How Colors can Influence our Behavior

“Women sometimes go too far, it’s true, but it’s only when you go too far that others listen!”

We all have colors that somehow attract us to them and affect our mood…but can colors really influence our behavior?

Scientific America says that “Red is a powerful color. It’s the color of Cupid and the Devil, the color of love and hate. It brings to mind hot-blooded anger and Scarlet Lettershame. It means luck in China, where bridal wear is red, mourning in parts of Africa and sex in Amsterdam’s red-light district.”

There are also some biological reactions that showcase the color in varying shades, such as:  Getting red int he face when you are angry or embarrassed.  The color Red has also been known to cause Red car drivers to react more aggressively than drivers in another colored vehicle.

I think the most renowned example of Red used in an instinctual way is the Red cape of a matador, used to taunt a bull.  The bottom line is that Red is known as the most “powerful” of all the colors, so shouldn’t it be so that it can also evoke the most intense emotions?  Red has always been my favorite color, even at a young age I was drawn to it’s power and the frequency that it emitted.  It is the color I always turn to when I want to feel more confident, more powerful and last but not least, more sexy.

I know you have all felt things when you have worn certain colors…but my question is, have you ever used those “feelings” to your advantage?  Red can be intimidating to some people, so it is probably not a color you want to wear for an interview or as a Woman if you want to man to look at you and take you seriously as an intelligent peer.  Unfortunately we as Women still face having to manage the perceptions of Men and actually even other Women.  If you are someone that loves Red as much as I do and you want to wear it with pride, then you also have to be prepared for the reactions you are going to get.  The feelings of confidence and power that you emit when you are wearing Red is something that other people are going to feel too!


If you are looking for a cheat sheet about which colors you should and shouldn’t wear for certain times, here are few guidelines for you (remember, these are just general and definitely shouldn’t be taken too seriously, because we would never wear anything if we did!):

RED. Physical
Positive: Physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, basic survival, ‘fight or flight’, stimulation, masculinity, excitement.
Negative: Defiance, aggression, visual impact, strain.

BLUE. Intellectual.
Positive: Intelligence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, coolness, reflection, calm.
Negative: Coldness, aloofness, lack of emotion, unfriendliness.

YELLOW. Emotional
Positive: Optimism, confidence, self-esteem, extraversion, emotional strength, friendliness, creativity.
Negative: Irrationality, fear, emotional fragility, depression, anxiety, suicide.

GREEN. Balance
Positive: Harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, equilibrium, peace.
Negative: Boredom, stagnation, blandness, enervation.

VIOLET. Spiritual
Positive: Spiritual awareness, containment, vision, luxury, authenticity, truth, quality.
Negative: Introversion, decadence, suppression, inferiority.

Positive: Physical comfort, food, warmth, security, sensuality, passion, abundance, fun.
Negative: Deprivation, frustration, frivolity, immaturity.

Positive: Physical tranquillity, nurture, warmth, femininity, love, sexuality, survival of the species.
Negative: Inhibition, emotional claustrophobia, emasculation, physical weakness.

Positive: Psychological neutrality.
Negative: Lack of confidence, dampness, depression, hibernation, lack of energy.

Positive: Sophistication, glamour, security, emotional safety, efficiency, substance.
Negative: Oppression, coldness, menace, heaviness.

Positive: Hygiene, sterility, clarity, purity, cleanness, simplicity, sophistication, efficiency.
Negative: Sterility, coldness, barriers, unfriendliness, elitism.

Positive: Seriousness, warmth, Nature, earthiness, reliability, support.
Negative: Lack of humor, heaviness, lack of sophistication.


My goal for this weekend, wear as much Red as possible…what colors are you going to wear?

The Key to Wearing a Leather Skirt

“The enemy is fear.  We think it’s hate, but it’s fear!”

What immediately comes to mind when you think about wearing Leather?  I think it always used to be associated with bikers, and perhaps an outfit for wearing to a club at night.  I’ve never really liked being pigeon-holed, or told what I should and shouldn’t do when it comes to fashion…so I say, gone are the days when wearing Leather is no longer versatile.  In fact, I think Leather (or faux Leather) can be worn and look professional in a business environment, look classy with a nice blouse or lace top, and it can even be used to add a little “edge” to a normally conservative outfit.

