Don’t be Afraid to be YOU!


“It’s not what you are that is holding you back, it is what you think you are not!”

Social media has amazing benefits but it also has its downfalls and the number one reason I say that is because when we see people on social media we get into the comparison game.  We look at our worst day and compare it to what we see others post – which is more often than not their best day!

Ultimately, what it can do is make us feel worse about ourselves rather than better.  I am not telling you not to use social media, because obviously I use it, but what I am saying is that take it with a grain of salt.  Just as when you see someone in real life and they seem a little more put together than you might at that exact moment, or they have a nicer outfit than you, their hair may be more stylish, they may appear to have more money, etc., instead of beating yourself about how you look or what you have, remember that your worth is not dependent on someone else’s!



No matter what, there are always going to be people that have more money, look more put together, seem more self assured, and so on, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t feel good about yourself and love yourself.  I like to remind myself that my self esteem is solely a result from my thoughts and not anything physical.  Yes, there are things that you can do that are physical that can help you feel better about yourself, such as making an effort about how you look, exercising and eating healthy and taking care of your body, but even if you didn’t do any of these things, how great would it be that you could feel grounded and self assured no matter what.

What if you just told yourself that the person in the mirror is worthy of love, especially because they have been through so much and deserve it!  If you greeted yourself every day like this, I know it would start changing the way you see yourself.  Our bodies are magnets to energies and the energy we express even to ourselves is one that is going to be received and taken on, and whether we are conscious of it at that moment or not, it is going to affect us.  I know I would much rather believe that I am an amazing Woman than tell myself that I am not worth anything – because negative self talk absolutely stunts our spiritual, emotional and physical growth!

What better day to start than today – MONDAY – the beginning of a new week, start telling yourself what you would like to believe about yourself and see how long it takes for that transformation to happen!

Even if you are someone that has practiced this on yourself, there are always others that you can help and lift up – how amazing would it be if we were all out their lifting each other up instead of having to compete for the spotlight.  I choose to inspire, lift up and pass along any thoughts I have about my self esteem that might help others along the way…

Happy Monday my friends – I hope your week is amazing as you deserve it to be!

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