Do what you Love!

Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness!

Do you take the time to do the things you love? Do you spend time with family, or are you stuck in your daily grind?

When my boys were younger I pretty much just breathed a huge sigh of relief when I had made it through a week – which I know now is exactly how NOT to go through life. A lot of those times were a blur as I put my head down and just fought day in and day out to keep my head above water…but that’s not really living is it?

So, how did I change that? I know some people may think that I spend way too much time on vacation, traveling and not working, but here’s my thought on that…there’s no such thing as doing too much traveling & spending time with family! When I travel, I am revitalized. When I spend time with my family (even though it’s not always rosy), I get more energy. When I take just a few moments a day just for me, I am so much better for my family…

I know not everyone has the same interests, has the same things that get them excited, which is why finding what YOU love and spending time doing that is vital. I look at it like it is my way to give me energy for the things I need to do. I remember Brandon telling the kids (and possibly he said it for my benefit too) that if you do the things you have to do, you can then do the things you want to do. Make sense? We all have responsibilities, things that must be done – bills to be paid so we have to work, the house needs to be cleaned, we need to eat and therefore need to cook…but once those things are done, that’s when the fun starts because we have left room for it – and leaving room is the key!

That’s why I love to travel and explore with my family. It’s what I want to do…it’s the thing that recharges my battery. It’s what keeps me going so I can make it through the things I have to do!

Our recent family river rafting trip was even better this year because all my boys came – it gets harder and harder to get us all together now they are getting older and I can’t FORCE them to come with us on vacation (I didn’t think I would ever have to force someone to take a free vacation with people they love to amazing places, but I guess sometimes you do!)

What is something that you LOVE to do and are committed to making sure you do it so that you can be your best self for those around you?

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