The Key to Wearing a Leather Skirt

“The enemy is fear.  We think it’s hate, but it’s fear!”

What immediately comes to mind when you think about wearing Leather?  I think it always used to be associated with bikers, and perhaps an outfit for wearing to a club at night.  I’ve never really liked being pigeon-holed, or told what I should and shouldn’t do when it comes to fashion…so I say, gone are the days when wearing Leather is no longer versatile.  In fact, I think Leather (or faux Leather) can be worn and look professional in a business environment, look classy with a nice blouse or lace top, and it can even be used to add a little “edge” to a normally conservative outfit.

Today, the focus is on the versatility of wearing a Leather skirt.  I fell in love with this skirt while I was shopping on my recent trip to England.  I was in Manchester and exploring what was in the Zara store and I came across this Olive Green skirt.  With Zara being one of my favorite stores, it stands to reason that I would love just about everything they had in there, but this skirt definitely caught my eye.

Leather skirts can cost a little more, but now with the quality of faux Leather as it is, you really can get away with looking as good (if not better) when you’re wearing faux Leather – let me explain.  While Leather is absolutely one of the most durable and long-lasting materials you can buy, there are definitely some drawbacks and the main one that I see is the lack of “give”.  Leather is not known for it’s stretch, and that is where faux Leather comes in.  Buying a faux Leather skirt is better if you’re looking for a more fitted look, and one that will move with you.  The skirt in this post is faux Leather and I love how it fits me really well, it allows me to walk and sit freely, and finally it also costs a lot less.  Not that I am opposed to buying Leather clothing (I definitely own some skirts, and jackets), but sometimes, especially with new trends and colors, it is safer to go the faux Leather way.

The outfit I put together is one that could be worn in a professional environment, for a date, as casual wear, or pretty much any reason you could find – and that is what I love about it.  The blouse brings a certain level of femininity and the chignon in my hair accentuates that look too, while the mules with their unique heel bring a little “funk” to the whole look.

Fall and winter are the perfect time to wear Leather – It can be a very hot fabric so it’s a little harder to wear on hot summer days, so the cooler months are just right.

Here are a few other ways you could wear a Leather skirt, because let’s face it, we don’t all want to dress the same way 😉

  1. Wear a mid length skirt with a loose sweater and booties
  2. Wear a knee length skirt with some funky tights and a blazer.
  3. Wear a skater skirt with some over the knee boots, a fitted sweater and a velvet jacket.
  4. Try a pleated skirt to mix things up a little, and wear it with a blouse or fitted sweater.
  5. Wear an A-line midi skirt with some stiletto pumps and a fitted top.


If you are looking to add a Leather skirt to your fall or winter wardrobe, you can shop some of my top picks below…




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