Your Clothes can Affect your Mood

“Color is a power that directly influences the soul!”

I don’t know about you but I always like to start off a week feeling positive, happy, and vibrant, only to find that sometimes by midweek my best laid plans have been derailed by things outside of my control.  Yes, things are going to happen to make us feel less than 100% but here’s the good news, there are some things you can do to make yourself feel better…

Before I start, let me ask you a question – do you dress for how you feel at that moment or do you dress to help you feel a certain way?  This could be a time to pause for thought, because it wasn’t until I really sat and thought about it that I realized what I do…



I dress because I WANT to feel a certain way.  These last few weeks I have been dying for spring to make it here to Utah, and because I have been feeling that way I have been drawn more to wearing bright colors, florals, fun patterns and even “happy” colors.  Certain colors & patterns brighten my mood and make me feel optimistic about things.



So now you’ve had time to think about it…which way do you lean?

Researchers from the University of Queensland interviewed people and observed their clothing choices to find out. The answer? More often than not, we dress how we’d like to feel or how we’d like others to think we’re feeling. In other words, we put on a bright colored top or “happy” outfit along with a happy smile, even if we’re feeling down. The thing is, it works, especially if we wear clothing that has lead to us getting compliments in the past or is something that brings back good memories.

If you really want to put this to the test, try experimenting with some colors…

RED – If you really want to get someone’s attention, Red is your color!  It is the color of  is the color of empowerment, confidence, romance and passion!

ORANGE – You can find a similar reaction to Red, but it is not as intense and a little more relaxed.  Beware because it isn’t great for all skin tones.

YELLOW – if you want to be perked up on a bad day, this is the color for you!  It will add a little happy to your day.

GREEN – need a more calming influence in your day, Green is what you need.  It gives us a reminder of nature and can help us feel less overwhelmed!

BLUE – it can be a calming and peaceful color, but it can also be cold.  If you’re feeling stressed out Blue can be your color but it can be one to steer away from if you’re feeling down.

PURPLE – Regal and sophisticated…just like Red it is a very stimulating & luxurious color.  Wearing Purple boosts creativity.  It can bring inspiration so if you’re having a hard time making a decision, try wearing something purple 🙂

PINK – a flirty and feminine color.  It is known for romance, but it is also a very calming color so not one to wear if you need that boost of energy (unless you wear it with another stimulating color).

WHITE – the color of purity, peace and cleanliness, all of this we know.  But did you know that if you wear White on a day that is grey and gloomy, it will reflect the light and make you feel sunnier?  It reflects all the other colors you wear so if you wear a bold, bright, stimulating color, that color will be accentuated!

Whether you are one to wear lots of color, just knowing that how you feel can be affected by something that you have complete control over has to be a game changer, right?!

I would love to hear if you have experimented with colors and seen that they do make you feel differently, and if you haven’t noticed, it may just be that you weren’t aware of this concept.  Perhaps try being in tune with what is going on and see if you have a boost of energy if it’s because you are wearing Red?!

Happy Hump Day my colorful friends!

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