A Dress with Pants…

“Don’t be into trends.  Don’t make Fashion own you, but you decide what you are!”

There are so many styles out there where the dress is really short. While I feel there is a time and a place to wear a short skirt or dress, for business is not one of them.

I really like the look of wearing a dress over tight or form fitting pants, so that you can still wear the dress, but avoid having it look trashy!  A similar effect can be achieved by wearing opaque tights, but this is just a little edgier and unique.   I love this dress that I am wearing today, the geometrical patterns and cut…but, I felt it was just a little short to look professional.

My solution was to wear it with these black pants – I love it. It is still business, but definitely not a predictable professional style.

The dress is something that I picked up last fall in Palm Springs and this is the first time I have worn it. I think I am going to experiment with some other styles like this, and see what creations I can come up with…stay tuned.

It is a really easy idea to replicate – give it a try!

Dress: From a Boutique in Palm Springs   Pants: H&M   Shoes: Dollhouse

Black & White

“When it comes down to it, let them think what they want.  If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I’m already better than them anyway!” – Marilyn Monroe

Business dress in black and white today – of course with just a little twist.

Wearing black is not a bad thing, for those of my friends who always default to wearing black, but here’s what’s different about today’s outfit…I added some white pants to mix it up and then added some great red and black shoes.

Black doesn’t have to be boring or predictable, in fact, it can really can be classy, but the key is that you have to make it stand out~!

This is just one way you can make black stand out. I am sure every one of you have black pieces of clothing that you can put together to create your own unique look.

Here’s a challenge – if you feel like you have put together an outfit that is just a little different using black as a main component, then shoot me a picture. I would love to feature some outfits on my blog put together by someone other than myself. If you don’t want anyone to know it’s you, you can snap a picture that doesn’t show your face…

I look forward to seeing some ideas of outfits…

Pants: Old Navy       Blouse: Whowhatwear       Jacket: Forever 21      Shoes: Dollhouse       Sunglasses: Esprit

Business on Friday…

“Style is personality, beauty is attitude.”

Have you been looking for the perfect way to still look professional for business but dress it down differently?  I put together today’s outfit to show how wearing a pair of business appropriate pants can be dressed down by wearing some denim.

As you can see effect is professional yet casual.

I love Fridays because I feel like I have more opportunity to create unique styles to dress down a little for work!

Get creative with your outfits and put together something stylish, professional and fun by adding denim…

Cigarette Pants: Top Shop   Denim shirt:  H&M    Shoes:  Jessica Simpson   Sunglasses:  Alexander McQueen

Nautical Style

“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you are going.”

I don’t wear a lot of outfits that have stripes, but I was feeling a little nautical today (and actually I have found that I really like it and I am probably going to do it more)…

I had this great skirt (found it in the back of my closet from a couple of years ago), so I thought it would be fun to pull it out again. I do love finding things that I have forgotten I had – especially when they are cute!

In keeping with the Nautical look I added a cute white fitted T-shirt with lace detail. Because I am not a rule follower, I wanted to add a pair of shoes that didn’t “match” the outfit. These great Teal shoes I think accent the whole outfit.

Nautical style (or just navy and white stripes) is a great fresh look and can be worn in so many ways. I love striped tops, especially when you pair them with plain white or navy pants or skirt. It is a great look and something that is easy to replicate. I would offer a word of caution that if you are wearing stripes, make sure that if you are wearing something fitted, don’t wear horizontal stripes because they will tend to accentuate any bulges or bumps or just generally make you look “wider” than perhaps you actually are.

Go ahead, get your Nautical vibe going and give it a try!

Skirt: My own from a local boutique   T-shirt: H&M   Shoes: Jessica Simpson    Jacket:  Mossimo (Target)     Sunglasses:  Dior

Khaki can be Classy

“A modern day Goddess knows that being Feminine is not weak!”

For some reason I just love this Khaki color – I think because it is a great color when you have a tan or some color to your skin. It is especially classy because the fabric is satin and it has lace accents.

It is one of the types of dresses that works with lots of different types of figures – because it is is straight and doesn’t gather at the waist. I love how feminine and flowing it is, but I also wanted to add something to make it a little edgier – so that’s where these great sandals came in.

The pearl necklace adds to the femininity but the sandals say “There is more here than meets the eye.”

This color doesn’t work well with all complexions – so make sure that you try on whatever you are looking at before you buy it! In the spring and summer I love to wear dresses, especially this type of looser dress because they are much cooler than layering skirts and pants or even skirts. Anything that doesn’t gather at the waist it going to allow you to be cooler and not perspire as much. There is nothing less flattering than wearing something that causes you to overheat and start to show perspiration marks by the end of the day.

