky situation and then they turn into mush. Here’s the kicker – they will keep having these situations until they learn how to handle them.  I know for me there is a certain type of person that keeps appearing in my life, teaching me, stretching me, and definitely making me a better person.  I haven’t figured out EXACTLY how to deal with them, but I am starting to recognize patterns, learn from them, and react differently.  It seems crazy to do the same things over and over and expect different results, but I have definitely been guilty of that!


So as you can see from this post, you can find joy wherever you are…whether you are doing something you used to do as a kid (like blowing on this dandelion clock that was definitely nostalgic for me), or even just looking for something good in the thing you are doing…it will change your whole experience.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely choose to find joy and beauty around me!

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It’s all in the Smile


“Light up the night wild one, your smile is going to change someone’s life!”

Does it seem sometimes that life is too serious, and that there should be a time when we can just let it go, be ourselves and smile?  I have always loved to smile, but I am not one that can fake something easily, so just know this, when I smile, it’s because I really mean it.  It’s usually because I have had a funny thought, I see someone or something that I like, or just because the happy energy I feel inside is a little too much to be contained.  Whatever it is that makes you smile, here are a few things to consider that may make you want to smile more…

1. Smiling is contagious – when you see someone smile it is almost impossible to stop yourself from smiling, because our body’s mirror neurons copy what they’re doing!  If you want to see more smiles, you have to give more smile!
2.  If you’re feeling sad, forcing yourself to smile can actually improve your mood by increasing your body’s endorphins – you’ve heard the expression “fake it until you feel it”…well, in the case of a smile, it actually works!
3.  If you smile a smile that’s big enough to make your eyes squint, you boost your immune system, which in turn decreases the cortisol in your body, which can create a number of side effects you don’t want or need!
4.  It can reduce your blood pressure – you know those endorphins that improve your mood, well they also reduce your blood pressure.
5.  Smiling can actually make you look prettier – I don’t know about you but I’ll take as much help as I can in this department!
6.  It’s actually easier to smile than frown…meaning that you’re using less muscles, reducing the likelihood of having extra wrinkles.
7.  People who smile are more likely to be promoted – it demonstrates that you are happy, eager to work with and engaged, and that’s what employers love to see.



I can tell you that there have been times in my life where someone has smiled at me when I was feeling down and that smile was enough to lift me up.  Even if you don’t buy into any of this, what if you could be the person that someone else might need to see smiling?  What if you could be there for someone else that really needs you?

Without a doubt the happiest times in my life are those times when I wasn’t self-absorbed or just focused on myself, or when I took it a step further and actually focused on being there for someone else.  So, what if all you need to do is smile at someone and that is enough to change their perception about something? That’s not counting all the benefits you’ll receive…would that be worth it to you?

We have seen so many people in the media (like Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain) who had the perception of being happy, or at least fulfilled in their lives.  We would see them and think that they had the perfect life or that everything was great with them.  It just shows that we don’t really know what is going on with another individual or how they are feeling.  Sometimes people can be in the depths of despair without anyone having an inkling…

Things aren’t always going to be great, our lives are never going to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them that way. There is always someone that can be there for you – there is someone that you can be there for…

Choose to spread a little light and receive light if that’s what you need.

Happy Wednesday!

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Rock Your Own Style

“Be a voice not an echo!”

No matter who you are, where you’re from, your style says a lot about you.  Whether you use your style to stand out or you use it to blend in, somehow your personality seems to shine through in what you’re wearing.

Style is not something that is as exciting to some as it is to others, but even if you don’t care about all the latest trends or styles, my guess that there is still some piece of you that wants to look great and make the most of yourself (even if you don’t know how to do that).


With anything there are always going to be some that seem to have an affinity to be more stylish than others, but it doesn’t mean that because it doesn’t come naturally to you that you can’t learn it and become better at it.

Just the fact that you are reading this blog tells me that you do care…so how do you translate that into taking some action?  Looking at how others style things (whether that’s in a magazine, in a blog, on Instagram or Pinterest or on TV doesn’t matter), just seeing the realm of possibilities when it comes to style, knowing where you can buy things, and how to piece together an outfit will become easier and easier over time.

I have known people over the years that buy certain designers because they think that if they are buying that designer means they are being stylish – the problem with that is that I have found that not everything a certain designer works for any one person.  They are catering to the masses and therefore some styles are not going to suit your body type, coloring or personality.  Also seeing a mannequin in a store wearing a full outfit again doesn’t mean that the full outfit is going to work for you.  The key to styling any outfit is to know beforehand what your body type is, figure out which styles work for you so that you kind of have an idea what will and won’t work for you.  Then comes the fun part, you can start looking at different colors, patterns, adaptions on the styles that work for you and finally accessories & shoes (or if you’re like me, the shoes usually come first).

