March 2, 2017

Bold Colors

“Enjoy being bold, and if that is scary at first, marvel at your ability to walk through fear!” While putting together the outfit in this post […]
February 27, 2017

It’s in the Eyes

“Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in!” Looking for a great way to accentuate your eyes?  I have always been […]
February 16, 2017

Is it Warm?

“You’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be!” I had the pleasure of spending the last week on Kauai with my husband, […]
January 28, 2017

Here I am

“Its good to be attractive on the outside, but being smart and confident on the inside is what counts!” Are you one of those people that […]
January 27, 2017


  “Elegance is good taste, plus a dash of daring!” So on this day, I wanted to show a fun side of my personality by wearing […]
January 26, 2017

Looking Professional

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself!” It doesn’t matter what kind of environment you work in, or if you don’t work outside the […]
January 21, 2017

Winter Days

  “We are all like snowflakes:  Unique and one of a kind!” We have had some pretty intense snowstorms here in Utah over the past few days, […]
January 19, 2017

Cozy up with a Warm Drink

“The quieter you become the more you can hear!” It is pretty much a given that you can improve your outlook just by taking time to […]
January 12, 2017

Simple and Stylish

    “You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through!”   Looking for an easy outfit to put […]
January 8, 2017

A Blanket or Shawl – what’s the difference?

“Hot fashion will keep me warm.” I can tell already that this winter is going to be long…but I’m OK with that! I am surprisingly OK […]
January 4, 2017

How do you Feel?

“Enjoy life, this is not a dress rehearsal!” Have you ever heard the expression “fake it until you feel it?” – as I get older I […]
December 20, 2016

Make a Choice

“The smile is every Woman’s sexiest curve.” Following on from the post yesterday, from a shoot that I am absolutely in love with.  I love how […]