Top 4 Fabrics Every Closet Should Have

“I’m cut from a different cloth and they don’t make the fabric anymore!”

Christmas may be over but the get-togethers, parties and dressing up opportunities are not over yet…so throw on some Red lipstick and rock your own unique style!  No matter what I’m wearing, if I add some bold lipstick, it adds a layer of confidence and power to my look. The Red I am wearing is an Ulta brand Red #202.  I love how warm the Red is, and if you are picking a Red to wear for yourself, bear in mind that the undertones in any Red work differently with different skin tones.  It’s actually kind of fun trying different Reds to see which ones work for you – and an added bonus is finding one that lasts for a while (even if you lick your lips often like I do) – Matte’s tend to work better as long-lasting colors.

If you are planning on a New Year’s Eve party this year, there are some amazing luxurious fabrics out there that can make you look really special.   Some of my favorite party picks are…



Velvet Pant Suit

I have seen many of these style suits, some with contrasting colored lapels on a Tuxedo style jacket, and some with a more feminine wrap style jacket.  The Velvet fabric is cozy yet classy and a perfect look for any New Year’s Eve party to get together.  If you do choose to wear a non-traditional style outfit like this for your party, the great news is that it can be repurposed and worn for business and also a less formal occasion.  If a suit is out of the question, add just a little velvet like I did with my cool leather cropped pants in the form of a Moto jacket…



I don’t think anyone is ever too old to wear sequins, so choose a kimono style jacket, a pencil skirt or even a mermaid sequined top  – whatever type of sequins you choose, you will make a statement and look fabulous.



I don’t think I could post about a great party look without including leather.  It is always a great choice, and pretty much anyone can wear it.  Whether you choose a leather skirt, pants, top (like in this post), or coat, the possibilities of outfits you can create are endless.  By adding a soft mohair or fluffy sweater you will keep the look feminine, and if you are looking for something a little more sexy you can combine the leather with either velvet or sequins.



Last but not least…fur is always a great way to dress up any outfit.  I love finding a sweater with fur accents, or a fur top, or even just simply adding a fur jacket or coat to make an outfit a winning look.  Fur is probably the most luxurious of fabrics and has the ability to make any kind of look absolutely fabulous!



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