Happiness through Positivity


“Letting go doesn’t mean giving up but rather accepting that there are things you can’t control!”

After working in a sales environment for over 20 years I have realized that a lot of the success I have found has come from how I feel.  I have talked a little about some of the challenges I faced in my career of the past few years, and how those challenges affected my confidence, self esteem and ultimately my success.

I am happy to report that I have finally figured out how to work my way through negativity, and how to continue to grow both professionally and personally through these experiences.

I thought it would be a good idea to post a little about how making the choice to only worry about those things that you can affect can actually change your life.  I believe that there are times in our lives when we need someone to help us figure out how to deflect negativity, focus on positivity and ultimately create our own kind of happiness.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have sought outside help in the form of counselors, personal and life coaches (I know, I’m married to a coach and I most definitely lean on him to be the voice of reason when I don’t feel even in the slightest bit reasonable!), and energy workers.  I have found techniques and habits that have helped me become stronger and less vulnerable to bad situations, and I think that because I have learned these things (and I am still learning), I am definitely stronger, more resilient, confident and successful (both at home and work).



Letting go of those things I had no control over definitely changed my life.  I realized that nobody has the right or the ability to dictate how I feel or what I do.  In fact, even when things go completely wrong, I still have the control over how I react and feel.

You may know me by what I have written in the past, but even if you don’t, here’s a little insight into how I think.  If I feel controlled or like a caged bird, I am going to rebel and not conform.   It doesn’t mean I don’t respect authority it just means that I need to understand why, I need to know that someone is not wanting me to do something I consider to be wrong, and I most definitely need to feel like I believe in what they are saying.  Telling me to do something “because I said so” would never work – just ask my parents 😉  But if you give me the opportunity to “buy in” to something, it can be a magical partnership!

I especially love writing this blog because it gives me a creative outlet, but it is also my hope that even just one thing resonates with someone reading and it helps them.  My goal is to share my experiences so that others don’t have to go through the same things, and also to be an ally or have something in common with you if you are experiencing or have experienced similar circumstances.  In my sales career, my absolute favorite part is that I have created amazing, lasting friendships with my clients that I know will never go away.  Writing a blog is a little different because it’s not face to face, but I do still hope that I can create similar friendships through this platform 🙂

I hope that none of you ever have negative experiences or incidents that may rock your self esteem or confidence, but the chances are unfortunately very slim.  So, on this hump day…I want you to know that I am here and I will listen if you need me!

Happy Wednesday!

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