Today, the focus is on the versatility of wearing a Leather skirt.  I fell in love with this skirt while I was shopping on my recent trip to England.  I was in Manchester and exploring what was in the Zara store and I came across this Olive Green skirt.  With Zara being one of my favorite stores, it stands to reason that I would love just about everything they had in there, but this skirt definitely caught my eye.

Leather skirts can cost a little more, but now with the quality of faux Leather as it is, you really can get away with looking as good (if not better) when you’re wearing faux Leather – let me explain.  While Leather is absolutely one of the most durable and long-lasting materials you can buy, there are definitely some drawbacks and the main one that I see is the lack of “give”.  Leather is not known for it’s stretch, and that is where faux Leather comes in.  Buying a faux Leather skirt is better if you’re looking for a more fitted look, and one that will move with you.  The skirt in this post is faux Leather and I love how it fits me really well, it allows me to walk and sit freely, and finally it also costs a lot less.  Not that I am opposed to buying Leather clothing (I definitely own some skirts, and jackets), but sometimes, especially with new trends and colors, it is safer to go the faux Leather way.

The outfit I put together is one that could be worn in a professional environment, for a date, as casual wear, or pretty much any reason you could find – and that is what I love about it.  The blouse brings a certain level of femininity and the chignon in my hair accentuates that look too, while the mules with their unique heel bring a little “funk” to the whole look.

Fall and winter are the perfect time to wear Leather – It can be a very hot fabric so it’s a little harder to wear on hot summer days, so the cooler months are just right.

Here are a few other ways you could wear a Leather skirt, because let’s face it, we don’t all want to dress the same way 😉

  1. Wear a mid length skirt with a loose sweater and booties
  2. Wear a knee length skirt with some funky tights and a blazer.
  3. Wear a skater skirt with some over the knee boots, a fitted sweater and a velvet jacket.
  4. Try a pleated skirt to mix things up a little, and wear it with a blouse or fitted sweater.
  5. Wear an A-line midi skirt with some stiletto pumps and a fitted top.


If you are looking to add a Leather skirt to your fall or winter wardrobe, you can shop some of my top picks below…




A Minimalist’s Manifesto to Effortless Style

“There is nothing more dangerous than a beautiful woman that is focused.”


For some people, it’s easy to toss on whatever they have at hand, and they still look great. The rest of us, on the other hand, may need a bit of help when assembling a new outfit. We want to put more focus on a minimalistic style as it keeps your wardrobe from overflowing, first of all, and it also makes it a bit easier to piece together an outfit early in the morning.



Here are a handful of fashion tips on how minimalism can make you effortlessly stylish and the elements you need to include to pull it off – don’t get me wrong, I’m not selling everything I have to clean out my closet, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to make sure that what you are buying is good enough quality to last like you want it to!


Think quality over quantity

  • If you think buying the cheapest clothes will save you money, think again. Garments like these tend to fall apart a lot quicker than you had in mind when buying them – and in some cases, it doesn’t take more than a wash or two before they’ve lost their charm.
  • Remember that sturdy clothes and shoes will stand the test of time too, and may even look better after a couple of years so you can forget about them for a season or two, only to rediscover them later. I absolutely love it as the new seasons come along, because I am able to “go shopping in my closet” and find things that I had forgotten I had!  It’s the best kind of shopping, because I am guaranteed to find some little gems I had forgotten about 🙂
  • When you buy clothes, shoes, and bags that are high-quality, you’re kind of investing in a piece that will continue to look great as long as you take good care of them. This is an important point, though, and you’ll be crying bitter tears after stomping into the snow with those new leather boots without safeguarding them first – so make sure that you invest in the best protection possible so you don’t ruin them the first time you wear them.
  • Remember this when it comes to any high-quality piece of clothing; read the label, follow the instructions, and keep your leather stuff away from water. Check out these functional wallets from, for example, and you’re off to a good start.

Being classy is something that I am sure every woman aspires to be, and class doesn’t have to cost a fortune, sometimes all it takes is a little effort and care…

Confessions of a Styleaholic


“The ultimate definition of bravery is not being afraid to be yourself!”

