Feminine Power

“Womanifest ~
When a Woman uses her innate force of powerful feminine energy to make stuff happen!”


There are certain fabrics and styles that are specifically feminine, just like this faux fur jacket, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t feel feminine or look feminine while you are wearing other things.  Typically when something makes you feel feminine it is because that thing makes you feel a certain way.  Feeling feminine means you feel good about yourself, confident (but not in a take no hostages type of confidence, but rather you know how great you are and you hold your head up high type of confidence), and above all, you aren’t afraid to be open and vulnerable.

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Confidence and femininity go hand in hand  –  consider those Women that you really admire.  A lot of what we know about someone (especially someone famous) is what we see, we may think we know them, but we only know what they let us see.  So, we judge them based on how they look, how they walk, how we seen them interacting with others and what they are seen doing.  For example, seeing a celebrity that is always trying to get noticed by creating drama seems a lot more masculine to me than feminine.  Not that there is anything wrong with feeling or acting masculine, but it’s not something we as Women want to do all the time.  I think we have been given an advantage, and that advantage is for us to be able to pick our current role based on what we want to accomplish.  What I have found (after many years of being the CEO or aggressive Woman a lot of the time, is that I accomplish a lot more in business, at home and other places when I don’t scare people.  Sometimes doing something in a softer, more feminine manner, achieves better results than I ever thought would be possible.

So, what makes you feel feminine?  Is it just a feeling, is it something you wear, or how you act?

I challenge you to really find out how you feel when you act in different ways.  How does it make you feel to act and dress more feminine, and also how does it make you feel to act more masculine?  I don’t think there is anything wrong with either one, but the key is knowing when to pull out one or the other.  We all have different personalities depending on our situations – sometimes I am the CEO at home because things need to get done, whereas when my Husband is around, it is much more attractive for me to not be so bossy (tee hee!)

Leave a comment below if you have had any experience with this, and if you are willing to really check in and give one or other a try to see how they make you feel!


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