Don’t just “make it” to the Weekend

“Joy is a decision, a really brave one about how you are going to respond to life!”

I hear lots of people saying and people posting about “making it to the weekend”, and I know I have been guilty of that too, but recently it has made me pause and think about what means.

We live in a time of immediate gratification, high expectations, social media comparison and so on, and I interpreted that as meaning we are always searching for that “thing”that is going to make us happy, we put expectations on ourselves and our situations so high that it is almost impossible for anything to reach those expectations.  And then when you start looking at what other people are perceived to be or have on social media, it only leads to even more  dissatisfaction and disappointment.  I have definitely been guilty of almost wishing away my time while I have been waiting for an event or a vacation, and the result is I don’t get to fully enjoy the moments that I am in NOW!

So, when we talk about “making it” to the weekend, my goal is from here on out to enjoy what I’m doing, and not be in such a hurry to get through the week.  There are definitely times that are hard and challenging, but if we spend all our time waiting for the next big thing, or just pushing through, we could be missing out on so much.

You probably all know by now that my husband is a coach and he teaches to trade your expectations for appreciations and find gratitude in things where there really doesn’t seem to be anything to appreciate. Finding joy in your life journey is the secret weapon to an amazing life.  Finding the good in the things that don’t seem good, or just being OK with things that you can’t control and working through them are a great way to start!

I am an extremely driven and motivated woman, and I am my own worst enemy.  I complete ruthlessly with myself trying to be so much better than I have been in the past, so much so that I sometimes lose focus on the things that are the most important things in this life – which are love, family, friendships, and heath.  I think at this point I am not going to remove that competitive drive from within me, but what I can do is learn that there are times when I need to pause and just appreciate!



This weekend is one that I am spending with my family at our home away from home in Midway, and our day is starting with a hike and appreciating the beauty of this world, and spending time with my boys (grumbling and all), because that’s what life is about.


I hope as next week starts you think about learning to enjoy the week so that you are no longer just counting down the days to the next weekend – you may even find that you start to enjoy what you’re doing 😉

Happy Saturday beautiful people!!

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Spring is in the Mind…

“Being positive isn’t pretending everything is good, it’s seeing the good in everything!”

I have always had a hard time with unpredictable weather.  I think it’s because growing up we couldn’t ever REALLY plan a barbecue or outdoor event for fear of the weather turning and us getting soaked.  I have somehow held onto that frustration with weather and realize as the seasons change, especially Winter into Spring, I find myself becoming annoyed, frustrated and sometimes even a little depressed when it snows in March or if Easter is not a sunny day.  Crazy…yes I know…but here’s what I have realized:

I don’t like certain things, but whether I like them or not, I have no control over them – and the weather certainly falls into this category!  Logically I know that at some point, at least in Utah, Spring is going to arrive and it’s going to be glorious, so getting myself worked up about WHEN is ridiculous, right?



With my personality type, the weather is definitely not the only place that this type of frustration over lack or control shows up.  I could give you a list of the areas of my life where I suffer from this same ailment, but what’s the point?  You’re probably already thinking of your own list, aren’t you?  I don’t know about you but my life is crazy enough with work, family, sports, recreational activities, traveling (OK, i know this one isa fun one but still stressful sometimes), so why would we add additional stress or frustration by wanting to control things that are most definitely outside of the realms of what can be controlled?

It seems like wasted energy and I very often tell my kids when they say they are stressed about school work, sports, friends, and they are worrying about how things will turn out, that there’s no point in worrying about what we can’t control – I get it, I can see it in others and offer them advice better than I can do it myself.  Logically it makes sense that energy wasted worrying about these things is truly just wasted, but I am guessing I’m not the only one that does it, am I?

Sometimes I feel enlightened and can handle it all, but other times I let silly stuff get me down.  The one thing that I have found that has helped me navigate this life as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and business professional is to cut myself some slack.  Knowing it’s OK to not get everything right 100% of the time has actually released a huge burden from me.  I used to beat myself up for feeling sad, angry, or frustrated and then over-think how I reacted to situations, how I treated people etc., which then led to beating myself up for not handling things great – a vicious cycle.