Have you ever noticed that one person who is so consumed with how they look that they never dress down?  Someone that could take hours and hours to get ready in the morning…or someone who has to make sure they are wearing makeup and their hair is done even if they are going to workout?

Here’s my confession…I have always been concerned about how I look that no matter what I am doing I always make sure I am dressed appropriately – even down to making sure I had the “cutest” golf outfit for our Annual work golf tournament even though I probably only make it to play golf once or twice a year…

Now, I don’t consider this as a problem unless it interferes with your wellbeing, or of those around you! It has never really taken me a long time to get ready – in fact I had a flight to catch last week and set my alarm for 6:30PM instead of AM – for some reason I woke up at 6:55AM and managed to make it out my front door ready to go by 7:08AM and I was through security by 7:30AM – but, there have been times when I have caused myself undue stress by over-thinking what I would wear for certain events or on certain days, so much so that I have not enjoyed things like I might had this not happened.


So, without changing who I am (because I am ALWAYS going to take care in dressing nicely), I have rethought how much pressure I put on myself.  Before I moved over the the US I hardly ever wore jeans, and I typically wore dress pants, skirt or a dress most days.  I have learned over the years to incorporate some more casual, non high maintenance outfits into my style repertoire.  In fact, I’ll admit that there are some days where wearing jeans is something I crave to do.  I love weekends where I can dress up a pair of jeans or dress them down depending on what I am doing.  I allow myself some days where I don’t have to plan ahead the night before what I am wearing, and I reserve this for days when I know I have more time in the morning or those days when I don’t have to be somewhere special.  Weekends are perfect for not over-thinking what I am wearing, and I take those days to relax more and not put pressure on myself.

I am a styleaholic – and I am kind of proud of it.  I love fashion, always have and always will.  I love taking
something to wear and making it my own by adding some unique accessories, pairing it with something unexpected (like mixing colors that not everyone is doing) or adding a funky pair of shoes.  I have realized that not everyone enjoys style and fashion as much as I do, and that’s OK.  We are all unique individuals and we don’t ever want to change that, so how can someone that is not interested in style or fashion change up their look?

Here are a few easy to follow steps to help you in your own fashion story:

  1. Identify your body type – figure out if you are pear shaped, round, apple shaped etc.  Once you know this, you can then determine the styles that will work for you:  Pear shapes look better when they wear things that aren’t fitted around the legs and butt.  In short – don’t accentuate areas where you are largest, find styles that balance your body.
  2. It seems like the easiest thing to do would be copy what someone else is wearing – but that is not always going to work.  You can certainly use someone else’s style and outfit as a guideline, but don’t try to duplicate it identically.  Everyone’s body type is different, so stick to styles that work for your body type.
  3. Pick out one thing in each outfit that is a statement piece – it can be a necklace, scarf, pair of shoes, skirt, dress, pants, blouse, jacket etc.  Whatever that item is, you can build around it – if you have a statement necklace or scarf, wearing a plain dress is a really simple way to put together an outfit that can work for any body type.  It could be a fitted dress, A-line, shift dress, or empire waist dress it doesn’t matter – the key is you have added something that will make your outfit stand out and be noticed.
  4. Make sure that your shoes are looking nice – they don’t have to be fancy, but always make sure that they are polished and well taken care of, otherwise you are going to draw attention to that and people will notice the wrong thing about you.
  5. Casual looks are just as important – wearing jeans doesn’t have to mean that you are not caring about how you look.  Even distressed jeans can look amazing and classy – especially if you wear them with the right things!  This amazing cross body bag with the tribal strap is a statement all in itself, but by adding a funky jacket and some awesome booties…the whole look is exactly what I was going for!
  6. Finally, make sure that your hair and makeup match your style…don’t wear too heavy makeup during the day if you are going for a more business like look!  While smoky eyes look amazing, there is a time and a place for that kind of look!

The final, most important piece of looking like you know style is having the confidence to rock your own style…wear it with pride, own it, flaunt it and feel good about yourself.  Remember – behind every strong woman is an amazing story!

For those of you who have been waiting…here are the shopping links to this outfit (for the cross body bag with the tribal strap – click here)


Styling your Booties



“Be the energy you want to attract!”


