A Little Bit of Luxury

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within!

Have you ever noticed that when you wear certain things – textures, styles and colors – that you feel a little different? Today, I wanted to talk a little about how we really are tactile people, and how important touch and feel play a part in how we feel.

Silk has always been known as a fabric that is luxurious, sexy and feminine…but have you ever thought about why? I believe that it’s because of the feelings that you get when you touch and feel silk…the way it changes us physiologically.

The same can be said about other fabrics and textures, such as: velvet and satin (which also make us feel luxurious), leather adds a little sass and edge, metallics make us feel strong and almost regal…whereas lace can make us feel feminine, soft and gentle.

EXperimenting with fabrics is a great way to see which ones evoke the feeling you might need for a specific day or event. I always like to feel strong and confident when I am meeting new people, have an interview or I want to exude strength. By combining strength promoting fabrics and textures with those that promote femininity it allows us to feel confident and strong without intimidating those we come into contact with.

Colors can also have the same effect as certain fabrics – for example red is Such powerful and confident color, which can sometimes intimidate, but when combined with satin or lace, the effect can be toned down a little.

Having fun and trying new combinations to see what works for YOU can really allow you to explore how you really feel about you. The more comfortable you feel in your own skin (and our outfits are an extension of how we feel on the inside), we will be able to feel more confident inour choices and secure in ourselves and what we bring to the table!

Have fun and try some new things….let me know what you find out about yourself!

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