Classy and Fabulous

“A Girl should be two things…Classy and Fabulous” Coco Chanel

I have covered Animal Prints in another post, but this time I thought it would be fun to pair with a leather skirt.

Again the browns and blacks are great for fall and can be paired with a warm mustard, rust or burgundy color.  I love full skirts because they feel so freeing to me.  It is nice to get away from the normal tight or form fitting styles that always seem to be worn.

Wearing this skirt with a leopard print top adds a little dimension.

This type of skirt is great to cover up problem stomachs and hips while adding a unique sense of style.  Pair your chosen combination with a statement pair of shoes or boots to finish the look.

Embrace your Uniqueness…

Here are a couple of Tips for the day:

  1. Don’t hate your body. You are unique. Not everything is going to look great on everyone’s body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something that will look amazing on you!.

  2. You don’t have to go out and buy a full new closet for the Fall…the new Fall colors may look great combined with items you already have in your closet.

I love the combination of earth tones, such as this fitted black dress with brown accents and elbow pads that I picked up on a shopping trip to LA a couple of weeks ago.  I love to find things that can’t be found in Utah so that I stand out a little more.

For Fall it is great to pick out skirts or dresses that are longer and that can be paired with boots and tights as the weather gets colder.

Women know Everything…

“Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself.  Fashion is not just beauty, its about good attitude.  You have to believe in yourself and be strong” – Adriana Lima (Brazilian Model)

Style truly does come from within.  We all have our own sense of style we may just not have tapped into it yet or have not trusted ourselves to try new things.  Think of some great Women Role Models in your life.  What attracted you to them?  I have found that the Women I admire the most are the most confident and purposeful Women I know.

When I choose what I am going to wear, I always consider HOW I will wear it.  Walking into a room believing that you look amazing is half the battle.  I love to mix patterns and colors that make a statement and love to be noticed.  Initially you may not feel quite that bold and that is OK, just make sure that whatever you are wearing makes you feel great and that you convey that confidence to those you meet.


Step into Fall in Style

“The style for Fall is a combination of dressed up sophistication and flair”  – Francine Crocker

As the weather changes so does your wardrobe.  It is one of my favorite times of year, when I can explore new layers and come up with stylish combinations.
As I have mentioned before, shoes are my real inspiration.  So, the story continues with boots and booties.  Add a great stylish pair of boots to an outfit to create a “wow” factor.

Fall is all about layering in style.  If you are unsure about the latest styles and whether they will work for your body type or not, stick to fall colors.  You can find a great rust, maroon or even mustard colored top or dress that you can pair with a great pair of shoes, boots or booties to help you step into Fall in Style!

My latest fun purchase were a great pair of blue booties – stay tuned, they will be featured in an upcoming blog.  You would be surprised what colors can go together and don’t be afraid to try out new combinations.

Quote of the Day

It is important to hear what other Famous People and Designers have said about Style and Fashion – I think it helps to let you know that you are on the right Style Path!

Yves Saint Laurent is the Quote of the Day today…

Wear your Style with Confidence

“Its not about the Size you Wear but the way you way your Size”…

Part of finding your own Unique Style is to wear it confidently.  For anything that you lack in the creative department you can make up in how you wear it.  People are drawn to individuals that are confident – this means that if you want to attract the good kind of attention to you, then you need to exude that confidence.

It always helps when you know you look good.  Once you have the “perfect” outfit for the day and you know you look good, give yourself a few admiring glances in the mirror and tell yourself you look great.

Then, wherever you are going or whatever you are doing, make sure that the way you walk, talk and present yourself shows the confidence you have in yourself.  Believe me, when you start doing this people will start to sit up and take notice of you…

“Confidence is the Sexiest thing a Woman can Wear”

Casually done…

“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” – Alexander Wang

There are times when dressing up is not something you want to do…

We all have days when a baggy T-shirt and pair of sweats is reality…but, if you are looking for different ideas of the casual look here are some suggestions:

  1. Pick out a statement piece – you can always dress up an outfit with a cool jacket or top to go along with your casual pants.

  2. Let your hair be a little messy – these are the days that windswept and messy buns are perfect.

  3. Walk with confidence – this is the most important point. Whatever casual style you have chosen you need to “own it”…


For my outfit I chose to wear:   a pair of flat boots (I know, I hardly ever wear flats but I loved this funky pewter pair), with a statement top that had leather accents along with a cool jacket.




Shopping Phobia

I know plenty of people that HATE to shop. Here are a few tips for handling this problem:
1. Don’t go to stores that have so many clothes crammed onto the racks that you can’t really see what they are selling.
2. Make sure that you choose times to shop when it is not busy (for example, stay away from Saturday afternoons, and definitely avoid shopping when it is “Back to School” time).
3. Take a friend with you that is an “efficient” shopper rather than someone that likes to browse. This can certainly limit the time you have to be in a store.
4. Don’t try and take your kids if you are wanting to pick something out for yourself – you will just end up not getting what you want and think you were right about hating shopping.
5. Before you go shopping, look on a store website to have an idea if they may have something that you are looking for, so that when you get there all you really need to do is find the items and try them on.
6. Ask for help…don’t be afraid to befriend a stylist that you can talk to and ask questions. This could a friend or acquaintance or something more formal like a personal shopper.
7. Don’t try and follow fashion trends, remember your own style. A great way to do that is by using Pinterest…create a board that you can pin things that are appealing to you and then when you go shopping you can pull it up to remind yourself what you like. Its easy to get overwhelmed in a store, so looking as what you know you like should help you refocus.
8. Recognize that is something that you don’t like and that you have to do…so just surrender to it. That doesn’t mean do it all the time, but don’t fight it when you have to do it!
9. So now, if you are someone that just doesn’t have time…well that’s a whole other problem. First thing to do is plan in advance for any event or special occasion that you have coming up and decide if you have something appropriate to wear or if you need to shop to buy something. – if you don’t have something already, then here are a few options:
a. Talk to a friend that is a similar size and see if they have something you could “borrow”.
b. Decide the look you are going for…if you want formal, then search some store websites and see which stores have things that you like so you don’t have to shop around when you do venture out – you can go directly to the stores that have what you like.
c. Schedule yourself some time to visit the stores that you have explored online, and take a friend to be “honest” with you about which item looks best.
d. If you just don’t have time to shop for yourself in general and it isn’t for anything specific, then the best solution is again decide what you need EXACTLY and go directly to the stores that have the things that you want – but schedule yourself some time. If it means that you have to have takeout for dinner one night instead of making a meal, then do that. You deserve to be able to take care of yourself as well as everyone else.


Choosing the right accessories is just as important as picking out the clothes you wear….

It is really easy to make the mistake of picking out something that is over-stated or too busy so that it detracts from what you are wearing…

Another trap that is easy to fall into is when your outfit is just lacking something! That is something you can resolve by picking out a necklace or scarf, or just by choosing a really cool purse that accents the outfit that you have chosen.

When you have a V-neck shirt that is plain, it is best to wear something simple and delicate rather than a bulky or heavy necklace. A scarf can also work really well here, but don’t fall into the trap of getting too carried away with the accessories. The goal is to give the appearance of confidence and class.

It is OK to mix and match colors, especially when you are adding an accent. A purse that is a different color, or a necklace that just adds a pop is a great way to brighten an outfit. It is not necessary to “match” everything you wear, in fact, sometimes it is better to not have everything match.