One of my favorite things about Fall and cooler weather is the fact that I have the opportunity to wear boots and booties because I don’t want to expose my toes to the cooler temperatures.  There are many, many styles – some that are more appropriate for a casual outfit, but I am in love with finding styles of boots that I am able to wear with dresses or skirts, and even more specifically, ones that can be really dressed them up so I can wear them for business.

One of the easiest outfits to put together is one that is just a simple shift dress with a pair of booties or boots.  You can really funk up the look by choosing a pair of statement boots, or adding a really colorful or contrasting pair of tights. The look in today’s post features a dress I bought while I was in England at an outlet Mall called Cheshire Oaks and it is made by Warehouse.  The booties are also a purchase from England that were truly a bargain (and who doesn’t love to find a bargain)?

This dress with the pleated ruffles is definitely unique, and the long sleeves were perfect for the cloudy, cooler day when I had this shoot.  I am someone that is cold a lot of the time, so I have to make sure that when I am choosing an outfit I have thought of every eventuality.  I have to make sure that it is going to keep me warm most of the day, or I bring along a sweater or jacket as added insurance.


I have picked out some similar styles to those I am wearing in this post below, and some of them are top of my “must have” list for Fall 2017.

What is your favorite thing about Fall?  I drove through the Canyon up to Park City this weekend and the amazing color explosion that I saw was truly amazing.  Fall is such a great time to really appreciate this amazing world we live in and enjoy what art nature shows us…

As I am looking at the weather for this upcoming week and seeing that it is on the cold side, I am contemplating more ways I can wear some of my new favorite clothes and boots…stay tuned for more Fall looks as the week goes on!


What Works for You?

“You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind!”

There are always going to be colors that we are drawn to, and that draw can come from our past experiences, what we liked as a kid, or because they remind you of something.  We hear a lot about what colors mean, what effect they can create and how some are more “power” colors for those days when you need a little boost.

With all the variations of colors in the stores, there are so many for us to choose from.  We can use our natural skin tone, our hair, our style and our confidence to determine which colors are the most in tune with our personality and style.  I have always believed that we should never be afraid to try new things, colors and styles, but we also have to be aware that not all of them are going to work for us all the time. For example, Red is my absolute favorite color.  It’s a power color, it makes me feel confident, classy, sexy, sophisticated, feminine and the list goes on…but there are some shades of Red that work better with my complexion and my hair – and this can change when I have a tan or if I am wearing tights on a cold winter day.

I know it sounds like a lot to think about, but I promise if you follow some simple rules of thumb it will help you out on those days where you’re not sure what you feel like wearing or you don’t have the energy to think about how you want to present yourself (yes, we all have those days!)

Here are some simple things you can use to help you be guided toward using current trends, colors and styles and adapt them into creating your own unique style:

  1. You don’t need to know everything about fashion to look your best – some styles are just not going to work for you…pay attention to colors you see people wearing, colors in stores and in magazines.  Most colors have hues that can be adapted to suit your complexion and hair color, so if you are drawn to a color and it’s not typically “your color” it doesn’t mean that you can’t find something similar that would work for you!
  2. Fall and Winter are great times to add color by using accessories such as scarves, tights, shoes/boots and hats…I love to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit – it still attracts attention but it does it in such a way that it’s not screaming for attention.  If you are not someone that likes to wear bright or bold colors, then don’t try to move away from what is comfortable for you too quickly, just try using accessories and see if it makes you more comfortable.
  3. The key is finding YOUR STYLE…it is really important to remember that just because you see someone else wearing something, or you know it’s the “in” color or style, doesn’t mean you should do the same.  We are all unique individuals on the inside, we all look different, so why should what we wear be the same as anyone else?

There really is no reason why you should feel like you have to conform or “fit in”…even in business, where styles typically tend to be a little more conservative, you can still find styles and colors that will express who you are.

Wearing leather for work has not traditionally been something people do, but I love leather and by wearing it with a nice blouse, and some stiletto pumps, I have created many outfits that are unique and yet still appropriate.  I have always liked to walk to the beat of my own drum, I don’t like to be predictable, I like to stand out and I like to be different…because of this, I am always looking for ways to adapt current styles to fit my personality because that is what makes me feel the most confident and happy.