So, as we are now “officially” into Spring, I wanted to say to myself and to anyone out there that can relate, it’s OK if the Spring you want doesn’t arrive exactly when you think it should, it’s OK that you might not be happy about everything all the time and mostly, it’s OK, in fact, it’s more than OK to be YOU!  We can’t change the past, but we can certainly decide how we are going to be in the present, so why worry about old things & things to come, when if we focus more on finding some joy in where we are right now, even if that isn’t perfect, how much more happy and calm would your life be?

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Get up, Dress up and Never Give up!


“Believe you deserve it and the universe will serve you!”


Unfortunately it is the time of year here in Utah where the air quality is not great, we may or may not have a snow storm, but chances are, it’s going to be really cold.  With the poor air and inversion that we suffer with in the valley it very often brings colds, flu and other ailments that are never good but can really set you back if you don’t take care of yourself properly!


The reason I’m telling you this is because when I did this shoot, I had a cold and didn’t have any energy, but I knew I needed to do it because, well, just because I committed to it, but also because writing my blog is more important to me than taking a little time with some chicken noodle soup on the couch…



I have always been one of those girls where unless I literally can’t walk and I’m bleeding I don’t like to let anything stop me from what I need and want to do.  As a mum of four boys that works full time as well as having this blog, I am sure you can imagine that my life is pretty full, and that doesn’t even count anything I want to do for fun 🙂  I have found that I can sometimes be my worst enemy in that I don’t like to ask for help but that can sometimes cause me to feel resentful (even though logically I know that I brought the chaos onto myself by not asking for assistance!)


One of things I worked on this holiday season (which is probably one of the most hectic times of the year, not just for Christmas but also for my job because it is busiest at the end of each year), I allowed other people, specifically my husband and kids, but also co-workers and other people I know, to help me with things I would normally have just powered through myself.  Are any of you like me where you feel like you have to be a “soldier” and you are on the front lines just slogging through the day only to find at night that you just want to fall into bed and you really haven’t enjoyed yourself along the way?  Whew!  It’s not a good place to live I tell you…and the worst part, it’s so unnecessary!


So how do we change the way we have always been?  Is it who we are?  If you are like me and struggle with any of these things, here’s something to think about…by not asking others to help or by not including them in what you’re doing, you are taking the opportunity to serve away from them.  What do I mean?  When you do things for others does it make you feel good?  Are you that person that is always reliable, always giving, doing or just being there for others?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you know what an amazing feeling it is when you know that you’ve done something for someone else…right?!  Conversely if you don’t let anyone experience that feeling by doing something for YOU, aren’t you robbing them of that experience?  I know all of this stuff logically but I can tell you, it’s still hard for me…but I do know unless I teach my kids (and my husband) how to serve others, then I am doing them a disservice!



I definitely rolled into 2018 with a really positive attitude, great goals (one of which you read on Sunday), plans and aspirations…so now the key is to continue as I have started (yes, I know, it’s only been 1 day), but nevertheless, it’s still hard to keep to a path you have laid out for yourself, unless the goal means so much to you that quitting is not an option!


You are going to see a lot of people talking about goals, asking you what your goals are…and you may or may not want to share.  The key is to have goals to have things you want to do, even if it is to keep doing what you have always done, and just be better at it.  We all have our own paths to walk, but I can tell you, no matter who you are, whether you make goals for yourself or not, there are going to be things thrown into your path that are going to make you grow whether you like it or not, so nobody is going to have an easy ride.  Might as well set yourself something exciting to achieve so you are not letting life just happen to you!


Happy New Year…and by the way, the outfit I’m wearing in this post is an amazing velvet dress, with a leather jacket and leather booties.  You can shop a similar velvet dress, leather jacket, and booties by clicking the links below (who doesn’t love a luxurious velvet dress with a great leather jacket? :))


Sundays are for…


“There are seven days in a week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them!”


