Confidence changes how you look

“It’s not about fashion, it’s not about the label, it’s about putting something on that leaves you ready to confidently face the world.”

I know I have said this before, but it is so true.  When you have confidence you can look amazing in just about any outfit.

I have found in the business that I do, it is perpetuating…the more confidence I feel, the more clients want to do business with me!

But – where does that start?  You truly have to believe in yourself and it so much more than just picking out the right clothes.  Being a woman in business, it’s almost as though you need a chip on your shoulder and sheer determination to make yourself successful.  So, how does that you wear help you control that?  Well, in my experience when I truly make an effort to look professional and classy when I meet with a client, the more successful that meeting is.  The client perceives that you think they are important, and therefore he responds better to you.  You then in turn feel more confidence with your success and so the cycle continues.

I wanted to highlight a couple of looks that work for my style and personality and they have helped me make great impressions on people that interact with.

The key to finding the style that makes you feel the most confident is to steer away from wearing things that make you feel uncomfortable just because fashion magazines tell you to.  Experiment with styles, colors and textures, but don’t do something that is not you because if you don’t feel great, that will overpower any feeling of confidence you may have.

Finding the Right Style for you…

“If you find something you like, stick with it and buy at least three!”

How do I know what styles will work for me and which won’t? – I get asked this question more and more…and honestly the answer is, although there are some general rules of thumb, you need to really know your body, and at first try things on to see how they would look!

I have a few rules that I follow, and you can see one of those rules put to work in this post.

Whenever I am wearing a top that is looser fitting or is a peplum style, i think they look better with either a tight pencil skirt or form fitting tailored pants, or even a nice pair of jeans. For me, it is about the contrast. I don’t like to look too frumpy, but I definitely do like to wear looser fitting clothes sometimes because they can be extremely stylish and flattering. This top is a great example…it is paired really well with a pencil skit and great contrasting pumps.

These kinds of tops work well if you have problem areas around your hips…if you are looking to hide a larger stomach, you would want to wear a top that is looser around that problem area. Adding the form fitting pants or skirt make you look more put together and not like you are frumpy!

Finding the style that best suits your body type is something that is worth the effort. Even if you don’t like trying on clothes when you are shopping, once you have figured out what works and looks best for you, it will make future shopping trips much simpler.

How to Wear Dressy Cargo Pants

“Real Style is never right or wrong.  It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” – G. Bruce Boyer

My perception has typically been that when you are wearing cargo pants, you should also be wearing a pair of combat boots.

Well…I recently found a great pair of SATIN cargo pants that completely changed my perception because  they can be dressed up or dressed down.

I wanted to highlight how sometimes an unexpected article of clothing can add a little depth to your wardrobe.  I have always been someone who wants to try things that are perhaps a little different, so when I saw these pants it was a no brainer for me.

In this post you can see how you can look professional and dressy even wearing something that is not normally seen.

I paired my pants with a great box grey top that is very professional and business-like.  Then, to add a little splash of color, I added a great pair of maroon shoes with gold accents.  Shoes are a great way to add some color to a normally one-dimensional outfit.

Cargo Pants:  H&M    Grey Shirt:  Forever 21   Shoes:  BCBG   Bangles: Kate Spade & Aldo    Watch: Michael Kors

Winter Day Style

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you.”

I have to confess, although I love how beautiful the snow is, I want it to be spring right now!

I am glad that January is over – for some reason it always seems like the longest month of the year…

I wanted to show an example of how to style appropriately for Winter – an outfit that works if you have to go outside, but also if you are going to be in an office or business type environment.

I love to wear more non-conventional business attire, and I think this outfit shows how fun you can be and stay warm at the same time.  The combination of a the black sweater, A-Line skirt and boots look great together – and they are definitely not boring.  I decided to keep it simple and clean by not adding any necklace – this was just a personal choice because I didn’t want to take away from the skirt.  I am loving bangles right now, so I added a combination of different sizes and colors.

Skirt:  Forever 21   Top:  H&M    Boots:  ALDO   Bangles:  Kate Spade

Business Styling

“Do something today that your future self with thank you for!”

I have been feeling the need to post some tips about having great business style.

I believe that there are misconceptions about having great style for business.  There is often a belief that business needs to be conservative, boring, and most importantly that certain colors and styles don’t work for business attire.

Well I am here to tell you that as a “non-conformist” you can look professional, still dress appropriately for work and NOT be boring!

The outfit I chose to highlight today is on the more traditional side of business attire, with the grey pants, black jacket and top.  I felt it was lacking a little something so I added some great red shoes to add a little pop.

Here are some tips to help you as you consider how you want to dress for whatever is your business:

  1.  What is your brand?  What do you want people to think of you when they first meet or see you?

  2. If you are meeting with someone that is conservative, don’t wear something that is too bold – for example, steer away from brightly patterned blouses or even accessories such as necklaces (they tend to make too much of a statement).

