Make a Statement with your Shoes

“Sometimes you need to just stop, breathe and focus on the positive.  And if that doesn’t work, try a new pair of shoes!”


I’ve talked a lot about how shoes make an outfit…and my opinion hasn’t changed, in fact, with all the great styles, colors and patterns out there, even if you are not a fan of wearing heels, there is no reason your shoes can’t be amazing!

Take these satin pumps with the ankle strap and pom pom – tell me you wouldn’t notice someone wearing these shoes?  I know when I have worn them, even if someone wouldn’t wear them, they are still admired. Pom poms are not for everyone, but that’s why there are so many other choices out there.

I have put together just a few of my shoes that I have recently worn that are my favorites.  If you scroll down to the end you can also find some great styles that you can shop (along with my shoes).



Metallic Flats or Platforms

Even if you’re wearing flats there is no reason your shoes can’t be looking good.  Silver or any metallic is a great way to add a little sass to your shoe game.


Strappy Mary Janes

Block heels & straps are a statement style all in themselves.  The block heel is great for those of you who don’t like wearing heels to high, or feel a little wobbly on a stiletto heel, and the straps just add a little funk to the look.  My outfit when I wore these shoes was pretty simple, but the shoes definitely made my outfit stand out!



Patterned pumps

There are some really fun patterns and florals available right now, just like these Nine West pumps with the Bees on them.  When I see something like this that catches my eye, I know they will be a great addition to my wardrobe, because there are times when a plain color just isn’t enough for the look I am going for.  I wore these pumps with a plain Black skirt, a lemon top and White jacket.  The look was classic but needed a little extra pop to make it complete!




There is nothing more fun than an embroidered pair of satin shoes or boots.  With jeans, a dress, or dress pants, I can always find a way to wear these fabulous boots.  Honestly the only reason I don’t wear them every day is because they are so noticeable and I don’t want to be that predictable 😉


Shop some of my styles below and some more of my favorites…


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