September 18, 2017

Beauty Essentials For Fall Chic

  “My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from!” Say goodbye to bright lights of summer and hello to fall! Fall […]
September 15, 2017

Pair Your Style With A Statement Of Emotion

“Don’t be like everybody else, make your own fashion statement!” Style comes from inspiration, experiences, and emotions. And this is what you need to understand and […]
September 14, 2017

The Key To Daily Feminine Style Lies Dormant In Your Closet

“Everything is hard before it’s easy!” While it’s great to have loads of beautiful clothes and jewelry, they’re not much use if they’re not properly organized. […]
September 13, 2017

Natural Beauty, My Fashion Au Naturel

“She threw away all of her masks and put on her soul!” If you were to believe the media, you’d think that you can’t develop a […]
September 11, 2017

Learning to Love your Changing Body

  “Make peace in the mirror and watch your reflection change!” Everyone’s body changes as they get older. Some women get pregnant, which changes their body […]
September 10, 2017

What is Your Style?

“I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me!” What is something that no matter what, when you see it, you are just drawn to it? […]
September 7, 2017

Looking Powerful means Feeling Powerful!

“I always thought all I wanted was to look good…until I realized what it FELT like to be strong!” There have been plenty of guides towards […]
September 6, 2017

Beat your Beauty Blues! Unleashing your Inner Self-Confidence

“A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms!” Everyone has their moments of self-doubt. With magazines flaunting perfectly […]
September 5, 2017

5 Ideas to Supercharge your Success

“Work hard in silence, let success make the noise!” There are many, many things that make people successful and they may be different, but there are […]
September 1, 2017

What is Stress doing to you?

“Yes you can do anything, but not everything!” I feel like I am constantly running at work from appointment to appointment, and then when I get […]
August 31, 2017

Prepare yourself for the Changing Seasons

“The best color in the whole world is one that looks good on you!” Black has always been a color that pretty much everyone can embrace, […]
August 30, 2017

An Edited Work Wardrobe: The Perfect Capsule Collection

“Elegance never goes out of style!” It can be a challenge to know what to put on every weekday when you’re heading to the office for […]