Have a happy weekend, and if you are out shopping for some new Fall trends and colors, have fun!

Who Needs Pockets? 5 Reasons That Designer Handbag Is The Right Choice

“I’m not one in a million type of girl, I’m a once in a lifetime type of Woman!”

Every woman who is interested in fashion will have noticed the lack of pockets in all their clothes. Coats have pocket outlines, but often the pockets themselves are sewn shut. Jeans often have pocket outlines, but again, the pockets are just for decoration and not for practical use. The fashion industry is extremely smart, as their lack of pocket design means that they get to sell more beautiful handbags and we all know how much we girls love our handbags.

Over the shoulder, across the body, clutch, on the back – you name it, it’s on the shelves. Handbags dominate the accessories portion of the shops, alongside coin purses and functional wallets such as the Bricraft RFID zipper wallet, which not only carries cards and cash but protects you from ID fraud. Women love their accessories and the fashion bigwigs know this and in a way, take advantage of it. No pockets tends to mean that you now have to buy a bag and a purse – oh what a shame that is! Justifying the cost of a new designer handbag may seem like a big deal, but don’t worry. We get it. We understand that there are good reasons for investing so, check out our top five reasons that you should absolutely buy that gorgeous bag!


  1. It’ll Last. A designer handbag often costs a lot of money and there’s always a good reason. You’re paying for quality material and quality workmanship and you won’t necessarily need to buy another bag for a fairly long time. Unless, you know, you want to.
  2. Sales. Most designer handbags go on sale through the year and let’s be honest, who hasn’t looked at a handbag sale, seen them for half the cost and invested? Yeah, us too.
  3. Impressions. First impressions are important and if you’re buying a designer handbag so that you can replace a shabby looking one, then it’s worth it. Dressing to impress counts for something, especially in the workplace, and if you have a beautifully supple leather handbag on your arm, you’re going to do just that.
  4. Style. Having style is important when you are someone who wants to keep up with current trends. No one wants to look outdated, especially if you’re heading to work with your new bag every day! Updating your appearance is important for some and a handbag can do so much for your look!
  5. Feel-Good Factor. That feeling of buying something beautiful, new and just for yourself can last you some time. There’s something wonderfully uplifting about treating yourself to something new and you can really give your self-esteem a boost.

Browsing the very many designer bags on the shelf could take some time and when you see the price tag, don’t forget all the reasons you’re buying that bag. You haven’t got any pockets, and you’ve got a wallet, a phone and your keys to carry around as well as all the other secrets women carry in their bags. Invest today and you’ll not regret it tomorrow.

If your family is anything like mine then you know your kids or husband is going to ask you to carry their phones, keys and many other things that you have no idea why they’ve brought it with them!

Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers for great handbags – you can shop the one I am carrying by clicking here



Looking Classy? It’s All In The Outfit

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.”

There’s a style for every mood. Sometimes we’re in a party mood;  sometimes we’re in that just-rolled-out-of-bed-on-a-fall-day mood. Whatever clothes we’re thinking about wearing, we always want to look our classiest best. Contrary to popular belief, looking classy has little connection to what’s in your bank account;  there are enough millionaires out there wearing bad clothes to prove that.  Below, I wanted to take a look at a few staple fashion habits you can incorporate into your routine that’ll ensure you always look class


Buy The Best Clothes You Can Afford

No one’s expecting you to go out there and buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes.  In fact, that’s the opposite of what the experts would advise:  you don’t want to fill up your valuable closet space with items of clothing that you know won’t make it through to the end of the next year. Achieving that classy look is about buying the best quality clothes that you can afford;  it’s much better to buy five pieces that you know you look amazing wearing, rather than ten pieces that just look good. This’ll work out cheaper in the long run (because they’ll last longer), and you’ll be complimented on your good taste for years.


Avoid the Logos

Classy clothes do not have a logo attached. Why? Because all the best, most certain brands don’t feel the need to plaster their logo all over their clothes. While buying a branded piece won’t undo all your good work if you’ve bought well, you will lose some of the ‘mystery’ that goes into having a classy look.

