Don’t be Afraid to Sparkle

“You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter darling!”

Ever since I could remember I have always loved standing out from the crowd and not blending in.  To me it has always been important to not be wearing the same thing as other people, or at the very least, not wearing it in the same way!

When I find something that really catches my eye, just like this Silver dress with the knee high Navy satin boots, I knew it was going to be a “shoot worthy” outfit.



Standing out isn’t going to mean the same thing to all of us…but if you are wondering, here are the Top 5 things I consider when looking for a really eye catching outfit:

  1. Color – this is probably the most important thing to me.  I like bold, bright, shiny – in fact, the more different or funky the better.
  2. Shoes – it always comes down to the shoes.  When I saw these Navy satin boots, I loved them because of the color but also because you don’t very often see satin boots like this – at least no knee high ones.
  3. Fabric – you can stand out even if you are wearing a T shirt if it is made from something bold or bright.  For example, a Red satin or velvet T shirt is definitely going to get you noticed.
  4. Accessories – sometimes just adding a statement necklace or scarf is enough to transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary in a heartbeat!
  5. Style – some styles look a little more of a statement.  I think that some of the most modest styles can make a statement.  For example – wearing a full length or maxi skirt that is full or one that has unusual features is going to be more funky than just choosing a knee high skirt that you normally stick to.  As you pick the style, make sure you consider your height and body shape – long skirts don’t work as well if you are really short or have a thicker waist.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should be walking around every day wearing a Silver dress and knee high boots, but there are definitely going to be some times that you are going to want to make a splash – and now you have a formula (if you choose to follow mine) or you can create your own based on your own unique style preferences!

You can shop similar pieces to those in my outfit by checking out the ready to shop links below (and the best part, this dress is almost free 🙂 …

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