I absolutely love Sundays for many reasons, but the main one is that I pretty much know that we are all going to be home together spending quality time – for good and for worse!  This time of year we light the fire, watch football and movies, and stay warm and cozy inside.  We were supposed to get snow today and while we did some some flakes, but there was very little and none that is stuck to the ground.


Sitting on the couch watching flurries through the window is definitely my way to enjoy snow…the hard part is when it happens during the week when I have to work 😉  So, because we are not in charge of scheduling the weather or deciding how warm it is, it is better to be prepared for colder days with some classy, stylish outerwear.  I do admit that it’s not only shoes or boots that are overflowing in my closet, but I also have a walk-in closet that is only for my coats and jackets…of which there are many!  It may seem like overkill, but I do like to switch out my jackets often, and make sure that I have a great jacket for just about any occasion.



Now I’m not telling you that you need a different jacket for everywhere you go, because I realize that it’s not always practical, but what I do think is important is having different jackets or coats that will work for different occasions.  For example, have a more dressy coat or jacket, always, always, always have a leather jacket because it can be very versatile, and with all the faux leather jackets that are great quality around right now,you don’t even need to spend a fortune.  A ski jacket or down jacket is great for many more casual occasions, and if you can stretch to this, an faux fur or dressy fleece style jacket (see one I posted the other day here).


I believe in having choices, in everything in my life, and most definitely in my closet.  I have found that if I have choices or options, it tends to stress me less – I know it sounds weird, but the reason is that I don’t like having control taken away from me, and if I have to wear the same things over and over, it feels a little outside of my control and therefore it doesn’t sit well with me.


It’s so funny that my whole life I have fought being controlled and wanted to express myself in a unique way, so much so that it can cause problems for me in many areas of my life.  When I was younger I remember thinking that all adults had everything figured out, and that I couldn’t imagine anything that would stress them out.  Well…was I wrong!  It seems to silly to think that someone might have something figured out because they had reached a certain age in their life…nevertheless that is what I did.  I have also been guilty of looking at other families or people I know and thinking that their life looks so great and almost perfect.  Sometimes it’s easy to sit back and think others have it figured out and think badly about ourselves because we don’t…


I constantly remind myself that NOBODY has EVERYTHING figured out.  In fact, we are all fighting battles, sometimes they are silent, but everybody has something.  Our experiences shape our lives, and they can either break us or make us stronger – it’s all in the choice we make!


I choose freedom and my freedom comes from not being a slave to my experiences or my challenges.  What do you choose?


Disclosure:  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through or make a purchase.

Time to Pull out the Fur…

“Wear your confidence like a badge of honor”


Thanksgiving is officially over, and as the end of the year draws closer, we know that colder weather is sure to follow.  One of the things I love so much about Utah is how amazing the valley and mountains look in the winter, it really is a winter wonderland (or at least I love it when I’m looking outside from a warm, cozy, fire-filled room).  Knowing that I don’t love to be cold, I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to face it no matter what, and I have bought myself some amazing coats that keep me cozy and look great!


The jacket I’m wearing in this post is one that I actually bought in August and have had it sitting, waiting to wear since then.  I have a few fur type coats and jackets but none are as unique as this one with the bead details.  You may or may not have figured this out about me by now that I love to wear at least one statement piece for each outfit, so wearing this, nothing else is really needed to make the outfit pop!  I love to find unique things and the reason I love them is because they make me stand out.  I have never been one to be OK to be part of the crowd, I have never been a shrinking violet, I kind of love the attention that wearing something bold and unique gets me!  (I’m not too proud to admit it 🙂 )


We all have ways that we like to dress, even if you feel like you don’t dress well, you have certain things that you buy, you very often put them together the same way, and what you wear will say a lot about what you think about yourself.  I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but you should always ask yourself before you dress “what do I want people to see when they look at me”?  Of course, once people know you they are going to decide what they do and don’t like about you based on your behavior and personality and not just how you look.  The question is, are you going to get that far before someone decides?