Treat Your Clothes Well

There’s no point spending your hard earned cash on a quality piece that could last years if you only go and throw it around like it’s a cheap, replaceable piece.  Learn how to take care of your clothes, accessories, and bags properly; nothing will make you go from fashion hero to fashion zero quicker than when people look at your once beautiful clothes and see that they’re scuffed.  There’s something to be said for the shabby chic look, but it shouldn’t be achieved just by letting your expensive clothes adopt a cheaper look!


Strong Accessories Game

Knowing the difference between stylish and ostentatious is a key aspect of achieving a classy look.  It’s all in the details, and when it comes to your jewelry, less is more.  Take a look at Verragio rings or Tacori bracelets and keep things simple;  it’s better to add one or two high-quality pieces rather than overdo it with too much bling.  As well as your jewelry, think about the other staples we all have:  your sunglasses, phone cases, purses, and so on.

When In Doubt, Stick to the Classics

If you’re struggling to find your classy look, or don’t know where to start, look at adding a few of those timeless ‘classic pieces’ to your wardrobe.  They’ll never go out of style!  As trends come and go, you’ll be able to wear the same old items, knowing you look a million dollars.

The Key To Daily Feminine Style Lies Dormant In Your Closet

“Everything is hard before it’s easy!”

While it’s great to have loads of beautiful clothes and jewelry, they’re not much use if they’re not properly organized. You know you’ve got a killer outfit in your closet somewhere, but actually putting it together piece by piece is impossible: nothing is where it’s supposed to be.

The good news is that you’re not alone. Lack of closet organization is one of the main reasons why you keep telling yourself “you have nothing to wear.” But fear not: we’re here to sort this problem out and end this sorry state of affairs. Your closet in brimming with beautiful clothes and jewelry that make you feel empowered. It’s time to start putting those items on and strutting your stuff.


Hang With Precision

Do the jackets, coats, and blouses hanging from the rail in your closet look haphazard? If they do, you could be missing out. Jackets that aren’t properly aligned, dresses which look misplaced – they all discourage you from taking them off the rack and wearing them on an unconscious level. Staring at a disordered closet can deny you the opportunity to put on your best clothes and come up with new combinations. But don’t worry: there’s an easy solution. Make sure that all the items in your closet face the same way. This will make it easier for you to rifle through your wardrobe when you’re looking for what to wear in the morning.


Drawer Dividers Are Miraculous

If you’ve ever wanted to organize your drawers, look no further than drawer dividers. Drawer dividers don’t have to come with the drawers themselves. You can pick up cheap plastic varieties from most craft stores. Use drawer dividers to sort out your pantie an, bra and sock drawers. You could organize these small garments by color, type or style. Think about the amount of time you could save.


Get Rid Of The Cardboard Boxes Full Of Shoes At The Bottom Of Your Closet

Nothing is more annoying than dragging out dozens of pairs of shoes from the bottom of your closet to find the ones that will go with your outfit. But despite the inconvenience, many of us insist on using opaque, cardboard boxes to store all our footwear.

There’s a good reason for this: boxes keep all our shoes in one place and stop them from migrating over the entire floor of our closet in a giant mass. But there is a better way: smaller, translucent boxes. Small boxes deal with the problem of having to rifle through your entire shoe collection every time you want to find a pair to wear. And the clear part guarantees that you’re able to quickly find the shoes you want, every time. Why not try it for yourself?


Put Your Bags On Display

When it comes to closet design, most people didn’t bet on having a dozen or more bags. Usually, bags get stuffed down at the bottom of the wardrobe, just like shoes – and as a result, many bags are forgotten. Rather than stuffing bags inside other bags and hoping you’ll remember where they are and what they go with, try making your own bag display. It’s simple really: all you need is shelving like they have in the stores where each bag has its own “box,” and you’ll have a real display that gives you all your outfit options up front.


Stop Stuffing Your Jewelry In A Box

Many women believe that in order to store their jewelry effectively, they have to put it all inside a single jewelry box and hope for the best. But the problem with this is that pairs of earrings get mixed up, rings get lost, and necklaces become entangled with each other, all of which gives you grief.

