Beautiful Sunday

“To have your own unique style you must lose your fear of being wrong.”

Grabbing some much-needed “alone” reading time before heading to church…

Sitting in my back yard enjoying the much awaited summer here in Utah I took the opportunity to relax just for a few minutes  – amidst the chaos of making breakfast, making sure the boys are ready and a quick clean up, I needed some tranquility!

Summer is such an amazing time for so many fashion choices.  I put together the outfit today by choosing the skirt first, and then added a neutral white top and shoes that highlighted one of the colors in the skirt!  Pretty simple to do, especially when the skirt had so many colored flowers.  Sometimes the tendency can be to pick a neutral pair of shoes or match to your top – I wanted a little more color than that today…

I think no man or woman should ever fear being expressive in their style choices – I always encourage my boys to create their own unique style – sometimes those styles are “not traditional” however, the key is to have the confidence to try, and then figure out what really works for you!

Skirt:  Forever 21  Top:  H&M   Shoes:  Sam Edelman   Sunglasses:  Michael Kors

Not so ordinary Sandals

“It’s the smallest adventures that lead you to the greatest happiness.”

I love the changing in seasons, not only for the sunshine but also for the opportunity to wear a completely new wardrobe.

The stores have lots of choices of sandals:   For walking, for dressing up, for every day wear, and then there are those that are just a little different.

I love finding a pair of sandals that are different from what everyone else is wearing.  The sandals in this post are just those.  Gold is such a versatile color and can be worn with just about anything…

When you wear sandals one of the biggest mistakes that I see people make is when your toes have polish that is chipping off or your feet are especially dry.  Dry skin in Utah, and other dry States, is really common but yet it is easy to overcome.  Coming from England I had never faced this problem before – I guess the rain and moisture in the air was not only good for having beautiful green countryside but it was also good for my skin!

I was getting a pedicure from a cute little vietnamese lady when she told me that the best thing for dry heels and feet is to put vaseline on your feet right out of the shower or bath.  Because I take a bath every night I do this right after and I have to say I have truly noticed a difference in my feet between pedicures.

The nail polish is a whole different story – if you are not a person that regularly goes for pedicures then take care of your feet yourself and invest in some neutral polish that you can maintain.  I know it sounds really stupid for me to be telling you this, but I have seen so many people while I am out and about with problem feet and I have to say I really notice it and it’s not flattering!

All it requires is just a little attention to detail and you will be sandal ready for the summer!

Gold Sandals:  Top Shop

Spring Booties…

“I think the key for any Woman is not to set herself any limits.”

Walking into an appointment today a Man stopped me and said “You win the award today…those are the best shoes I have seen. Usually people only give someone marks out of 10, but you deserve a 20.”

What a great start to the day – I took it to mean that I had done something right when putting together today’s outfit.

For me the booties were a great eye catcher for the otherwise quite conservative outfit. When you are wearing these style of jogger pants with elasticated ankles it is a great opportunity for you to wear a pair of statement shoes because they are going to be so much more visible than they would with regular pants.

It was a beautiful day, so the blouse was perfect to wear without a jacket. The whole outfit was very light and cool, so it would be perfect even on hotter days.

A blouse with this kind of detail is very feminine so it allowed me to wear the booties and not take away from that femininity!

Have fun with your feminine side, but just to mix things up a little pick a pair of shoes that is a little edgier and eye catching – you never know, you may bump into the same Man that paid be such a great compliment!

Booties: Steve Madden     Blouse: Forever 21    Joggers: H&M

Two Piece Suit…

“Be your own kind of beautiful.”

Not your typical two-piece suit…I put together today’s outfit using a knitted skirt, short sleeved sweater that I picked up at a boutique on a shopping trip to LA and haven’t worn before! I added the shirt underneath because the sweater is shorter and I needed a little more coverage.

I have to say, I love the effect. I love the brown and blue together, especially because I wore some snake print shoes to tie in the two colors! Wearing blue and brown together is not something you see very often – unless you are seeing someone wearing brown with some jeans. I love these colors together, especially if you wear a lighter brown (such as taupe or tan) so that it doesn’t make the outfit look too dark.

I love putting together outfits that you won’t find in fashion magazines, or everywhere you go…This one is no exception – I had many compliments, and it felt really good!

I pulled my hair back into a chignon to create a sophisticated up-do. I like to change up my hair quite often – I probably wear it up every other day. When I put it up, I like to try new styles and usually my go-to for new ideas is Pinterest – I always try them at night or on a weekend when I have more time to play around, rather than doing it on the day I am getting ready for work!

Shoes: MIA     Two Piece Suit: Boutique in LA   Blouse: H&M

Exciting News

“Be yourself, nobody can do it better.”

I have been working on an idea and finally have the opportunity to share it with you…

I came up with a plan for those of you that don’t like to think about putting your own outfits together!  What I now have available to purchase on my site are 2 FULL OUTFITS.  I have put together a casual look and a more dressy look.

