Shopping in your Closet

“Know the rules well so you can break them effectively!”

Have you ever found something hiding on the floor of your closet or buried at the very back?  I am always finding things that I forgot I had, things I bought and haven’t worn before and I have to tell you it can definitely be very exciting!

Shopping in your closet can also be very fun because you can repurpose your clothing and create new, unique ways of putting them together.

Todays post features me wearing all “shop from the closet” items – Everything except the shoes.  It’s easy to wear things the same ways you have always done, but the real fun begins when you experiment and create your own ways of wearing things.

My denim jacket is one I have had for about 5 years but it’s still so fresh, the peplum top is fun with all the bold colors, so I paired them with some Grey culottes and a pair of fun, strappy shoes.

The best part about shopping in your closet is that you don’t have to start completely over every season and buy a whole new wardrobe – because who can afford to do that anyway?!

Here are some ideas for repurposing pieces in your closet:

Pair one of your favorite fun tops from last spring with a pair of wide legged satin pants and a denim jacket.

Pull out an older pair of skinny jeans, add a new graphic Tee and throw on a tuxedo jacket.

Pair a new lace jacket with a pair of satin joggers from your closet and add a fun pair of closed toe mules.

I always have fun putting together outfits using pieces I already have, and very rarely will I buy a completely new outfit when I’m shopping because I kind of already have an idea of what I want to wear with what when I buy things.  If You’re not as sure as I am, if you don’t really know what goes with what as easily, don’t despair!  Pinterest can really be your friend…you can search outfit styles and see ideas of what does and doesn’t work!  If I am seeking inspiration for an outfit I definitely turn to Pinterest from time to time!  Or, you can also reach out to me and ask me a question.

I have friends that will text me and send pictures to see what does and doesn’t work for them – I find it fun to help!!

I hope your Easter Sunday is spent the way you want it to be…!

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