I do like to check out certain stores, follow their latest released styles and see which ones will work for me. I do know what I love, and have an idea how I want to put a piece together into an outfit before I buy anything.  Knowing what you have in your closet is always helpful because then you don’t get home and realize you already have something similar to what you just bought.  I have been loving that mustard yellow color recently and after I went on a recent shopping trip, when I got home I realized I had pretty much just been buying things I already had (no wonder I loved them so much 😉  )



My outfit today features a custom made T shirt from a fellow blogger in the UK (don’t you just love it), some amazingly comfortable and chic palazzo pants that I recently got from DownEast Basics (one store I love to check out because they have affordable, modest and stylish pieces), a cute little cross body bag that I picked up in NY and some sandals from last year.

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Whatever your personality, don’t be afraid to express it through your style.  Your comfort zone didn’t start out as it is now, at some point in your life you weren’t afraid to try something new…what have you got to lose?  Be You!  Be Unique!  Be Bold!

Happy Humpday – hope your week is fabulous!



Take Some Time for You!

“Self care is how you take your power back!”

Sometimes taking a moment to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the things around you is enough to get you through the tough times.

Take this weekend for example…we usually travel on holiday weekends but Brandon was working so the boys and I stayed home.  I’ll be honest, it’s been so nice to not have to wake up early in the morning, stock up on some much needed supplies, do some home chores, and just do them when I felt like it!

Taking time for yourself is the greatest give that you can ever give yourself!  We all have something that we love and something that revitalizes your energy and tops you up for when you really need it!  For some relaxation means meditation or yoga while for others it means more strenuous and energetic activities.  For Mother’s Day I was lucky to get an E- Bike – which is an electric bike.  I love it because it is great for extra steep hills when you need just a little kick to get you moving!  I have been on a few bike rides this weekend on the Mountain bike trails close to my house…



Another way I love to spend some down time (which is not very often, so it is very precious to me) is spending time on my patio, with a hot drink and a travel magazine to help me plan our next family trip. This Black robe from @Lissomelounge is so comfortable and soft.  I recently ordered some great things from them and this is by far my favorite.  I am usually a PJ’s kind of girl, but I have actually found that I am loving this whole robe vibe.  If you haven’t heard of them before you should check them out on Instagram – and details of how to shop them is in the link in their profile.

What helped you recharge your energy this weekend?  What things do you love to do that help you take time for yourselves! Drop a comment below – I would love to hear…

I read a sign on the freeway today that struck a note with me “Make memories – don’t be one!”  It was reminding people to drive safe, but I think it relates to so many other things in our lives, especially the fact that if we neglect taking care ourselves, we not allowing ourselves the privilege of being important to ourselves.  When we take the time to make ourselves important, that’s when everything changes in your life!

Happy Memorial Day to you and those you are remembering!





“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge!”

Is your Mum as good a sport as mine is – let me tell you a story and you’ll know what I mean!

When I was 18 I came over to the U.S. to go to college, and I obviously didn’t have my family around.  As time grew closer to graduating, my Mum came over to stay with me for about a month – we took graduation pictures, hung out and had fun.  During that time I didn’t have much money and I was living in a very small town that had few, if any, hair salons.  I decided it would be a good idea to color my Mum’s hair for my graduation, to spice things up a little 😉  Let me preface this with the fact that I am in no way experienced and I had NEVER done anything with hair like this before (especially not on myself)!

We bought a color kit from the local supermarket, and I set to work coloring her hair.  All was going well until I realized that I hadn’t tested an area to see how the color would take, and suffice it to say that by the time I was done my Mum’s hair wasn’t blonde but RED.  Now all I can say is that she is much, much nicer than I am because she didn’t melt down, in fact her only response was “it’ll grow out.”

So when I called her this week and wanted to try a new product on her I was very surprised to hear that she was 100% OK with me doing it.  It’s not because I have suddenly become a pro at hair styling, because I haven’t!



Thank goodness for AGEbeautiful Topcoat Toners which I just discovered…The thing is, just like my hair, my Mum’s pulls warm, brassy tones whenever she dyes it…and I noticed that there were some more brassy blonde tones in her hair and I wanted to “cool” them down for her.




I discovered this amazing new product at Sally Beauty and I have to admit I was cautious about using it on myself because I am not as patient as my mum is, and I’m pretty sure if it damaged my hair or it didn’t turn out right, I might have had a mini meltdown myself ;).

I am happy to report that these toners are the real deal.  For those of you out there who have ever gone to a hair salon and come home feeling less than satisfied because your hair is too yellow, gold or brassy…this is the answer you have been waiting for.

It is really easy to use, it only takes up to 10 minutes, you can do it yourself and you can see the amazing results.

I know, it’s not exactly like me taking her to a spa, but how she felt when I was done was definitely worth it!
AGEbeautiful Topcoat Toners are anti-brass toners that neutralize unwanted warmth to keep blonde shades looking cool. They deposit rich color & shine on pre-lightened or highlighted blonde hair, and because they contain Vitamin E they moisturize your scalp rather than drying it out – We used the Pearl Blonde – for reference!

