Where Focus Goes…


“You know why it’s hard to be happy?  Because we refuse to let go of the things that make us sad!”

Isn’t this the truth?  I have to admit I have been known to dwell on things, over think things, worry about things and even obsess about things…

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to let go of something rather than holding on to it – but I do know for a fact that even if that thing that you’re holding on to has been stuffed down, or pushed aside, it is in some way taking some of our energy and focus away from those positive things we should be focusing on in our lives.

As I was taking the pictures for today’s post, while it was lovely and warm unfortunately the wind was not cooperating and my hair was getting blown in all kinds of directions.  I’ll be honest, at one time in my life I would have become extremely frustrated about something like this…but today, my choice was to find the humor in the situation and even see if there is something I could learn from it.  I realized that taking pictures on a windy day is actually kind of fun – it made me appreciate that I could be outside rather than cooped up inside on a rainy or snowy day like the ones we have been getting recently.  I learned how to walk into the wind rather than against it so my hair was not blowing into my face.  Fast forward to this morning and we have snow again…talk about nature giving me the opportunity to grow and learn about not being able to control the weather! 😉



This is a funny example of letting go of something, but what if you have something that is BIG or a lot more personal or raw?  Again, choosing to focus on what could go RIGHT instead of what could go WRONG could actually change the outcome.  I promise I’m not crazy, like I said in my poster yesterday, our body is basically a magnet and we will attract either good or bad – depending on what we focus on!  Are you a glass is half full or empty kind of person?  Do you think about worst case scenarios and avoid certain situations just “in case” something bad happens?

A few years ago we took our kids to Catalina Island and if you know anything about the island, you know that there are very few cars there and the number one mode of transportation are golf carts.  Of course because we have all boys there was an interest in them having a chance to drive the golf cart and each have their turn.  Jack was around 10 at the time and he wanted his turn…it happened to be on a big hill driving by some lovely homes that had amazing yards and there were aloe vera plants everywhere.  As he started to drive down the hill the cart picked up a little more speed than he was expecting and he became a little spooked.  As the speed increased he seemed to be veering toward a flowerbed full of huge aloe vera plants, and no matter what we said about turning the wheel or braking the aloe vera plants got closer and closer. Finally, we stopped but not before he hit large bolder at the same time as the aloe plant!  Here’s what had happened…he had been focusing on NOT veering into the plants, but as he was staring at the plants, that is all he saw and his body AND the golf cart, were drawn to them.

I know this seems kind of crazy, but this same phenomenon happens with race car drivers.  When they focus so hard on not hitting the wall, that is exactly what they end up doing!

There are so many situations where focusing on something makes it happen, but yet there are still times when we choose to focus on the negative rather than the positive.  Changing how you think is not something that can happen overnight, so it requires practice.  I have found that the best way for me to practice is on something that is not quite so important…that way, if I screw it up, my whole world doesn’t implode.

Happy Tuesday – I hope your day is as great as you deserve it to be!


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