Finding Joy Around You

“The secret to having it all is knowing you already do!”

The world seems to be seeking immediate gratification in everything,  what with all the social media it’s become almost impossible to live in the moment, and most importantly to live a “real” life.

I’m sure you’ve all seen those people that live amazing lives on social media, always seem to be happy and smiling and doing amazing things all the time.  It certainly would appear that their lives are the best ever, when in reality the real lives are not anything to write home about because they are just living to post.  Of course this isn’t true of everyone that you see, but beware to not get sucked into comparing yourself or your lives because you most certainly will fall short.

So how do we find what we see around us and just love our lives?  When I was younger I don’t think I really appreciated the beauty that was around me…I definitely missed out on a lot of things that I don’t allow myself to miss out on now!  Fall is an amazing time to start yourself on a journey of finding beauty all around, because of the colors and often beautiful sunshine.

Even if fall is not your favorite season, or you are  fair-weathered person, just like I am, there is still plenty to appreciate and enjoy.

This Fall break we are spending time with the boys up in Midway, Utah, and there aren’t many better places for enjoying the scenery and peace and quiet.  Even just driving up the Canyon on the way here, we have seen so many amazing colors, we played golf on Thursday, went on a Sleepy Hollow Haunted Wagon ride, and then Friday morning the wind blew so much that it brought snow in…
Now, I’m not a huge fan of really cold weather, but the boys and I went out for lunch, did a little shopping to buy some movies, and then came back to our house and made dinner in front of the fire so we could watch the movies.

Appreciation of what is around is the ONLY way we will get through this life as happy, fulfilled people. Enjoying the snow and the beauty it brings is a little harder for me, but it did give me the chance to sit by the fire with the boys and spend some great family time.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to see beauty around you when you have hard things going on in your life, but I have noticed that whenever I can change my focus to those things that cause me to feel gratitude, or to help me to enjoy my life more, I definitely feel better about things.  Nature and the beauty of the world is a great place to start, but I always like to find beauty in people too…not always an easy feat, because I have found that as I get older there are some people that are just not nice, but I notice that if I try to find at least ONE thing that someone does that is nice, a talent they have, or that they dress nice, it helps me to not focus on negative thoughts or feelings.

This weekend didn’t start off as good as I would have liked, I got up really early to watch Manchester United play soccer, and they lost…but, here’s where I know I am learning to find joy in the journey, I realize that it’s just one game and that it means they will re-evaluate and come out better than ever (ok, so I have no control over what they do, but I can think good thoughts because it makes me feel better 🙂 )

I hope you find beauty around you this weekend…

Feeling Beautiful In Your Own Skin


“Beauty is self confidence applied directly to the face!”

Do you consider yourself a self-confident person?  What do you think constitutes self-confidence?  I have always had an uncanny ability to feel good about myself, and especially be OK with myself no matter what anyone else thinks about me…however, there have definitely been times in my life when something has happened that has rocked my world and caused me to doubt myself, feel insecure about myself and ultimately question my abilities.

Self-confidence is a difficult thing for the majority of us to grasp. It’s hard to ignore your own flaws because you are your own worst critic. You see all the tiny negative details and aspects about yourself that nobody else notices. In fact, you see all the flaws that aren’t even flaws. That’s part of the cruel trick your psychology plays on you. Still, you don’t have to let yourself feel swamped by self-doubt concerning your appearance. There are ways in which you can switch your thinking and start to feel beautiful in your own skin. Here are just a few thoughts which might give you some inspiration.


Your face

The first step towards feeling beautiful in your own skin is learning to love your face. This is perhaps the most important aspect of beauty because your face is your defining feature. It’s important that you look after the health of your face because, sometimes, taking a step back from excessive amounts of cosmetic products and simply going for the natural route can make a big difference. You might want to take a break from makeup, as blasphemous as that might be to say. Whilst makeup has become a barrier to the world for many women, it can, ironically, do more harm than good to your face if you wear it too often.

Give your pores some room to breathe now and then because you might find that your blemishes, such as acne and blackheads, start to fade away. You’ll also find that your skin feels and looks fresher too. It’s a good mental test in being brave enough to love your bare skin; you’ll start to feel more beautiful once you step out of your comfort zone more frequently. A little makeup now and then is fine but you shouldn’t be dependent on the stuff; it should be used occasionally to accentuate your favorite beauty aspects rather than conceal yourself.



Your hair

Sticking to the theme of your facial region, let’s talk about the other big thing that gives the majority of us nightmares: our hair. Again, much as we talked about enough, you should always think about the healthiness of your hair when you’re trying to beautify yourself. You don’t want to bleach or dye it excessively because this can lead to very damaged hair. Of course, this article isn’t trying to suggest that you must go the natural route for everything but that you should simply avoid excessive habits that can damage your appearance. You might want to spruce up your appearance with something a little less damaging, such as tape in hair extensions. It’s okay to use a little non-natural help to get the beautiful appearance you want and feel more confident in your own skin but just don’t do so at the expense of your health or comfort.