If you are looking for ways to show people your personality without having to speak, what you wear will absolutely do that.  If you are someone that likes to blend in and not be noticed, people are going to know that just as they are going to know if you are cocky or arrogant.  While I do like to stand out and be noticed, I have to be careful that I don’t overwhelm people by being too bold (at least not all the time, and certainly not for important occasions such as business appointments, interviews, church, etc).


Whoever you are, someone is going to want to know you, so even if you don’t want to be too bold, do you want to hideaway.  I have seen people that are truly beautiful both on the inside and outside, but they are too afraid to show people how amazing they really are, and I think that is such a waste.  Obviously, how you express your style is your choice, but before you make that decision, why not consider this…those people you meet are missing out by not knowing or SEEING the real you!  Something to think about!



If you are as much in love with this jacket as I am – you can shop it by clicking the link here from Mirina Collections.


Finding Joy Around You

“The secret to having it all is knowing you already do!”

The world seems to be seeking immediate gratification in everything,  what with all the social media it’s become almost impossible to live in the moment, and most importantly to live a “real” life.

I’m sure you’ve all seen those people that live amazing lives on social media, always seem to be happy and smiling and doing amazing things all the time.  It certainly would appear that their lives are the best ever, when in reality the real lives are not anything to write home about because they are just living to post.  Of course this isn’t true of everyone that you see, but beware to not get sucked into comparing yourself or your lives because you most certainly will fall short.

So how do we find what we see around us and just love our lives?  When I was younger I don’t think I really appreciated the beauty that was around me…I definitely missed out on a lot of things that I don’t allow myself to miss out on now!  Fall is an amazing time to start yourself on a journey of finding beauty all around, because of the colors and often beautiful sunshine.

Even if fall is not your favorite season, or you are  fair-weathered person, just like I am, there is still plenty to appreciate and enjoy.

This Fall break we are spending time with the boys up in Midway, Utah, and there aren’t many better places for enjoying the scenery and peace and quiet.  Even just driving up the Canyon on the way here, we have seen so many amazing colors, we played golf on Thursday, went on a Sleepy Hollow Haunted Wagon ride, and then Friday morning the wind blew so much that it brought snow in…
Now, I’m not a huge fan of really cold weather, but the boys and I went out for lunch, did a little shopping to buy some movies, and then came back to our house and made dinner in front of the fire so we could watch the movies.

Appreciation of what is around is the ONLY way we will get through this life as happy, fulfilled people. Enjoying the snow and the beauty it brings is a little harder for me, but it did give me the chance to sit by the fire with the boys and spend some great family time.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to see beauty around you when you have hard things going on in your life, but I have noticed that whenever I can change my focus to those things that cause me to feel gratitude, or to help me to enjoy my life more, I definitely feel better about things.  Nature and the beauty of the world is a great place to start, but I always like to find beauty in people too…not always an easy feat, because I have found that as I get older there are some people that are just not nice, but I notice that if I try to find at least ONE thing that someone does that is nice, a talent they have, or that they dress nice, it helps me to not focus on negative thoughts or feelings.

This weekend didn’t start off as good as I would have liked, I got up really early to watch Manchester United play soccer, and they lost…but, here’s where I know I am learning to find joy in the journey, I realize that it’s just one game and that it means they will re-evaluate and come out better than ever (ok, so I have no control over what they do, but I can think good thoughts because it makes me feel better 🙂 )

I hope you find beauty around you this weekend…

Layering in Style

“A Real Woman smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection!”

A topic that is very appropriate for Fall and Winter is how to layer in style….

What I mean by layering in style is finding jackets, sweaters, cardigans and coats that become a continuation of your outfit.  I have always found it just as important to wear the right jacket as it is to wear the right clothes underneath.  In Utah we have quite a lot of snow in the winter, so obviously it can become very cold.  Utah is also known for many amazing ski resorts, which require the best (usually expensive) ski attire and equipment.  I see a lot of people wearing a ski jacket with a business outfit and I think that is something that could definitely be improved upon.  While I love ski jackets or down jackets and such, I feel like there is a more appropriate way to wear them – and that is when you are going for a more casual look and not trying to convey professionalism or femininity.

