Little Black Pants


“Life is short, wear your party pants!”


I see a lot of posts about the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress)…so I thought the perfect pair of LBP (LIttle Black Pants) deserved their own post too!

You have probably seen me wear these American Apparel Disco pants before, and I know I will wear them again…and here’s why:

  1. They are really versatile.
  2. They make me feel sexy.
  3. They are shiny.
  4. They are really slimming because the fabric is really stretchy.
  5. They are made from the best fabric because even after washing them multiple times you can’t tell any difference.
  6. They are really edgy but also really feminine.
  7. They are really comfortable.
  8. They make me look really good.
  9. They boost my confidence because I feel good about how I look.
  10. Because they are pants, it’s not as noticeable when you wear them lots and lots of times (and I do).



Finding the perfect pair of LBP’s is something that will help you on those days when you want to look great but don’t want to spend hours picking out your clothes, or have those days when you are not feeling your best, because no matter what you do or how hard you try, you can’t make yourself look bad wearing them.

These disco pants are so much better than just a Black pair of jeans because they are more dressy and can really look amazing for a more formal night out, or event.  I do love jeans, but disco pants win the confidence boosting fight hands down!

For some great LBP picks, I have put together some of my top picks – just check out the links below…

(Disclaimer:  This post contains some affiliate links and at no additional charge to you, I may receive a small commission)



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  1. Bradford
    Bradford says:

    You are beautiful. You look amazing in disco pants! I am envious of the lucky man (woman) who has the privilege of peeling them off of your perfect hips!

    ….lest this note offend, I apologize sincerely. …and lest my note seem too sexually leading/suggestive, let me say that it was your fabulous smile that drew me to your photo.😁

    The way you rock those disco pants is merely icing on the cake. You, ma’am, have it going on from head to toe!



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