Sundays are for…


“There are seven days in a week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them!”


I absolutely love Sundays for many reasons, but the main one is that I pretty much know that we are all going to be home together spending quality time – for good and for worse!  This time of year we light the fire, watch football and movies, and stay warm and cozy inside.  We were supposed to get snow today and while we did some some flakes, but there was very little and none that is stuck to the ground.


Sitting on the couch watching flurries through the window is definitely my way to enjoy snow…the hard part is when it happens during the week when I have to work 😉  So, because we are not in charge of scheduling the weather or deciding how warm it is, it is better to be prepared for colder days with some classy, stylish outerwear.  I do admit that it’s not only shoes or boots that are overflowing in my closet, but I also have a walk-in closet that is only for my coats and jackets…of which there are many!  It may seem like overkill, but I do like to switch out my jackets often, and make sure that I have a great jacket for just about any occasion.



Now I’m not telling you that you need a different jacket for everywhere you go, because I realize that it’s not always practical, but what I do think is important is having different jackets or coats that will work for different occasions.  For example, have a more dressy coat or jacket, always, always, always have a leather jacket because it can be very versatile, and with all the faux leather jackets that are great quality around right now,you don’t even need to spend a fortune.  A ski jacket or down jacket is great for many more casual occasions, and if you can stretch to this, an faux fur or dressy fleece style jacket (see one I posted the other day here).


I believe in having choices, in everything in my life, and most definitely in my closet.  I have found that if I have choices or options, it tends to stress me less – I know it sounds weird, but the reason is that I don’t like having control taken away from me, and if I have to wear the same things over and over, it feels a little outside of my control and therefore it doesn’t sit well with me.


It’s so funny that my whole life I have fought being controlled and wanted to express myself in a unique way, so much so that it can cause problems for me in many areas of my life.  When I was younger I remember thinking that all adults had everything figured out, and that I couldn’t imagine anything that would stress them out.  Well…was I wrong!  It seems to silly to think that someone might have something figured out because they had reached a certain age in their life…nevertheless that is what I did.  I have also been guilty of looking at other families or people I know and thinking that their life looks so great and almost perfect.  Sometimes it’s easy to sit back and think others have it figured out and think badly about ourselves because we don’t…


I constantly remind myself that NOBODY has EVERYTHING figured out.  In fact, we are all fighting battles, sometimes they are silent, but everybody has something.  Our experiences shape our lives, and they can either break us or make us stronger – it’s all in the choice we make!


I choose freedom and my freedom comes from not being a slave to my experiences or my challenges.  What do you choose?


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