As the Season Changes so do the Colors

“And the day came that the risk to stay tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom!”

My favorite season is and will always be summer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the amazing colors in nature and clothing that appear as soon as Fall is on the horizon.

You will always find your typical Rust Brown, Mustard Yellow, Maroon Red, and even some Greens, but my absolute favorite thing to do when Fall comes around is add something a little unexpected.  As you know I just returned from a trip to England and while I was there I definitely paid attention to the colors in the stores.  I saw bright Pink (so I had to buy a pair of booties in that color), I found some amazing tights that I can’t wait to pull out, and many, many more colors and styles.

I have also been exploring the Nine West website and I have found some amazing jewel toned shoes and boots that I am sure are going to have to find a way to my closet 😉

So how do you add a pop of a more non-traditional color or pattern to your outfit?  I have found the easiest way is to follow the rule of tones…for example, if you are wearing earth tones – like Brown, Yellow or Orange, then you are going to want to find a color that works well with those colors.  Typically Red (in any shade) works best with earth tones.  If you are looking for a way to incorporate some of the jewel tones (like Kelly Green, Blues or Pinks) then they will work best with Black Navy, Grey, or White/Cream.  In fact, by adding these colors to the more neutral colors you are going to transform your look into something really bold and expressive. Sometimes being bold or expressive can be intimidating, so you could stick to just adding accessories, handbag, scarf or shoes in these colors so you can get used to standing out and then progress to taking the focus of your whole outfit to those the colors.

I know I have talked about starting with your shoes, and that is definitely they direction I go around 50% of the time, for the other 50% I focus on a piece of clothing that I really want to wear and I build around that.


I have wondered if I put just a little too much thought into what I wear, but I quickly dispel that thought because I know what a difference it has made in my life.  There have been times when being remembered was far too important for me to feel insecure about wondering what other people thought.  I have found success in my career, not just because I do a good job, but because people remember me.  Not just because of what I wear, but mainly because the way I present myself lets them know that I take myself seriously, I am 100% confident in my abilities and most importantly, I consider them and their needs.  If we make our lives and careers not just about what we can get out of it, but how we can help our clients and other people we work with more successful, then we also find reward and fulfillment.

So, with that being said…what are you going to do stand out this Fall?  Are you brave enough to try something new?  A new color?  A new style?  Are you bold enough to walk into a room knowing you are different in your own unique way and owning that?  I believe anyone can do it…it just takes one step!

You can shop some of my favorite colors for this Fall by clicking the links below…




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