Your dietary and fitness routine

It was going so well until I mentioned the two things everybody hates to hear. Yes, we all groan a little at the thought of exercise and healthy food but the best way to feel comfortable in your own skin is to look after it. That’s been the general theme throughout this article but it’s important not to misinterpret this point. Whilst over-eating is unhealthy, under-eating is just as bad.

Having the perfect figure doesn’t mean you should starve yourself because that’ll do your body damage. It’s all about eating a full diet with plenty of nutritious value. The occasional chocolate bar is fine as long as you’re eating well every day. Things that are lacking in many people’s diets include magnesium (which helps with fatigue and headaches and can be found in spinach, bread, etc) and iron (again, this helps with energy levels and can be found in broccoli, peas, etc). Do a little research and see if your body is getting what it needs. A healthier glow to your skin might start when you eat more healthily.

I don’t know about you, but I have definitely been guilty of self-sabotaging myself and how I look by sometimes not eating (I have been known to just forget and then I’m starving and eat something that is bad for me), by frying my hair with a hot tool, getting carried away with beautifying procedures (like eyebrow waxing and other treatments, where the wax was too hot and it burned my eyelids)…

All these things can take away from us feeling good about ourselves, and honestly there are enough things going on in our lives at work or at home that can cause us to feel down on ourselves anyway that we don’t need to add to it.  Sometimes the act of beautifying can do exactly the opposite, so my new mantra…”less is more” – and that goes for makeup, hair treatments, waxing, thinking bad things about myself etc.  In fact, I have a new resolution that for every bad thought I have about myself, I will replace it with 2 things about myself that I like…I know the happier I am with myself, the happier I am at home, at work and in general…

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Learning to Love your Changing Body


“Make peace in the mirror and watch your reflection change!”

Everyone’s body changes as they get older. Some women get pregnant, which changes their body even more. All sorts of things can have an effect on your body, from your diet and exercise to how long you spend in the sun. It can be hard to accept change, but it’s impossible to resist. Your body can go through many changes during your life, so it’s important to be able to embrace them. Loving your body helps you to love yourself, so you should work on loving it no matter what it looks like.



Accepting the Changes

The first step to loving your changing body is recognizing and accepting that it’s going to change. It won’t stay the same way forever, even if you stay at generally the same shape and size. Your skin changes, your hips may change, and so might your breasts. You can put on weight and lose weight, and gain and lose muscle too. Even your feet might change. There are ways to resist some of these changes, but trying to do so can make you less happy than learning to love your body. It can take a while to accept that your body will always change, but you can be a lot happier for it.


Caring for Your Body

One of the ways you can love your body no matter what is to take good care of it. Staying healthy is a good start so that you feel good physically. A healthy diet and exercise regime can help you feel more connected to your body and care about your health more. You can also look after your body by having a beauty routine. This Anese cellulite scrub review demonstrates how great it can feel to pamper yourself. Whether you take a long shower or go to your favorite spa, you’ll love caring for yourself. It’s good for you physically and mentally.


Changing Your Style

As your body changes, you might change your style to meet it. Part of this might just be your tastes evolving as you age. It’s pretty normal to like different clothes and beauty trends at different ages, depending on what stage you’re at in your life. Changing your style can help you love your body no matter what it looks like. You might choose your clothes based on what you feel comfortable in or what you feel suit you at different times.


Being Self-centered

When you’re trying to love your body, one of the most important things to do is to concentrate on yourself. It’s very easy to be critical if you let other people’s opinions influence what you think of yourself. Of course, it’s not easy to ignore what society says about how people should look. But just trying to work on making your opinion the only one that matters can help you love your body more. It’s especially important as you get older and the criticism from others can seem louder.


Your body will change as you age, but you can still love it. Take good care of it and appreciate it to keep your love for it going.

Just as a final reminder…if I asked you name all of the things you loved, how long would it take you to name yourself??  Put yourself at the top of the list 🙂

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Beat your Beauty Blues! Unleashing your Inner Self-Confidence

“A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms!”

Everyone has their moments of self-doubt. With magazines flaunting perfectly airbrushed models and social media showing us the perfect-looking celebrities, it can become simple to start doubting yourself. Suddenly no matter how much attention you pay to the maintenance of your appearance, nothing seems enough. But don’t worry. This is totally natural. You just need to ensure that it doesn’t start to take over your thoughts completely. Whenever you start feeling a little down, you just need to follow a few basic steps to fix up in no time. Read on to familiarise yourself with them!

