Casual with Leopard Accents



“Self confidence is not taught or learned; it is earned by surpassing your own limitations.”

Today’s weekend casual outfit definitely makes a statement for so many reasons:  Form fitting pants, over the knee boots, Leather Jacket and Leopard Scarf.  It’s simple, and really easy to recreate.  If you are looking for something similar but want to adapt it to your own style, awesome…here are some things you can switch out and still look equally as put together.

  1.  Switch out the scarf for something that suits you more if Leopard is not your thing.
  2. Wear a pair of knee high boots if the thigh high’s are just a little out of your comfort zone.
  3. Add a little color to the outfit – colored form fitting pants or top (especially a bold color) will look amazing.
  4. I love the look with the Leather jacket, but if you don’t own one, that’s OK, find another semi casual style jacket for an equally polished look.
  5. Switch out the color of the Leather jacket, perhaps Red, Grey or even Brown.

All of these suggestions are simple, and the purpose of me telling you these are because we all know that we ALL have different tastes, styles and things that suit our personalities.  You can absolutely gain style inspiration from others, just don’t forget  who you are and what YOUR unique style is.  If you haven’t figured that out yet, join the rest of the world, it’s a constant journey, but what I can tell you is that who you are is important and expressing who you are in an appropriate way is equally as important.

Success is achieved by many factors, but definitely how we present ourselves and the impression we create when people meet us (which can often be before we even speak), is a huge factor that lead to, or prevent us from achieving our professional, relationship and success goals.

If you stay on YOUR style path and don’t be afraid to try new things, trust your instincts and put yourself out there, I know you will find things out about yourself that you will love.

Have a beautiful Sunday – I know I will, because today is the day I get to spend with my family!



The Velvet Crush

“I think I like who I am becoming!”

I can hardly believe that it is just one week to Christmas Eve – this year has flown by so fast!  I am feeling like I a little behind with my Christmas (mainly because I was gone for a week and did nothing during that time) – so, if you’re like me, whether it’s that you haven’t given you spouse or significant other YOUR Christmas list or you still have gifts to buy for family and friends…we are quickly running out of time.  I did order some stuff online before I left out of town, but we are almost out of time to be able to save our sanity a little and order online.

I thought I would make it a little easier for you to look for some great girlfriend gifts, or just some things you want to add to your Christmas list, here are some great Velvet pieces that I am absolutely crushing on!  Yesterday I actually found something that I really like and just sent it to my husband as part of my Christmas list – I think that’s the first thing I have done…it’s a good thing that he’s fabulous about remembering everything I say ALL YEAR and he always manages to astound me how thoughtful, romantic and amazing he is!

Velvet has come back with amazing force this year.  It is such a luxurious fabric but can also be very sexy.  Whatever your reason is for liking Velvet, here are some great pieces that you might like to add to your list or buy as a gift.  I love mixing Velvet with Satin, Leather as well as Silk – the combination of fabrics and contrast just looks fantastic.

I have talked about being feminine and classy and these are definitely things that can help you with that goal…

Happy shopping – may the craziness of Christmas and shopping not take away your sanity!

Boots Shopping

img_9829 img_9830 img_9831

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!”

We officially had our first snow here in Utah yesterday, so it made sense for me to pull out a pair of knee high boots (I’ve been fighting wearing them until now in hopes to stave off the colder weather).  These boots are one of my favorites – mainly because I love the color, but also because they are not too high, and even though I love wearing high heels, I do realize that it’s not always practical to wear heels to high when it’s snowy, icy or rainy.  Yes, I know, practicality does sometimes factor into my wardrobe choices 🙂

If you are interested in buying some boots like this, you can click the link below and get yourself some fun and sexy tall boots for winter.  These boots are great for wearing over skinny pants, leggings or even with a dress or skirt.  They do not zip up, however, they are not too tight around the calves, so you can still pull them on easily without having a fight every time to want to wear them.

I actually have larger calves – or at least they are not skinny, so I don’t like boots that cut off the circulation to my legs.  Or even those that leave indentations when I wear them for long periods of time.  This weekend’s newsletter is going to feature some other great boots that you can buy for yourselves, so if you have not already signed up for that, please don’t forget to do that!

I don’t know about you but I am honestly really ready for the weekend – albeit that I am going to be planning and buying supplies for our Thanksgiving.  I am also going to be thinking about holiday gifting and talking about some of my favorite things to do around the Holidays.  We definitely have different traditions in England – one of which is that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (but I like to celebrate both England and American traditions, so I think I get the best of both worlds!)

Have a great weekend and as you head into the Holidays next week, don’t forget to contemplate all the things you have to be Thankful for, and enjoy times with your families…

Boots: Steve Madden


Christmas Package



“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.”

I have a friend that told me this outfit made me look like a Christmas package – I took it as a compliment!  As I have mentioned before that Red makes me feel like a strong Woman, so when I picked out this Red skirt with the ruffles, it added femininity to my strength!

The combination of the Black sweater and cardigan along with the Grey suede boots make this combo really fun and attractive.  I love wearing pencil skirts, but sometimes have a hard time walking up stairs or just generally taking lengthy confident strides when I am wearing one.  A pencil skirt with ruffles like this allowed me to have the best of both worlds.  I was able to run up the stairs and still look sexy in the Red.

The addition of the simple thin Silver belt and the hobo purse make the whole outfit unique, classy and feminine all at the same time.

If you are looking for alternatives to your traditional pencil skirt, a skirt with ruffles around the bottom is a great option.  You might also consider a pencil skirt that is made from stretchy fabric to allow the movement you need to be able to actually function while wearing one!

A thin belt around the waist over a sweater or top is a great way to accentuate a smaller waist, but also a great different way to add accessories and make your outfit stand out…

Skirt:  Forever 21     Cardigan:  Nordstrom     Sweater/Top:  Nordstrom    
Boots: Steve Madden   Purse:  Marc Jacobs

My Family…

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“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

I have been contemplating my life over this past weekend – considering the importance of family time and how that time is something you can never get back. We are fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with each other and I don’t regret one minute of that time.

It was a little disappointing that my oldest, Dalton, had to stay home this weekend to work…but we still had fun! We are working at making time more important than things, but in today’s world it is really hard to do. Our cabin had no TV, and very poor cellular coverage, and the lodge had poor Wifi, but the boys did still manage to use their screens more than I would have liked.  I obviously can remember before we had cell phones and certainly before the internet, but it is hard for my boys to realize that there are other things away from their games, and the movies/TV they can watch with their phones and iPads! The first few hours or first day is always the most difficult and it makes me realize that we are pretty addicted to our phones and the things they can do! Kind of scary if you think about it.

I was raised in a family where spending time on vacation was something that we never sacrificed! So it is something that Brandon and I have incorporated into our family life. Vacation doesn’t have to mean spending a million dollars, but what it does mean is that you take your family away and spend quality time making memories…and it can be done just about anywhere!

I realized and we headed back down to Salt Lake that although I loved the weekend, I am not quite ready to let the summer go yet. Thank goodness we will have a little more time before it really starts to get cold in Utah.

Leather Jacket: Zara     Leggings: Cotton On       Boots: Ibiza       T Shirt: H&M