Fabrics and How they work together

“If you want to have something you’ve never had, then you have to do something you’ve never done!”

Have you ever noticed that when you wear certain fabrics you feel a little more sassy, funky, luxurious, sexy or feminine?  During victorian times women wore a lot of lace, which was a great way for them to express their femininity.  Nowadays, we have a lot more fabrics at our disposal, giving us more options which can sometimes be overwhelming or confusing to some!

I recently had a conversation with a friend about how when I wear leather I feel a little “cheekier” or more sassy, and that certainly comes across in the way I act.  With all the fabrics out there how do you decide which ones will and won’t work for you or how to put them together with other fabrics to make a full outfit?

I don’t ever limit myself to some fabrics I like to have the option to be able to wear any if that’s how I feel I want to express myself on that day, but dressing the fabrics like I mentioned can be confusing or overwhelming.



In this post I am wearing a lovely velvet blazer – velvet is a fabric that feels very luxurious or even sophisticated.  I paired mine with some jeans and some fun stiletto pumps, and the effect was that the jacket really dressed up the whole outfit.

I think the key about working with different fabrics is not being afraid to try them, or even to mix and match with other fabrics.  For example, I try to make my fabrics compliment each other rather than trying to match them too closely.  I have found that if I try to find different velvets and put them together it doesn’t really work because they are not quite the same and it looks like you are trying too hard.  Other than wearing velvet with jeans like I did in this post, it’s a fabric that I think looks great with satin, lace, or even leather – all of which provide a contrasting sheen and feel.

With warmer weather either already here or just around the corner, there will not be the need for as many layers, but it does still give us an opportunity to mix fabrics, and one of my favorite things to do right now, mix patterns.

To shop some of my top fabric picks along with what I’m wearing in this post, just click the links below…



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