  3. Don’t try to match too many pieces in your outfit.

  4. Add a pop of color to brighten a normally mundane outfit.

  5. Accessorizing the same dress or ensemble in a different way is great way to create the illusion of a completely different outfit without breaking the bank.

Jacket:  H&M      Pants:  Gap      Black Top:  H&M       Necklace:  Charming Charlie     Shoes:  Sam Edelman from Nordstrom

The Perfect Blouse

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them!” – Marc Jacobs

There are so many styles and colors of blouses available now.  So, how do you find the right one…?

How I like to determine the blouse I will wear is by using the following guidelines:

  1. Determine what I am going to be doing during the time I will be wearing the blouse?  Am I going to be working, is it a social event or just for day to day wear?

  2. What do I want to wear with the blouse?  Am I thinking skirt, pants, or do I want it to match a certain pair of shoes?

  3. Who will I be seeing during the time I am wearing this blouse?  This is an important question because you want to steer away from something too form fitting, clingy or see through if you are working or seeing clients.

Once I have asked these questions, I set to work determining which blouse is perfect for the outfit I want to wear…

For this outfit, I chose to wear a box cut pale pink blouse that had flowing sleeves and I like the color combination with the Leopard Print shoes.  When you wear culottes a business style blouse that is tucked in would work equally as well.  This outfit is something that could be worn for work because it is conservative yet not boring.  I always like to be a little different, so the shoes added that twist for me.

Box style blouses look best with pants that are looser fitting (like these culottes) or business suit pants.  If you wanted to wear a skirt, I prefer to wear this style of blouse with a mid length pencil skirt to add a little dimension.

Culottes:  Forever 21     Shirt:  H&M     Shoes:  MICHAEL   Bracelet:  Kate Spade


Mix and Match

“You can tell so much about who someone is, just by their style.”

I wanted to touch on the idea that it is ok to mix and match colors.  In this post, I chose to wear a wine colored top, mustard faux suede culottes and black booties.  The combination is something that is definitely noticeable but also classy.

I love to wear this kind of outfit when I need to dress up but not too much – so on those days when I am working but I don’t have formal business meetings.  It is a fun look and the culottes with the booties is a great combination.

Trying new color combinations is something that is individual – some colors may suit you more than others, so try different options out in front of the mirror before going out.  If you still feel unsure, ask your spouse or a friend to let you know what they think!  Don’t forget that skin tone, eye color, and hair color are all factors to consider when trying color combinations.

Culottes:  Old Navy       Shirt:  H&M        Booties:  Vince Camuto

Dress for Success

“You can have anything you want if you dress for it” – Edith Head

It’s Monday and here we are again, ready for another week at work.  We spend more time working than we do at home, so it is very important to make sure that what you are wearing is something that makes you feel comfortable.

I am not a great morning person, so I always pick out what I am going to wear the night before.  It gives me more time in bed, and also makes me start the day by not feeling so stressed about picking out an outfit.

When I am choosing what I am going to wear I like to put my work wear together in different combinations.  Wearing a cute fitted sweater with a nice pair of tailored pants and a box jacket is a great look that is easy to recreate.  Not every piece of clothing you wear, for work or for casual wear, needs to cost a fortune.  I know a lot of magazines promote designer wear, which is great, but can be expensive and not realistic for everyone to buy.

The outfit shown here is an example of how you look classy without paying a fortune.

During the week I like to alternate the days when I wear skirts or dresses and pants so that I feel like I am not wearing the same kinds of clothes every day.

Pants:  The Limited     Sweater:  H&M     Jacket:  H&M

Be Unique…


There are so many magazines, websites, blogs and other fashion sources that TELL you how you can look like celebrities, models or Fashion icons…

Well, here is what I am here to tell you – that isn’t going to work.  The only way you can be unique and find your style is by being authentic to yourself.  You can look at other sources to get ideas, however, don’t use those sources entirely.  I very often look in magazines, on websites and on Pinterest to come up with ideas.  I don’t look at something and say “I have to go and buy that whole outfit”…

If I see a model wearing some really cool shoes or boots, I then like to incorporate that into my style and create my own adaptation.

It is definitely worthwhile looking at what is and isn’t in style, but bear in mind that you still need to find the styles that are flattering to you.

Here’s how I like to dress in the morning:

I pick out a pair of shoes/boots that I want to wear and then decide what they would look good with.  I piece items of clothing together until I find the perfect combination. This is something that you can do with shoes/boots or you can even pick out a shirt, pair of pants, skirt or any other item you are “in the mood for” and put together an outfit with that as the centerpiece!

For this outfit, I knew that I wanted to wear the black dress…I paired with a blouse that had full sleeves and then added a pair of accent shoes that pulled the whole thing together!