Femininity is something we as women should harness because it is very powerful, and not to be ignored. Feeling feminine brings more power and confidence, and therefore success. I used to think that being too feminine made people think that I as a Woman was not as strong as a man…I am here to tell you, that femininity is something that men and other women actually admire.

Dress: H&M      Shoes: Vince Camuto      Necklace: H&M    Sunglasses:  Kate Spade

Shiny Pants…

“Between two evils, I always pick the one I’ve never tried before.”

You’ve probably already figured out by now that I am a fan of wearing things that stand out from the crowd. Today is no exception…

I love these Shiny pants – they definitely catch the eye, and I have already had numerous compliments on them. I know wearing something like this for some people may seem overwhelming (especially knowing that people are going to be looking at you all day), so it definitely requires a little confidence. I have always been a believer in the fact that people are going to view you EXACTLY as you view yourself. Therefore, if you think you look great – then that’ s how other people are going to see you!

I say, be bold, be strong, be confident and show what a powerful Woman you can be by walking with grace and style…

Trust me – you will love how it makes you feel!

Pants: Old from Calvin Klein   Shoes: Qupid   Blouse: H&M   Necklace/Bracelet: Nordstrom

Polka Dots

“You can’t have a bad day in Polka Dots.”

I wore these shoes last week with the great grey tunic I highlighted – I don’t think that the shoes got the credit they deserved so I am giving them their own highlight.

I fell in love with these pumps when I first saw them because they are so versatile. Black and white go with just about anything, and adding the Polka dots is just an added bonus.

I have had a lot of people tell me that they can’t wear really high shoes for long periods, and honestly the key here is to find a pair that are not too tight for you. If I know I am going to have a busy day running around meeting with clients, I tend to wear a pair that is not quite so high. That way I am not in misery by the end of the day. While wearing stilettos are extremely flattering, they don’t look good if you are having a hard time walking around because you are in pain.

I have seen lots of shoes that look amazing on the display but when you put them on you have a hard time walking without looking like you are a newborn calf – wobbly and unsteady!

Shoes: BCBG

Dress up your Denim

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content!”

For my Sunday best today I decided to add a denim blouse with my white borderie anglaise skirt.
The skater skirt works really well with this type of blouse that is tied at the waist.  It just cinches in the waist and makes the outfit look very classy.  I didn’t want to wear “matching” shoes so I chose a pair of neutral beige stilettos that perfectly compliment the skirt and blouse combination.

The addition of denim doesn’t make the outfit look less dressy, but rather adds something that is not typical.  I have never been a rule follower, I prefer to choose my own unique style and come up with different combinations of outfits.  Sometimes these outfits are based on what I have seen on other people, in fashion magazines, but most importantly, the outfits I put together are what I like.

I have highlighted these types of skirts before, but what I love the fabric of this one and white is a great color now (especially today when we were blessed with sunshine!)

This style of skirt is extremely flattering for most body types, especially because they are fuller and can hide problem tummy and thigh areas.  You can find varying lengths so choose the one that is most flattering for your height and build.  You don’t want it too long but too short won’t look as good either.

As you can see from various posts I have done about this type of skirt, it can be worn in many different ways – you just have to find the way that best suits you.

Go on – give it a try!

Skirt:  Forever 21    Blouse:  Strawberry NY    Shoes:  Wild Diva

Happiness is…

“Happiness is the secret to all beauty.  There is no beauty without happiness .”

As I was sitting contemplating what to do on this weekend now that baseball games have been cancelled I found this picture from when Brandon and I stayed at the Terranea Resort in California.

I realized that while I was there I felt happy and relaxed.  This picture was taken when Brandon and I were on our way out to dinner.

Sitting overlooking the ocean I realized that happiness truly is a decision we make everyday!  Although I was grieving over the loss of my Grandma I found a tremendous amount of peace in that place.  It truly helped me and I made a decision that day to choose happiness, because when I am happy I can accomplish anything!

 Top:  Whowhatwear    Pants: Zara   Sunglasses:  Michael Kors

Classic Woman

“Be a girl with a mind.  A woman with attitude and a lady with class.”

Another purchase from my NY shopping trip is this great tunic. The cut is great for hiding problem tummy areas, yet it is extremely classy and sophisticated.

When you are wearing a tunic like this you want to wear tighter pants (that don’t have detail around the waistband, because you don’t want to have buttons, zippers or other details poking through the tunic)-  that would distract from the look. I paired mine with some tighter black pants and added some polka dot shoes that are eye catching.

The great thing about this top is that the fabric is not clingy and doesn’t accentuate my hips or stick to my pants as I am walking but rather hangs just perfectly.

This silver color is great for spring, and can be spiced up a little by adding different colored pants if you feel comfortable with really bold colors.

I think tunics look better with pants however, I have worn them before with longer pencil skirts (mid-calf are the best).

Tunic: Zara   Pants: H&M   Shoes: BCBG