Seasons Change – Adapt your Style

“If you look good you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good!”


Labor Day is just the beginning for me starting to incorporate more Fall patterns, colors and styles into my daily style.  One of the hardest and the best things about changing seasons is the fact that not everything works in every season, but there are definitely some exceptions to that rule!

I posted on my story today that I am not a rule follower and I have seen a few other people talk about the old rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day…well, those days are gone.  There are so many new styles for Fall, Winter and beyond that incorporate white, winter white and other variations that look amazing.

When you are not saying goodbye to something that you really love, it opens up a whole other realm of possibilities for you to create your own unique styles.  By incorporating the new season’s colors, styles and textures, you will be able to really grow your style comfort zone like I talked about the other day.

I honestly believe that the whole point of style is that you should never limit yourself, put yourself in a box, but be open to creating your own way of doing things.  If you love something,  it accentuates your best features and is flattering to you,  find a way to wear it no matter what.



Here are some tips for incorporating summer styles into fall outfits:

  1. Burgundy or wine colors look fabulous with white, so try a great pair of white distressed jeans or skinny jeans with a wine colored blouse, T shirt or sweater and add a pair of leopard shoes or booties.
  2. Pull out one of your summer blouses (a boho style would work really well), pair with a pair of jeans or skinny pants and add a long cardigan in a seasonal color such as rust, mustard yellow or a metallic.
  3. Leopard is good for any season, but it especially works well in the fall with the warmer tones.  Pair a leopard blouse or T shirt with a pair of red or black pants.
  4. White shoes are not just for summer – add a great pair of white pumps with pretty much any outfit to add a pop of your own style.
  5. Snake print is also hot right now, so why not wear a jumpsuit in any color with a pair of snakeprint shoes and a belt?
  6. Add a pair of funky tights with a summer shift dress and add a denim or leather jacket.
  7. Pair a summer blouse with a leather skirt and a pair of funky shoes.

These are some simple styles for you to try for yourself, or even adapt to your own way of doing things.  I have found that the more I consciously think through what I am going to wear, the more likely I am to be happy with how I look.  I dress for me, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it feels good when I get compliments for my outfits.  Because, no matter who you are…the better you feel about yourself, the more confidence you will have.

Have a fabulous weekend…




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