But there’s a solution: using displays like jewelry displays for retail stores here. These displays are designed to make sure that each piece of jewelry is separate from every other in your collection, like in a regular jewelry store. With every item in its place, you’ll quickly be on the road to more organized jewelry.


Hang Your Belts Just Like You’d Hang Your Coat

You wouldn’t stuff your coat inside a drawer, so why do it to your belts? Belts are an essential fashion accessory – one which can add a “little extra” to any outfit. But if all your belts are coiled up like snakes in your chest of drawers, then you won’t be able to find the inspiration you need when choosing a new outfit.

Hanging them up and having them on display is relatively straightforward. All you need is an upright pole on a stand and some hooks drilled around the top. Alternatively, you can build hooks directly into the closet itself. Four or five running along the back should be enough for your belt collection.

Add Scent To Your Closet

Adding scent to your wardrobe won’t make it more organized. But what it will do is deter creatures like moths from making it their home. Science has shown that lavender is particularly effective for this purpose, and is a great natural complement to clothes anyway. You don’t have to use fresh lavender from the garden: sachets of lavender essence that won’t shed are available online.


Keep Your Shoes In Shape

Nothing is worse than rifling through your shoe collection, only to find that your favorite pair of heels has been crushed under the weight of the rest of your clothes. Not only do the shoes look sorry for themselves in their flattened state, but worse still, they’re often created, discouraging you from wearing them.

The solution is rather simple if a little old-school: use shoe trees. Shoe trees made from cedar help to get rid of odor and keep shoes in the shape they were meant to be in, even if you dump a load of clothes boxes on top of them.


Rotate Your Staples

Sometimes it’s good to do a stock take on your own closet to see which clothes are okay to continue wearing, and which are past their sell by date. Throw out jeans with holes in them and cotton trousers that are now so worn, they’re shiny.


Prepare yourself for the Changing Seasons

“The best color in the whole world is one that looks good on you!”

Black has always been a color that pretty much everyone can embrace, but Navy can also be a color that works in any season, on any skin tone and most importantly, is versatile and can be worn with many other colors.  I know it’s easy to think of dark colors when Fall and Winter are coming, but there are also so many other alternatives that can add a little spice to your wardrobe.

I have been wearing a lot of short sleeved blouses, T shirts and such during the summer because the weather has been so hot and dry, so now as Fall quickly approaches (can you believe it’s Labor Day weekend this weekend?), adding some flowing, feminine long sleeved blouses is something I am really looking forward to.

I am not someone that is OK to wear the same things over and over (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I just like to express myself differently, and I really get bored with wearing clothes that are seasonal. That’s why, even though I don’t look forward to Winter or colder days, I do look forward to wearing layers, different styles, and different shoes or boots.  See, I’ve managed to find a silver lining in the fact that I don’t like cold weather 😉

What do you look forward to when the seasons change?  Just like every Monday it is an opportunity to look at the week and make a decision to make it go well…not that things can’t happen to derail even the best intentions.  Seasons can be just like Mondays!  I look forward to different activities, different fashions, different feelings that come from weather, environment and how warm I am.  I am very sensitive to weather and when I don’t see sunshine for long periods of time, it causes me to feel down and a little demotivated…which is why I moved from England to Salt Lake City which is essentially a desert.  Not that I don’t love England and its green rolling hills, but I crave sunshine, mountains and warmth.  So, for 3-4 months of the year I have to plan trips to warm climates (because winters here are definitely cold).    Even during the winters here I see the sunshine, which is the most important thing to me.

So as I start thinking about what I am going to wear during the Fall and Winter (yes, I know, it may be weird planning that far ahead, but I like to have an idea of what I already own and what new seasonal items I want to purchase this year, so that the outfits I put together can convey my own unique style), I check different stores online, I check out Nordstrom and their Anniversary Sale, I look on blogs, Pinterest, in magazines and I always check sites and watch people from Europe to see what they are wearing.  One of things I remember when I first moved here was that my styles were a little ahead of the styles in Utah, so I always like to makes sure I am keeping up with the newest styles which are often not from the US.

Are you always looking for new trends, styles and ways to express yourself like I am?  Do you have any routines or tricks that help you stay on top of your style?  I would love you to share them with me if you do!