Spring Baseball

“Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always make sure you bring a little sunshine with you!”

Traveling this weekend with my son to a baseball tournament down to St George. It’s only about 4 hours drive away from Salt Lake, but the temperatures are always at least 10-15 degrees warmer. After all the rain we’ve been having, it’s a welcome break to be sitting out in the sun doing one of my favorite things – watching my son playing baseball.

Canyon has been playing for about a month now and most games have been really cold, rainy and we’ve even had some snow. I just realized that I have really missed the opportunity to be outside on a sunny day, and of course it doesn’t hurt that I get to watch a little sports!  I love weekends when I get to travel all over the Utah for games, and get to cheer on my kids…

Spring to me is not only a new beginning for the flowers, plants and trees, but it means a new sports season and the opportunity to be a rowdy cheerleader 🙂

I do love the opportunity to dress up for work or a special occasion, but I also love putting together classy, casual outfits.  I love the casual khaki pants in this post, along with the White T-shirt with some bead detail.  The T-shirt is not a typical plain looking top, rather it is unique and adds a little more emphasis to the outfit.  I very often wear casual outfits that are not just plain, but that doesnt mean that those don’t look good as well – in fact, sometimes plain is just what is needed.  If I am wearing a plain outfit, it is easy to change that or add to it by using accessories or a lightweight jacket. Of course, the shoes should never be overlooked either – as you can see from this post, the sandals are by themselves different only add to the outfit even more.

Sexy Modest Dress – linked to shop here
Eileen Fisher Sport Sandals – linked to shop here
Denim jacket – similar linked to shop here
Bauble Bar Earrings – linked to shop here
Aviators with yellow lens – linked to shop here

If you are looking to put together a great casual outfit, a good place to start is by picking out whether you wear jeans, or another kind of pants or if you pick yourself out an amazing stretchy comfortable dress (like the one I am wearing).  Once you have decided if you are wearing pants or jeans, you can then decide the style…with jeans there are so many different styles of jeans:  wide leg, ripped, culottes, skinny, capri, and boyfriend cut to name just a few.  The style of pants you wear very often determines the type of top you wear – boyfriend cut jeans look better with a tighter fitting blouse or T-shirt, while wide leg pants can work with many different styles of top.  I have really been loving the wide legged pant trend this year, and have found some amazing new things that get me excited about warmer days.

The type of shoe you choose is also important – I usually like to wear shoes with at least a little heel, but I do love how flats (especially pointed toe flats) can look amazing with skinny jeans or tight ripped jeans. Espadrille wedges are a great way to get a little height and still be able to wear them all day. I am wearing a pair of my staple sandals for summer (Eileen Fisher sport sandals) and they are like wearing slippers!

I always love a great deal, so I tend to buy the more expensive pairs of jeans from Nordstrom Rack, so that I am not paying full ticket price.  They always carry a wide selection, although you may have to dig around a little, but they have great dressing rooms so you can make sure you are picking the right style for your body type. Of course, whenever I am there I have to check out all the other amazing clothes they have and it would be rude to neglect the the shoe department too 😉

On this beautiful Friday I hope the sun is shining for you, and if not, I hope you have a great day and find the gratitude in what you see around you…

I have linked all the details of my outfit with shoppable links above…

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