I definitely own some of these jackets and coats and I do pull them out for the right occasion, but I definitely own many other jackets and coats that can work better when I am going to work, a function, church or trying to look classy.

Here are some examples of ways to wear jackets or coats, which obviously don’t exclude wearing down or ski jackets:


A long, fluffy cardigan is perfect for enjoying days that are not too cold…it can work over a business outfit (like this one) or a more casual outfit.  I love cardigans, they are not too heavy and add that extra insurance layer “just in case”!


Mixing textures when you’re wearing a shorter jacket is something that can be really fun to do.  I paired this cute little velvet jacket with some faux Leather capri’s for a cooler day or evening (when it’s still important enough to want to look a little funky or edgy!)


The trusted down jacket – adding an accent scarf, and wearing it on a more casual day – this is the perfect jacket.  If you are a ski jacket or down jacket person no matter what, wearing a scarf, finding a jacket with some fur accents, or even just a contrasting shiny and matte look (like the one I have) is a great way to keep it unique and yet still look stylish.


Finally – a Leather jacket can work for just about any outfit.  It can add a little sass to your business attire, it can add some class to a pair of jeans and sweater, and it can even dress down a ball gown…
Leather has and will always be my “go to”, so I believe that every girl should own at least one Leather jacket…especially since you can even pick up some faux Leather now that you can’t even tell is not the real deal…

As you head into this fall and winter, firstly make sure you are going to be warm enough and secondly make sure you are doing it in style!!

You can shop some of the top jackets on my fall shopping list by clicking the links below


Is Your Wardrobe Ready for Fall and Winter?


“Don’t change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit YOU!”

If you live in the northern hemisphere, then brace yourself, because chilly temperatures are on their way. Rather than lament the passing of those summer days, you should see this as an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe so that it’s more appropriate for the cooler period of the year. And good news: this can be a seriously fun exercise, one where you can rid yourself of those old and tatty pieces, get creative with your outfits, and all-around make sure you’re ready whatever the weather. Below, you can read my top ten ways you can transform your wardrobe for good; or at least, until spring returns.


Clearing Away The Leaves

The leaves will be falling outside, and you’ll be clearing them away, so why not also go through your wardrobe and have a clean up of any debris that’s taking up valuable hanger space? If you’ve not had a clear out in a while, you might find pieces that range from ‘wow, I would never wear that again’ to ‘this would be a fantastic piece…if it were 2014’. Once you’ve collected all the items you’re no longer so certain about, move onto the next step….


Discard, Swap, Amend

And now, what exactly do you do with these pieces that you’ll no longer be wearing? You have three options. You can discard them, which should mean giving them away to a charity shop (unless they’re damaged beyond hope, that is). You can also see if you have any friends that might have items you could swap your old clothes for; remember, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure! Finally, you could always get out the old sewing and crafts kit and see if you can amend the item so that it looks like new. It’s surprisingly easy to breathe new life into old clothes!


Plan Your Style

Now that you’ve got some space in the old closet let’s have a think about which look you want to don during the upcoming months. Remember, there is no such thing as fashion rules, so take a look at the styles that are catching your eye and try to work them into your wardrobe. A new style can be achieved can adding a few essential pieces, such as boots, or a stylish overcoat. These are the things that you’ll be wearing most, so give them the most attention.


What’s Missing?

But let’s not get too carried away with finding new styles; there is, after all, some cold weather to navigate, and as such you’ll want to do a headcount to make sure that all the essential items are present. If in doubt, load up on thick sweaters: there’ll always be space to put on a thick top and head out into the brisk air. In the absence of anything more glamorous to wear, they’ll be your go-to during the upcoming seasons.


