Layering in Style

“A Real Woman smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection!”

A topic that is very appropriate for Fall and Winter is how to layer in style….

What I mean by layering in style is finding jackets, sweaters, cardigans and coats that become a continuation of your outfit.  I have always found it just as important to wear the right jacket as it is to wear the right clothes underneath.  In Utah we have quite a lot of snow in the winter, so obviously it can become very cold.  Utah is also known for many amazing ski resorts, which require the best (usually expensive) ski attire and equipment.  I see a lot of people wearing a ski jacket with a business outfit and I think that is something that could definitely be improved upon.  While I love ski jackets or down jackets and such, I feel like there is a more appropriate way to wear them – and that is when you are going for a more casual look and not trying to convey professionalism or femininity.

I definitely own some of these jackets and coats and I do pull them out for the right occasion, but I definitely own many other jackets and coats that can work better when I am going to work, a function, church or trying to look classy.

Here are some examples of ways to wear jackets or coats, which obviously don’t exclude wearing down or ski jackets:


A long, fluffy cardigan is perfect for enjoying days that are not too cold…it can work over a business outfit (like this one) or a more casual outfit.  I love cardigans, they are not too heavy and add that extra insurance layer “just in case”!


Mixing textures when you’re wearing a shorter jacket is something that can be really fun to do.  I paired this cute little velvet jacket with some faux Leather capri’s for a cooler day or evening (when it’s still important enough to want to look a little funky or edgy!)


The trusted down jacket – adding an accent scarf, and wearing it on a more casual day – this is the perfect jacket.  If you are a ski jacket or down jacket person no matter what, wearing a scarf, finding a jacket with some fur accents, or even just a contrasting shiny and matte look (like the one I have) is a great way to keep it unique and yet still look stylish.


Finally – a Leather jacket can work for just about any outfit.  It can add a little sass to your business attire, it can add some class to a pair of jeans and sweater, and it can even dress down a ball gown…
Leather has and will always be my “go to”, so I believe that every girl should own at least one Leather jacket…especially since you can even pick up some faux Leather now that you can’t even tell is not the real deal…

As you head into this fall and winter, firstly make sure you are going to be warm enough and secondly make sure you are doing it in style!!

You can shop some of the top jackets on my fall shopping list by clicking the links below


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