Click on My Shop Link on the left sidebar – here is a sneak peak of one of the outfits that is available.

It is a great dress that suits just about any body style, sandals, and a necklace with matching earrings.

Stay tuned there will be more coming, but for now I wanted to gauge your feedback – please feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!


Shoes in the Spotlight

“A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.”

I wanted to highlight the shoes I wore yesterday, because they definitely deserve it.

I had so many compliments on the shoes…it made me realize that people truly do look at everything you are wearing, and when they like it, they don’t mind telling you. This is a great way to gauge how great your outfit is – comments don’t lie!

I know I have said it many times…if you have the right shoes, it makes the WHOLE outfit. That doesn’t mean that you could wear something totally unflattering with a great pair of shoes, and have a great outfit…but what it does mean is that a great pair of shoes takes ordinary to extraordinary!

The textures of the outfit I wore yesterday were all so different, and the shoes were a great contrast.

Find a pair of statement shoes to make your outfit stand out…

Most importantly, have fun playing with different styles and looks until you find the one that fits YOU!!!



Just a little Fringe…

“Only those who risk going too far find out how far they can go!”

A sneak peak of something I am going to be selling on my site soon is this great denim top. Stay tuned for more details…

As I was putting together this outfit I wanted to wear the top, and immediately remembered these great shoes I had bought on a shopping trip to LA. With this style of top, I think it looks great to wear something more form fitting on the bottom (whether that is pants or a pencil skirt). It’s important to remember that in order to achieve the most flattering look you want to create a contrast of fit from the top and bottom. What that means is you don’t want to wear something baggy on the bottom because it tends to make you look larger than you may be. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something tighter, you could choose something that is gathered at the waist – which accentuates the difference in the top and bottom of your outfit.

I love the detail on the shoes because they definitely make a statement. This style of shoes works best with skirts or capri pants so you can see all the detail.

I know I have been wearing quite a bit of denim recently – it seems to be just working itself into my wardrobe…and I have to say, I am loving it. Especially because it works well for both casual but also business attire – if worn properly!

Find your perfect denim outfit, and pair it with a great pair of statement shoes!

Shoes:       Skirt: Express      Denim Top: Coming soon to

Navy & Cork

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

My Sunday best today is a perfect comfortable shift dress in navy denim look fabric. I paired the dress with some great cork sandals in navy, orange and yellow.

The sunshine from yesterday has given way to some showers which has made everything so green and beautiful and reminiscent of some great places in England.

I love Sundays, spending family time, getting some much needed enlightenment and of course relaxation.  For me Sunday’s have always been the day that hold the entire week together!  Without it, the rest of the week would seem just a little gloomier and harder to handle.

Wearing an outfit that is comfortable, stylish and unique is something that has always made me feel classy and confident.  Choosing something to wear on Sunday’s that is modest as well as stylish is not as hard and you would think…

Dress: from a boutique in Palm Springs (I always manage to find something unique whenever I travel)  Sandals:

Saturday Game Day

“If wearing leggings as pants is wrong then I don’t want to be right!

As is usual in the spring and early summer in our household – up early to get one of my boys to their baseball games.

I decided to just pull my hair into a top knot and throw on some legging and a loose T shirt.   I am sure you are wondering why I am wearing wedge sandals and not flats, well…the simple answer is that I don’t wear flat shoes very often because I prefer at least a little heel.

It is a beautiful day in Salt Lake City, so this lightweight T shirt will be perfect as the day gets warmer and warmer.  The bird and tree details on the shirt are very feminine so it really can dressed down without taking away from the feminity!

Sitting for 4-5 hours – leggings are perfect because they are comfy and flexible…

T shirt:  StyleWe  Leggings:  Nordstrom Rack   Sandals:  Jessica Simpson  Sunglasses:  Guess

Red Lace

“I am confident because I can admit who I am, what I’ve done, and love myself for who I have become.”

My favorite color has always been red, so when I came across this great Red Lace skirt, I had to have it!

Lace is something that is really classy, sophisticated and of course can look sexy.  I think it can be suitable for many occasions, depending on what you wear it with.  I wore it for work, and paired it with a looser fitting satin blouse and some great scrappy black shoes.  For meeting with clients, I also added a jacket (which is just that extra touch to make something look especially professional).

There are so many different styles of lace skirts.  So, no matter your body type, you can find something to suit you.  I think lace in any capacity looks fabulous, such as blouses, skirts, tights, or even lace shoes.

Wearing bold colors always makes me feel more confident, so I tend to wear them on days when I need a little “pick me up” or have important meetings/appointments.

The key to any outfit is believing that you look great in it – and walking like you have purpose.

What gives you that extra confidence?  What helps you walk with purpose?  Whatever it is, duplicate it whenever you are not feeling as great as you could!

Skirt:       Bouse:  H&M        Shoes:  Jessica Simpson