Leather, Boots and Fluff…

“Confidence is never having to tell the world you have it!”


Feeling feminine, classy and sophisticated as I sit at the Grand America in Salt Lake City for this photo shoot.  I enjoy mixing styles like these thigh high velvet boots, with a velvet skater skirt and fluffy fleece jacket.


Wearing a leather skirt is something that can work for so many occasions, because it can be worn so many different ways…



My outfit is a little edgy with thigh high velvet boots and a Black leather skater skirt, so I softened it by wearing a soft, fleecy jacket and high necked feminine blouse. Here are some other ways that you can wear leather appropriately for work, a party and so many more occasions:

  1. Wear a midi length skirt in Red or Black with a fitted satin blouse and stiletto pumps.
  2. Wear a pair of fitted leather pants with a fluffy box cut sweater and a pair of velvet or satin booties.
  3. Mix things up by wearing a maxi length leather skirt with a fur jacket and a pair of lace booties or pumps.
  4. A Black leather bodice over a white business blouse with a tweed pencil skirt and a pair of stiletto satin pumps.
  5. If you are looking for something really edgy mix and match leather colors by wearing a leather skirt in one color, a top in another and a leather jacket in another color.  Booties with studs would work really well for this.


Just a few ways to wear leather, you can mix and match and create YOUR OWN unique style.


The only way you will find out what really works is if you try out lots of different ways to wear them. Experiment and have fun…


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