Get ready to Welcome Spring

Be Uniquely you. Stand out. Shine. Be colorful!

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning to add a little color into your life.

There are so many color choices, and so many styles and patterns to choose from, so how do you decide what will work best for you?  Will you stick with your usual choices or favorite colors?  Are you adventurous and eager to try new things?  Are you going to recycle clothes from past seasons? However you answered these questions, there is definitely a way you can freshen up your look…

I have talked in previous posts about how I don’t ever completely refresh my wardrobe, but what I do is add some current trends and styles in bright vibrant colors to mix things up and pair with things I already own. For example, if you own a denim skirt, by adding a bold color you can create a completely new look without having to break the bank.

I am sharing some throwback pictures for you to see some fun colors and patterns that I have worn and love. I am always game to try any color or pattern – but I definitely have my favorites.

I have to admit after the snow we experienced last week, and the snow we have forecast for later this week, I am definitely getting itchy for warmer days. It seems like this time of year I am so ready and just when I think spring is here – it snows again! Which is why when it was snowing last week, I chose to wear my lovely red raincoat because if I ever need something to make me feel better…color (especially Red) does it for me…

What colors make you feel the most vibrant and motivated?

I know you know that each color can evoke certain feelings and emotions, so why not harness that and use it to your own advantage. I always choose red when I want to feel strong and confident, yellow is an emotional and warm color – making me feel sunny even when it’s not sunny outside. Using colors to help us control our emotions and often outcomes is a great way to ensure that we are not just going through the motions of life, but actually embracing what it can have to offer us.

I have linked some of my current favorite colors, patterns and styles that you may want to check out for this upcoming spring (click the links below)

Shop some great colored Spring Styles

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