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Growth from Change

Change is inevitable, growth is optional! As I sit and contemplate all the things that have happened to me since I left my job back in October, there is one thing I can tell you that I have learned…very often we can’t control the change that happens to us, but we can definitely control the […]

Exciting News

Some Women are lost in the fire, some Women are built from it! On my social media recently I have talked a little about how I was planning on launching a video podcast series…well, I am excited to let you know that the wait is finally over…My pilot episode is ready. It is all about […]

A Little Bit of Luxury

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within! Have you ever noticed that when you wear certain things – textures, styles and colors – that you feel a little different? Today, I wanted to talk a little about how we really are tactile people, and how important touch and feel play a part in […]

Real Not Perfect

To be worthy doesn’t mean having to be perfect! Perfection is something that is one of those unattainable goals that we somehow seem to be striving for, always in vain. We set expectations on ourselves and set ourselves up for failure when our goal or expectation is to become perfect. It is easy to get […]