You can click the link above to shop one yourself online, or just visit any Sally Beauty near you – go to to find your nearest location.

Beauty starts on the Inside


“It all begins with you. If you don’t care for yourself you won’t be strong enough to take care of anything in your life!”


As you probably know by now I am someone that believes beauty needs to start from the inside. It comes from how we think, how we act, what we do, how much we love ourselves and then that translates to people seeing our real true beauty.


Anyone can dress up and look nice, but to be truly beautiful it takes good habits, time for yourself and an absolute unwavering love for who you are. I recently met someone that I feel is the missing piece for my “beauty” so I wanted to share with you.



There is no greater love you can have for yourself than to respect yourself enough to want to take care of all your needs so that you can be a whole person for the other people you love in your life. That respect starts primarily with our thoughts but a second major piece to that equation is how we take care of ourselves…what we eat and whether we are active and exercise or not.


Anne Dorsey from has been voted the Best Nutritionist in Utah and when I met her I found out why. She believes in helping you create a new way of life by tuning into what your body is telling you to help you create a lifestyle that nourishes rather than depleting you. I have such a busy lifestyle and I sometimes find myself not having time to eat and then grabbing some junk food at one of my kid’s games. I am excited about working with Anne because she’s going to help me makeover my pantry so I can become better prepared and organized to navigate through my busy days.



Her Spring Revivify REBOOT is starting on April 16th and it is the perfect time for a “spring clean”. I don’t believe in diets, I don’t like plans that tell me that I have to do certain things and can’t do others. What I really want is someone that will coach me through those times when I am tempted to make bad eating decisions that I always regret later. I have always had a weakness for English chips, but I have noticed (and I am sure it’s because I am getting older) that when I eat fried foods my stomach feels like a lead weight. Now I know that they aren’t good for me but every once in a while I eat them anyway and spend the rest of the day feeling crappy. What I need is that someone who will remind me that my body is telling me not to eat them – that’s what Anne does!


The REBOOT is a 14 day Whole Body Reboot, and she is offering a special deal for TODAY ONLY…if you sign up for the RebootPLUS when you use the code FREEVIP you will be upgraded to the VIP package which is a $100 VALUE and will get you (3) 30 minute one-on-one coaching calls and a personalized pantry makeover. Just click this link to sign up RIGHT NOW!


If you are serious about wanting to be beautiful from the inside out, you’ll want to do this today before the special offer expires.



I’m excited about becoming more healthy, happy and beautiful…what about you?




Pay Attention to the Details

“It’s the little things that make the big things happen!”


One of the most important things and probably the most overlooked thing when putting together an outfit is the finishing touches, or details.  Something as simple as the shoes you wear, the earrings or even the jacket that you wear OVER your outfit.

I have always considered an outfit to be a work of art, that’s why I think its important to tie everything together so that even when I am headed to wherever i’m going, I look put together with a matching jacket or coat.  Putting together an fully cohesive can be easy if you follow these simple tips:

Don’t try too hard

Sometimes over thinking something can be the downfall of any outfit.  Whatever look you are going for, whatever your style, the key here is to stay true to yourself and not to second guess what you think you should wear, or whether you should try to be too much like someone else!

Accessorize to match your personality

I am loving a lot of the bold earrings, necklaces and accessory styles around right now, but just because you like something doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear it.  I have found that if I am not 100% certain that I am going to feel good about myself when I am am wearing it, then I won’t do it.  It doesn’t mean you can’t work your way up to being a little bit more bold, but the key is baby steps!  I love Gold, Silver and other metallic jewelry because of it’s versatility. I particularly love stacking bracelets, that way I can add some color or not depending on my mood.  This amazing link bracelet that I am wearing below is one that I was lucky enough to be sent by Links of London.  I remember having a charm bracelet when I was younger and the amazing thing about Links of London charm bracelets is that the charms are really easy to add and remove.  They have a wide selection of charms, and right now there is 25% off the bracelet I’m wearing – click here to shop one for yourself.



Subtle details can often be the best

There is definitely a time and a place to be really bold, but there is also a time for subtlety and femininity.  Finding a piece that is embellished with pearls, has lace accents, ribbon detail or even just adding a polk dot belt is a great way to show you are not bland but yet not “scream” out at the same time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer in letting what you wear shout out who you are, but just as in everything in life, there are times when a shout can be done much more quietly (if you know what I mean 😉 )


Finally, if you are not sure whether to be bold or subtle then think about this.  Who are you?  Are you someone that likes to be noticed or one that prefers to quietly be sophisticated, or are you the one that prefers to shrink into the background.  My guess is that if you are reading this blog, you are probably looking for ways to express yourself.  Nobody started out knowing exactly how they wanted to look, nobody ALWAYS knew who they were and were able to express that through their style.  So, the key is, don’t try to be someone other than YOU and even if you are afraid to really show who you are, then that means it’s something you must do.  Because even with style, the only way you can grow is by doing things you are afraid of.  Try something different and expand your comfort zone 🙂