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
The first steps towards becoming comfortable in your own skin are to stop comparing yourself to others. When you look at people in the media, or even your friends’ and colleagues’ social media feeds, remember that what people post is a mere showreel of the highlights of their life. Nobody posts images of themselves when they’re feeling run down at the end of a long week at work. Nor do they show you how they’re looking most of the time, sat at home with their hair scraped back in comfortable pajamas with a bucket of ice cream on their lap in front of the television. If you need, take a step away from social media and glossy mags for a while. It’s time to start focusing on you, not everyone else.

Identify Your Beauty Blues
Sit down a write a list of everything that you feel a little conscious of. Most of the time, you will realize that all you need to change a few items on the list to switch up your lifestyle a little. If you want to lose a few pounds or put a little weight on, you just need to opt for an alternative, more balanced diet. If you fancy becoming a little more toned, you just have to implement more exercise into your weekly routine. Some things, however, will require a little more help from professionals. These can be things like ear surgery, breast augmentation or removal of varicose veins. The lucky thing is that nowadays there’s an option that can help.

Take a Break From Makeup
Give yourself a break from makeup. This will push you outside of your comfort zone, allowing you to get used to being carefree and bare faced in day to day life. It will also give your skin a well deserved break from heavy products that can often block your pores. This rest from makeup will allow your skin to replenish itself. Drink more water during this time too. You’ll really see the difference when your skin begins to look more hydrated. Say goodbye to blackheads and spots!

These are just a few different ways to feel more comfortable in your own skin, but there are plenty more out there. So, it’s time to stop feeling down and allowing the beauty blues to run the game. Start being proud of your personal appearance.

Just in case you need a little confidence boost to get your week started, remember…”beauty is self confidence applied directly to the face,”



5 Ideas to Supercharge your Success

“Work hard in silence, let success make the noise!”

There are many, many things that make people successful and they may be different, but there are some that ALL successful people do, and that’s what I want to focus on.  I don’t know about you, but I always get my inspiration by watching what other successful people do, and emulating that.  Have you heard the expression “success leaves clues”…well, here are some “clues” that will help you.

Firstly, let me start by saying that I am not just talking about financial, educational or business success, but also relationship and life success.  There are so many things that I wish I would have known when I was younger, so I want to share some things I know would have really helped me!

Here are my top 5 ideas to help YOU improve your success:

  1. Do more than is asked of you.  This goes for all areas of your life, in a job, in your marriage or relationship or with your kids.  It doesn’t mean letting others off the hook so they don’t pull their weight, but it does mean is that you take pride in your abilities and know what you bring to the table. Don’t be taken advantage of, but definitely do more than people expect.
  2. Know when you stay or when to go!  Never stay in any situation Don’t be afraid to change a job or get out of relationship, even if there is opposition.  Always trust your intuition!
  3. Don’t be afraid of failure.  The most successful people are not afraid of falling down or failing at something because there are always more failures on the road to success.
  4. Successful people always take accountability for themselves or their actions.  They don’t rely on anyone else to get the job done, but they look for solutions.
  5. All successful people are adaptable.  They can quickly change directions when they meet opposition, and they can reinvent themselves at the drop of a hat.

These are just the tip of iceberg, there are so many other actions and ideas that can help direct you more quickly to your success.  I have been looking for reminders to guide me and these are some that I have read before, but needed a reminder.  Repetition of these things will definitely guide me in the direction that I want to go, but ultimately any success comes from me making the decision to take some massive action.

I have many books that talk about attracting success and such things, and while I do believe that it is possible to attract all kinds of things to you, it is also true that it still requires action.  We still need to do something about it…what good does it do to sit and think that you hate your job or your relationship and then take no action to resolve it.  I have been in many situations in my life where I have not been happy, and the first step to changing that is to recognize that you are not happy or satisfied.  Once you realize that, the next step to decide to do something about it. You don’t ever see a successful person that is afraid of taking action.

Like I mentioned earlier, success leaves clues and I am watching as many successful people as possible to see how I can learn at least one thing from each of them.  Success is something that is open to your interpretation, and what I mean by that is that your perspective about what is successful is different that mine because it’s based on our life experiences.  My path of choice is not going to be yours, but that doesn’t mean that either is wrong.  One of the traps we can fall into is comparing ourselves to others and that just means we are self-sabotaging or holding ourselves back.

I have a challenge for you this week…find something or somewhere that you would like to improve your success, once you have recognized that thing, find a person that you think has that thing figured out, and watch them or ask questions.  The goal is to learn one thing and add that thing into your daily or weekly action list.  So that the more you do it, the better you become at it and the sooner it becomes a habit.

This week’s goal…identify the area of your life that you want to achieve success and use some of these tips to get you started on that path. If you feel comfortable sharing, I would love to hear more, just comment below…

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Success starts with you…so dress for success and start incorporating some habits that will help you achieve the success you deserve 🙂