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One of my favorite things about Fall and cooler weather is the fact that I have the opportunity to wear boots and booties because I don’t want to expose my toes to the cooler temperatures.  There are many, many styles – some that are more appropriate for a casual outfit, but I am in love with finding styles of boots that I am able to wear with dresses or skirts, and even more specifically, ones that can be really dressed them up so I can wear them for business.

One of the easiest outfits to put together is one that is just a simple shift dress with a pair of booties or boots.  You can really funk up the look by choosing a pair of statement boots, or adding a really colorful or contrasting pair of tights. The look in today’s post features a dress I bought while I was in England at an outlet Mall called Cheshire Oaks and it is made by Warehouse.  The booties are also a purchase from England that were truly a bargain (and who doesn’t love to find a bargain)?

This dress with the pleated ruffles is definitely unique, and the long sleeves were perfect for the cloudy, cooler day when I had this shoot.  I am someone that is cold a lot of the time, so I have to make sure that when I am choosing an outfit I have thought of every eventuality.  I have to make sure that it is going to keep me warm most of the day, or I bring along a sweater or jacket as added insurance.


I have picked out some similar styles to those I am wearing in this post below, and some of them are top of my “must have” list for Fall 2017.

What is your favorite thing about Fall?  I drove through the Canyon up to Park City this weekend and the amazing color explosion that I saw was truly amazing.  Fall is such a great time to really appreciate this amazing world we live in and enjoy what art nature shows us…

As I am looking at the weather for this upcoming week and seeing that it is on the cold side, I am contemplating more ways I can wear some of my new favorite clothes and boots…stay tuned for more Fall looks as the week goes on!


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