Physically Ready

And should things get a little bit chillier than expected, remember that it’s always handy to have some extra cold gear in the locker just in case you have to brave some seriously cool temperatures. Layers will see off the worst of the cold, but it’ll be your warm winter jacket that really saves your bacon should you need to go outside when you’d much rather be curled up in bed!


Planning for Exercise

Just because we don’t have to be ready for the beach doesn’t mean we should be excused from exercising! Even though it won’t be at the top of your priorities, it’s important that you have some cool weather workout clothes so that you can head outdoors to get fit and healthy even if the temperatures aren’t playing ball. The good news is that you don’t just to have to buy things that are only functional. If you buy high-quality leggings, you’ll also be able to wear them with long sweaters and boots to create a cute fall day outfit. So even if you don’t quite make it to the gym, you’ll still be getting some stylish wear out of your new purchase.


What are the Fashions?

We’re all for celebrating individual style, but we’re also for celebrating collective style – that is, fashion – too. Why not take a look at some of this year’s fall fashions, and add something eye-catching to your wardrobe for when you want to make a splash at the classy events you’ll be making an appearance at in the coming months?     


Replace the Essentials

It’s all good and well topping up your fashion items, but what about the nuts and bolts of your wardrobe? And more specifically, the things that never – unless something goes wrong – see the light of day? An incoming chill is a perfect time to get rid of your old pajamas and replace them with some cozy new ones, because your body will always thank you if you take the time to invest in new socks and underwear. While these are enjoyable at any time, you’ll be extra thankful for your decision to buy thick socks when it’s cold outside!


Hitting the Stores

Now that you’ve got a game plan in place, it’s time to do some shopping. But hold right there, because first you’ll need to figure out a budget for your shopping spree, and then make sure that you stick to it. It’s all too easy to go all shopaholic when you hit the stores, especially after you’ve convinced yourself that you need to replace your entire wardrobe, but trust us: you’ll be thanking us for slowing you down once your credit card bill comes in. Once you’ve made a list of all the items that you need to buy, stick with that!


Have Fun

Transitioning between seasons isn’t meant to be stressful; it’s supposed to be fun! Don’t let your big switch out cause you any unnecessary headaches. Make a day of it, and get your friends involved if they’re fashion friendly. So long as you stick to a budget, you’ll come away with a new wardrobe that is practical, stylish, ready for the chilly months, and oh so you. Enjoy!

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Summer Nights…

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought!”

Right before the summer started I met a friend for coffee and she was wearing a pair of sandals that made me a little envious.  They were really stylish and once I found out that she had bought them because she wanted to walk around Disney Theme parks, and could do that all day without feeling like her feet were sore, I knew I had to grab myself a pair!

I have a lot of shoes in my closet (you may have already noticed), and I don’t mind paying a little more for shoes if I know they are going to be something I can wear a lot or if they are timeless.

These Eileen Fisher sandals are definitely worth the money I paid for them. The leather feels like butter and doesn’t cause any rubbing, and the springy soles allow for you to walk and walk and walk! I have been known to wear heels when I’m hiking, but after my kids and husband teased about it, I have definitely become a little more sensible in my shoe choices, so when I knew I was doing this shoot and had to walk on a gravel path, these shoes made absolute sense!

Paired with the White jeans, the Denim jacket and the scalloped hem blouse, this outfit is perfect for a casual summer evening (especially if you fancy a drive up the canyon where it’s a little cooler when the sun goes down).

I like pairing casual with dressy, the jeans and blouse are a little dressier than the sandals and jacket, but the combo I think really works. Of course my current favorite shades are the icing on the cake J

Shop this look or find similar styles and create your own summer night style by clicking the links below!

Spring Shopping Style

“Each day is a page in your fashion story!”

As I am on my shopping trip in NY I wanted to post an outfit that is perfect for shopping in the spring in NY!

Perfect for comfort, changing weather and most importantly for style!  I plan on doing lots walking, shopping and of course finding amazing food to eat…

Stay tuned for some videos and I am hoping there’s not too much rain 🙂