Satin and Ruffles

“Shine like the whole universe is yours!”

Black Satin Disco Pants (American Apparel):  Available here   Ruffle Sweater (14th & UNION):  Available here Lipstick(MAC):  Available here

Whether you are a clothes junkie, a shopaholic or not, I bet you could still find those 2 or 3 things in your closet that are your favorites…you know those things that you turn to when you are feeling like you want to really step it up!

Today I’m talking about just 2 of mine…satin and ruffles.  Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t love, love, love leather, it just means that today, I’m talking about 2 other things.

You’ve probably seen me post these pants before, and that’s because they are probably my favorite pair of pants…here’s why:

  1. They are shiny 🙂
  2. They are really stretchy but also they really compress everything and hold in all those areas you might not want to show.  The high waist means that you won’t suffer from the problematic “muffin top”.
  3. They are really versatile and work really well to create casual, dressy and sassy outfits.
  4. They wash really well and don’t require any special care.
  5. They are very flattering and make me feel very sexy.

If these things weren’t enough, the cost for these pants is very reasonable – they come in a variety of colors, but Black always has to be my favorite.


Next, the ruffle sweater…what I love about this is that it adds a layer of femininity to this more edgy look. Being feminine and not being afraid to show it is one thing that I have come to harness of the past few years.  I have found that the less aggressive (OK, I know, I didn’t say I wasn’t aggressive, just that I liked to be feminine), the more vulnerable and sensitivity I show, the better results I get.  You can get a lot more with sugar than vinegar, so I choose to work on that side of my persona and ruffles definitely help give that perception too…sometimes, a perception is enough to influence someone into thinking something about you – good or bad!


Because the outfit was head to toe Black, the pop of color I added was with a MAC lipstick (Cosmo)…


I shared my outfit on Instagram here – if you don’t already follow me…check it out!


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