Style Your Own World…

“Don’t let anyone in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are!”


The Fashion Industry brings out “new” colors and styles every season, and pretty much they are just a variation from something that has already been around.  Some you might love and want to wear and others you won’t want to be seen dead wearing…so how do you decide what does and doesn’t work for YOU?

Just because a color or style is “in” doesn’t mean that it is something you have to wear, or something that will look good on you.  Trust me, there are some styles that have been around before and I didn’t like them before, so chances are I’m not going to like them this time either.



I am pretty in tune with what works for me and what doesn’t, but there are still times when I go shopping and think that I would like to try something new.  So, I grab a few things, take them into the changing room, and here’s the important part…once I have them on, I really give myself a close look in the mirror and evaluate myself based on what I know about myself.  If something I’m wearing isn’t in tune with my style, my personality, my lifestyle or my environment, I don’t buy it.  We all come from different walks of life, have different upbringings, different home and work environments, and also we all live in different climates.

Just to put things in perspective, here are a few things I currently avoid and why:

  1. Hot pants or booty shorts – I feel like unless I am on the beach, they are inappropriate for my age and I feel like they make me look “trashy”.
  2. Outfits that show off too much cleavage – again the age thing, but also because I feel like I like to leave more to the imagination.  In my experience, less is more and is much more classy!
  3. Cowboy boots – not that they don’t look great, they are just not in tune with my personality.
  4. Overalls – I wore them at one time but I feel for me, it’s better to leave that in the past 😉
  5. Mom jeans – again this is a style I have worn before, and when I went in and looked at pictures of myself then I wish myself now would have told me NO!!  Mom jeans are great for many body types, however they do have a tendency to accentuate your stomach and make it look larger than it actually is.

Of course the things I avoid may be some things you like, and you should definitely wear what is in YOUR style…

The key to style is being true to yourself!  As you see magazines, blogs, TV, Instagram, Pinterest and many other social channels you will see lots of variations in styles, some of which you may love and others you may hate.  As you look at the different styles, stay in tune with yourself and if you want to learn and expand your style…watch those that resonate with you.  We are all works in progress, just as styles, seasons and colors change, so do our experiences.  Very often our experiences mold the styles we have and who we are.

I make it my goal to learn something new every day, and if you can take one thing from this post, I would say that be open to new possibilities but don’t ever deviate from what feels good for you.  The better you feel about your style and how you look, the more confidence and assurance in yourself you will have!


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