Tulle skirt for that Unique classy style

“Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

After spending the day at my Grandma’s funeral, I felt the need to do a post in her honor.  She was such a classy and refined lady, that it makes me aspire to be exactly the same.

Recently on my trip to the resort in LA, there was an award dinner in recognition for hard work sales goals in 2015 that I achieved.  I had been looking for the perfect dress to wear, but was having no luck finding something uniquely appealing to me.  I did, however, find this amazing skirt that I just paired with a simple black top.  The skirt is really full and definitely makes a statement that the top needed to be much more understated so as not to draw attention away from the skirt.

I wore my hair swept to one side with loose waves in a classic, sleek look.  The ocean and lovely blue skies were a perfect backdrop for such a classy outfit.

Whenever I have a special occasion where I want to feel and look really special, I tend to take my time picking out the perfect thing to wear.  Not that I couldn’t find something in less time, but I like to make sure that I have found something I know I won’t see anyone else wearing.

This skirt was from an amazing website that I recently found and I have fallen in love with.  The accessories again were kept simple to accentuate and not distract from the skirt.  The shoes I chose were silver glittery that added just a little sparkle.

I have seen lots of tulle skirts, but nothing this unique.  Beware if you wear something like this because it is definitely full and can tend to make hips and tummy look bigger than they might actually be.

Skirt:  Stylewe.com     Shoes:  Steve Madden    Earrings & Necklace:  Nordstrom Rack

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